Propolis tincture for gargling

An unpleasant sore throat, sore throat – these symptoms of an incipient illness are probably known to everyone. They appear with the development of a viral or bacterial disease, against the background of allergic reactions, as a result of injuries, or with overstrain of the ligaments. Diseases of the larynx in severe form complicate the intake of food and liquid, which significantly worsens the general condition of the patient. To prevent such consequences, gargling with propolis should be used at the initial stage of the disease.

This substance, unique in its healing properties, is often referred to by folk healers as royal bee glue. Externally, propolis resembles a tight and viscous mass with a characteristic odor. This is a resinous substance to the touch, which allows the bees to carefully close all the cracks in the hive with it. You will learn from this material how to dilute propolis for gargling and how to use it.

The healing properties of propolis

The use of this natural substance is an effective and harmless way to help get rid of unpleasant symptoms and reduce the destructive effects of pathogenic microorganisms. For tonsillitis, treatment must begin when the first signs of the disease appear, since pathogenic microorganisms multiply rapidly, and it is very important to stop the inflammation in time. Traditional healers claim that in this case, you can cope with the disease in a few days, even without the use of medications.

Propolis for throat

Propolis is still successfully used by traditional healers today, since its healing properties are unique:

  • it increases the body's protective functions;
  • eliminates pathogenic microorganisms;
  • nourishes the body with a complex of vitamins, microelements and amino acids;
  • gives impetus to regenerative processes in the tissues of the throat;
  • reduces inflammation of the mucous membrane;
  • removes toxins;
  • improves the effect of medications due to the activation of enzymes;
  • increases blood flow in the tissues of the larynx;
  • has powerful antiseptic properties.

Rinse recipes

Even when propolis tincture for sore throat is prepared, rinsing cannot be started. First you need to make a special solution from the concentrated product suitable for use in the mentioned procedures.

There are many recipes for preparing such solutions, but the simplest is the following: take one teaspoon of alcohol tincture and add it to 100 ml of warm water. The resulting liquid must be thoroughly mixed and gargled with it 3-5 times daily. With the help of such a solution, you can quickly get rid of sore throat caused by a cold. In addition, this remedy helps fight such ailments as ordinary or purulent tonsillitis. A doctor can prescribe the use of such a remedy for both an adult and a child. The duration of the treatment process depends on the individual characteristics of the body. It can be 2-14 days.

A popular method of combating throat diseases is to combine an alcoholic tincture of propolis and decoctions of medicinal plants. For example, a solution of propolis tincture and a decoction of chamomile, St. John's wort or plantain leaves helps stop inflammation and relieve pain in the shortest possible time. Preparing this mixture is very simple. You need to add 10-20 drops of concentrate to 100 ml of decoction. Then mix the liquid thoroughly and gargle with it at intervals of 2-3 hours. On average, treatment in this way takes 6-7 days.

Indications for use

Propolis for the throat is used for a number of ENT diseases. Its use in the treatment of inflammatory processes gives excellent results. Gargling with propolis tincture is recommended for the following diseases:

  • pharyngitis;
  • angina;
  • tonsillitis;
  • nasopharyngitis;
  • laryngitis;
  • tension of the throat ligaments;
  • physical and thermal damage to the larynx;
  • allergic irritation.

This natural substance has no side effects, so it is also recommended by representatives of traditional medicine in complex therapy.

Throat treatment

For a long time, propolis has been used for the throat in alternative medicine. There are several methods of treatment with bee glue:

  • steam inhalations;
  • rinsing;
  • lubrication of tonsils;
  • throat irrigation;
  • chewing a ball of bee glue.

How to gargle with propolis tincture: tips, instructions

So, how to properly gargle with propolis tincture:

1. Propolis tincture can be used to treat a sore throat not only by gargling, as has already been said, but you can clean the tonsils of plaque with a solution of the tincture in water. To do this, you need to dilute the tincture in water in a 1:1 ratio. Take long tweezers or a pencil, wrap the end with sterile cotton wool and soak it in the solution. With your mouth wide open, you need to remove plaque from your tonsils, constantly changing the cotton wool. After the procedure, you need to gargle with a regular solution - 1 teaspoon of propolis tincture in 1 glass of water. It is advisable not to eat or drink anything for an hour. 2. For pharyngitis and laryngitis, you need to gargle 4-5 times a day, you can dissolve propolis in your mouth. This will help fight infection even more effectively than rinsing. 3. Gargling with propolis tincture also helps well with fungal throat infections, especially if the causative agent is Candida fungi. The fact that this is a fungal infection is indicated by a white coating on the tongue, tonsils and walls of the larynx. And in these cases, you can also dissolve a piece of propolis and exclude all sweets from the diet, otherwise you will not be able to cope with the fungus.

Propolis tincture used to treat the throat is a very effective medicine. You should not neglect it, it costs a penny, and in terms of effectiveness it is not inferior to the most advertised patented products. Therefore, get treatment and be healthy!

Propolis tincture for the throat: how to dilute and use?

To treat throat diseases, you can buy a ready-made alcohol tincture of propolis at the pharmacy without a prescription or prepare such a medicine yourself. Alcohol tincture is a truly unique medicine, but it is necessary to strictly adhere to the concentration of the active substance.

