inhalations up to a year
At what age can inhalations be given to children?
Inhalations can be given to children up to one year old; the best method is a nebulizer. For chronic diseases
How to cure green snot in a child Komarovsky video
Green snot in a child, treatment according to the method of Dr. Komarovsky Experienced parents are accustomed to
Baby grunts
What to do if a child has a stuffy nose, but no snot?
Why does the baby sniffle and grunt without snot? When a little man just sniffles and grunts
Plague bacillus is the infectious agent of bubonic plague and can also cause pneumonia and septicemic plague. Various forms of this bacterium have led to high mortality rates in epidemics. As a result of the septicemic plague caused by this bacterium, a third of the European population died between 1347 and 1353.
How are microbes dangerous and useful? Infographics
Many patients wonder what medications can be used for sinusitis? The disease often does not want
Pinosol contraindications
Pinosol: instructions for the drug, analogues and reviews
Currently, almost every drug can be replaced with an analogue. It is worth saying that the substitute
How to treat a runny nose in an 8 month old baby
The newborn body is very vulnerable to the environment, so often a baby at the age of two
list of nasal drops for nasal congestion
Nasal drops Nycomed Nazivin 0.01% - Negative reviews. Neutral. Positive. + Leave a review Negative reviews _Lady_Cat_
A runny nose of various origins is often accompanied by severe nasal congestion. It occurs due to swelling and inflammation
How to cure hypertrophied tonsils
Tonsils do not shrink after a sore throat
What is tonsil hypertrophy? Four types of tonsils (palatine, tubal, pharyngeal and lingual) make up the pharyngeal
Low-grade fever in a child with adenoids
Treatment of adenoids and allergic rhinitis
What are adenoids and adenoiditis? Adenoids and allergies are interrelated concepts. In the first case
How to get rid of chronic nasal congestion
Reasons for the development of the pathological condition Not every viral respiratory infection can provoke the development of diarrhea.
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