Tumors in the oropharynx
Why is it important to identify the symptom in time? White growths appear in the throat due to some reason, this
Sore throat without fever or runny nose
What to do when you have a headache, weakness and runny nose Sore throat, runny nose, headache -
Why does my forehead hurt when I increase the power of Darsonval?
The use of darsonval for the treatment of children
Darsonval For colds, rhinitis, flu, sinusitis, darsonvalization is performed. moving the mushroom electrode with slow movements
Can blood from the nose enter the mouth?
Lump in throat Many people often experience such an unpleasant feeling as a lump in the throat.
Laryngeal cancer: ICD-10
Squamous cell carcinoma of the larynx. Causes, symptoms, treatments and prognosis for patients
Malignant neoplasms of the larynx Squamous cell keratinizing cancer of the larynx Squamous cell non-keratinizing cancer of the larynx Causes of the development of the disease
How to get rid of a sore throat using folk remedies
Causes of sore throat
Dryness, discomfort, burning in the throat - many are familiar with these unpleasant sensations. They may bother you
What are the complications after pharyngitis?
Causes In the vast majority of cases, the disease is caused by viruses, sometimes by bacteria and fungi. Healthy man
Feels like there's a lump in the throat after eating
The causes of a lump in a person’s throat are caused by factors such as: diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
Is it possible to go to the pool or sauna with herpes?
Good day! My name is Khalisat Suleymanova - I am a herbalist. At 28 years old myself
bacteria that cause bacterial pharyngitis
Bacterial pharyngitis: types, symptoms, treatment
Pathogens of the disease The cause of the disease are microorganisms such as strepto-, staphylo-, pneumococci, as well as fungal