Causes of sore throat

How to get rid of a sore throat using folk remedies
Dryness, discomfort, burning in the throat - many are familiar with these unpleasant sensations. They can bother you either constantly or under the influence of various irritating factors.

A sore throat can appear at any time of the day and at any time of the year, often this condition is accompanied by an unpleasant, painful, dry cough . It can tickle both after eating and during swallowing, when talking or when a person smokes.

What is the reason for this, why does my throat constantly get sore, and what folk remedies for a sore throat can be used for treatment?


Experts identify 2 main groups of reasons why a sore throat may occur:

  1. Inflammatory process.
  2. Diseases not associated with the inflammatory process.

The first group includes pharyngitis, acute respiratory viral infections, and nasopharyngitis. The most common cause of soreness is infectious pathogens, then it is necessary to use antibacterial, cleansing and softening medications.

Otherwise, there is a serious danger that the infection will enter the trachea and spread to the larynx. And this, in turn, can lead to severe respiratory disease.

Now let's look at other causes of tickling. Most often, the symptoms are caused by pharyngeal neurosis, which affects the nerve endings of the brain that are directly responsible for the throat.

In addition to tickling, other unpleasant symptoms appear:

  1. Pain that is felt in the nose and ears.
  2. Breathing problems.
  3. There is a lump in my throat.
  4. There is numbness in the throat.

In this case, you need to use sedatives based on traditional recipes.

Itching can also be caused by an allergic reaction to wool, pollen, or dust . How to alleviate allergy symptoms? Taking antihistamines can help with this.

A fairly common cause of sore throat is endocrine diseases . When the functioning of the thyroid gland is disrupted, all kinds of formations can appear. In this case, it is recommended to use folk recipes that cleanse the lymph.

In some cases, it has been noticed that soreness appears due to disturbances in the functioning of the gastrointestinal system . Unpleasant sensations arise, the mucous membrane of the throat begins to become irritated, at first the sore throat bothers you after eating, and then the symptoms worsen.

Perspiration can occur with an increase in the volume of the heart or a heart defect . What can be done in such a situation? It is necessary to take infusions and decoctions to strengthen the heart muscle and calm the nervous system.

Sometimes a severe sore throat is caused by cancer of the larynx or pharynx . Then, in addition to traditional treatment, the patient needs to take anti-cancer herbal tinctures, as well as constantly improve immunity.

A rare cause of soreness can be mechanical injuries . When a foreign body enters the respiratory tract, a sore throat appears, as well as a severe cough.

In cases of external damage, serious bleeding into the mucous membrane of the throat is possible.

If medical assistance is not provided promptly, the victim may suffocate. Therefore, call emergency medical help immediately!

Other causes of sore throat:

  1. Hypothermia of the human body, drinking cold drinks and food can cause irritation of the laryngeal mucosa.
  2. Unfavorable living conditions. Cold, dusty or hot rooms.

How does a sore throat occur?

A sore throat is a common symptom that indicates a respiratory tract disease . It is similar to a burning, tingling and tickling sensation. As a rule, tickling precedes a dry cough and is accompanied by hoarseness and a feeling of a lump in the throat.

To get rid of this feeling, you need to determine what is causing its appearance. The reasons why your throat starts to get sore are:

  • infections;
  • inflammation;
  • dry air;
  • chemical fumes, smoke;
  • vocal apparatus tension;
  • heart disease;
  • throat injury;
  • chemical burn of the mucous membrane due to the release of acid from the stomach into the esophagus;
  • enlargement of the thyroid gland;
  • allergies caused by pollen, dust, wool;
  • respiratory infections;
  • laryngeal cancer;
  • pharyngitis.

Recommendations for treatment

How to get rid of a sore throat? If this sensation is caused by the development of an inflammatory process in the nasopharynx, it is very easy to get rid of it .

However, you will need to follow a few simple rules:

  • gargle with medicinal tinctures of calendula and chamomile;
  • completely avoid salty, spicy foods, as well as smoking and alcohol abuse, as they can irritate the pharyngeal mucosa;
  • try to drink as much liquid as possible: fruit drinks, teas, herbal decoctions;
  • try to keep conversations to a minimum so that the throat does not become overstrained;
  • If a sore throat is accompanied by a sharp increase in body temperature and enlarged lymph nodes, you must urgently consult a specialist - an otolaryngologist.

If allergies are the cause of your sore throat, you can take the following steps to reduce any exposure to pollen and other irritants or allergens:

  • buy an air ionizer for your home (it perfectly cleans and humidifies the air);
  • walk less in windy weather;
  • Do wet cleaning in the house as often as possible;
  • If possible, remove all kinds of dust accumulators from the house (stuffed toys, carpets, thick curtains);
  • change clothes after walking outside;
  • rinse your nose, eyes and gargle with a low-concentrated solution of table salt when you come home from the street.

If you notice symptoms of an allergy, you should consult an allergist, as its consequences may pose a danger to your health.

In order to reduce any impact on the pharynx with reflux esophagitis, the following rules should be followed:

  • Avoid eating fatty or spicy foods;
  • bring your weight back to normal;
  • try not to overeat;
  • after a meal, try not to take a horizontal position;
  • smoke as little as possible and do not abuse alcoholic beverages.