Alcohol tincture

How to dilute propolis tincture? To gargle, the composition is diluted with boiled warm water (1:10). This concentration is designed for both alcohol and aqueous compositions. Only water tincture is used to treat children. Adults should not exceed the permissible concentration, since in this case the mucous membrane can become dry, which will cause even greater inflammation.

Is it possible to gargle with propolis (alcohol tincture) for women during pregnancy and children? In these cases, a water infusion or decoction of propolis is recommended. We'll talk about them a little later.

Indications for use

How to prepare a propolis gargle

There are three possible options:

• buy tincture at the pharmacy; • cook it at home yourself; • make a water infusion of propolis.

Let's take a closer look at each of the options. To gargle, prepare a solution from a pharmacy tincture as follows:

• add 1 teaspoon of propolis tincture to 0.5 cups of warm boiled water; • gargle with this mixture for 5 minutes; • after rinsing, do not eat or drink for 0.5 hours; • carry out this procedure at least 3-4 times a day.

If you start on time, that is, at the first sign of a sore throat, then on the second day there will be no traces of the disease.

Propolis tincture with peach oil

An effective remedy for the treatment of ENT diseases is a composition consisting of peach oil and propolis tincture. This remedy relieves dryness and soreness in the nasopharynx and irritation. To prepare such a preparation, you need to mix two tablespoons of peach oil with one spoon of ready-made propolis tincture for the throat. This solution, which should be prepared daily, is used to treat the nasopharyngeal mucosa for ten days.

If you are intolerant to peach oil, you can replace it with sea buckthorn oil or glycerin.

Homemade tincture

You can prepare a medicinal drug similar to what is sold in a pharmacy yourself. To do this, you need to grind the propolis and fill it with water. Some of the substance will precipitate. It should be collected and dried. Then ethyl alcohol is added to it: 30 ml of propolis is required per 100 ml. The mixture is kept in a cool and dark place for a week, shaking occasionally. We talked above about how to gargle with propolis tincture.

Water tincture for children

How to make tincture at home

The shelf life of propolis is up to 10 years, so there is no need to be afraid that it is expired. Especially considering that no more than 150 g of propolis is collected from one hive per year. It can be plastic and hard. Propolis does not remain plastic for long; it hardens, but does not lose any of its properties. If you intend to make a tincture with alcohol, you should know that the ideal ratio of propolis to alcohol is 1:5. This means that for 100 ml of medical ethyl alcohol you need to take 20 g of propolis. The action algorithm is as follows:

1. Propolis must be crushed into small fractions. If it is plastic, put it in the freezer for 1 day. Then wrap it in cellophane and break it with a hammer as small as possible. 2. Place it in a glass container and fill it with alcohol. Shake well and place the sealed container in a dark, dry place to infuse for 10-14 days. 3. Don’t forget to shake the container with the tincture every day. 4. After 14 days, strain the tincture through several layers of gauze or bandage, and you can use this tincture for medicinal purposes. 5. The tincture, if prepared correctly, can be stored for a very long time - 2-3 years, or even more.

"Chewing gum" from propolis

Another popular way to treat a throat is to use a small piece of propolis, which is chewed like chewing gum. Chew propolis for ten minutes. To obtain the maximum therapeutic effect, the procedure is repeated every three hours. When chewing bee glue, it causes a slight burning sensation in the throat. For this reason, children do not like the method.

This use of propolis for the throat will also be useful for people suffering from stomatitis and gum disease.

Methods of administration

How to gargle with propolis tincture

You need to take a sip of the healing solution (pre-heated) into your mouth and rinse your mouth for a couple of minutes. The procedure must be repeated at least 5 times a day (last time before bed). For rinsing, use only fresh solution.

Use 200 milliliters of rinse aid at a time. You need to gargle half an hour after eating. Then it is not recommended to eat or drink for an hour, which will ensure maximum effectiveness of the medicine.

Alcohol tincture (both purchased and prepared independently) is diluted before rinsing (you will need 2 teaspoons of tincture per glass of water). The dosage must be strictly followed. Too low or too high a concentration will not have the desired effect.

You can prepare the medicine differently. Honey (10 grams) is added to the tincture (10 milliliters). The resulting mixture is diluted with saline solution (100 milliliters). Gargle 3-4 times a day.

You should not gargle continuously for more than two weeks. If necessary, it is better to repeat the procedure after 7-10 days.

To speed up the destruction of the infection, it is recommended to combine propolis tincture for gargling with medicinal solutions: a decoction of chamomile or calendula (200 milliliters) or an infusion of St. John's wort or nettle (150 milliliters) is combined with propolis tincture (100 milliliters). Such mixtures will be especially beneficial for tonsillitis and sore throat.

Contraindications for use

It should be understood that bee glue, like most bee products, is a strong allergen. If, after using any propolis-based drug, itching, redness of the skin, increased body temperature, or lacrimation occur, you should immediately stop using it. Then you need to take an antihistamine (Tavegil, Suprastin) and consult a doctor.

People suffering from diseases such as:

  • atrophic pharyngitis;
  • neoplasms;
  • liver diseases;
  • problems with the pancreas;
  • some problems with the duodenum;
  • eczema; blood diseases;
  • contact dermatitis;
  • individual intolerance to propolis components.
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