But how to get rid of a sore throat at home?

How to treat a throat if it is torn

Many people are interested in how to treat this condition.
Specific medications and other therapies must be chosen based on the cause of the symptom. To achieve excellent results, you need to correctly combine different products and procedures. The key goal of treatment is to eliminate the inflammatory process in the throat and fight the pathogens that led to the appearance of the unpleasant symptom. If you do not provide help to a person in time, there is a risk of the process becoming chronic. Dealing with it will be much more difficult.

Today, every pharmacy offers a huge number of effective remedies in the form of tablets, lozenges, syrups that help cope with a sore throat.

It is important to consider that often tearing pain indicates dangerous disorders. Therefore, you can start taking medications only as prescribed by a doctor. Self-medication not only does not eliminate pain, but can also aggravate the patient’s condition.

Most often, when soreness occurs, local antiseptics are prescribed. The most effective medications include the following:

  • furatsilin;
  • inhalipt;
  • hexoral;
  • pharyngosept.

Such products can be purchased in the form of aerosols, sprays and mouth rinses. To cope with pain, anesthetics are prescribed. Often there is a need to dissolve special tablets, lozenges or lozenges. The most effective medications include the following:

  • doctor mom;
  • strepsils;
  • chlorophyllipt.

Such substances have an anti-inflammatory effect and help cope with pain. If the cause of pain is an allergy, drug therapy is carried out using antihistamines. They are produced in the form of drops or tablets. In addition, a prerequisite is the elimination of contacts with allergens that caused the development of the disease.

If the disease is neurological in nature, the choice of treatment tactics is made individually. It all depends on the provoking factor. To eliminate the disease, antidepressants, sedatives, and tranquilizers can be used.

What to do if your throat hurts - video:

If the cause of discomfort is disturbances in the functioning of the digestive organs, medications such as enzyme agents and prokinetics are prescribed. To speed up the healing process, you need to follow these rules:

  • exclude spicy foods, cold and hot foods from the diet;
  • take plenty of fluids - water, tea, milk;
  • quit smoking.

It is permissible to start using a specific product only after visiting a doctor. A specialist must make an accurate diagnosis and identify the causes of problems.

Treatment with traditional methods

A sore throat is a rather unpleasant symptom, which is often accompanied by various uncomfortable sensations. What to take for a sore throat? In fact, what helps with a sore throat?

The downside of many advertised medications for a sore throat is that the price of most of these drugs is unreasonably high, and besides, it is completely unknown how your body will react to its active substances, and whether allergies will arise.

But the good news is that traditional medicine has provided us with a number of effective remedies for a sore throat that can be used with little or no fear of developing various adverse reactions.

What recommendations are there on how to cure or at least how to soften your throat using traditional medicine recipes?

The most important rule in the treatment of any disease is that when the first symptoms of the disease appear, treatment must be started immediately . This rule also does not bypass a sore throat, especially if it occurs during pregnancy.

Thanks to the timely start of treatment, it is possible to stop the development of the inflammatory process, significantly slow down the spread of infectious pathogens, reduce tissue swelling and the severity of symptoms.

So, how to eliminate a sore throat using folk remedies? Below are some of the most common and most effective traditional medicine recipes that will definitely help you cure your throat in the shortest possible time:

  1. onion soreness . An ordinary onion will help get rid of this unpleasant feeling. To prepare the medicine, the vegetable must be thoroughly fried in a frying pan in vegetable oil (preferably unrefined). First, chop the onion into small pieces and generously pour oil into the frying pan - you will need 1 cup of oil for 2 onions. Fry the onion until crispy. Next, strain the mixture through a gauze cloth and cool it. Now you can begin the rinsing procedure.
  2. Sage . Sage tincture is an excellent remedy with anti-inflammatory, bactericidal and wound-healing properties. To prepare a decoction, add 1 teaspoon of sage herb to 1 glass of boiling water. Cover the contents with a tight lid and leave to brew. Then, after 15 minutes, strain the infusion through a gauze cloth and gargle with warm infusion as often as possible, but at least 6 times a day.
  3. Chamomile is an excellent helper in the fight against a sore throat. The infusion has antimicrobial, anti-cold and anti-inflammatory effects. You can even drink chamomile decoction instead of tea. To prepare the decoction, brew 1 tablespoon of chamomile inflorescences in 1 cup of boiling water. The medicine should infuse thoroughly within half an hour. After this time, add 1 teaspoon of honey to the medicinal drink and drink it at least 3 times a day. To achieve the highest therapeutic effect, it is recommended to rinse the sore throat with this composition all day.
  4. Salt and soda . The simplest, but one of the most effective remedies for sore throat is gargling with a solution of salt and soda. The advantage of this composition is that soda helps soften fabrics, and salt perfectly disinfects. But to achieve the desired result, it is necessary to carry out the procedure of gargling with such a solution at least 5 times a day.
  5. Garlic . Before going to bed, put 1 garlic clove in your mouth and suck on it, biting it from time to time to release the juice. What is it for? The fact is that a mixture of garlic juice and saliva can quickly cure the symptoms of a sore throat. The effect is explained by the allicin content in garlic, which can destroy bacteria such as streptococci.

Apple cider vinegar for sore throat . Acetic acid effectively kills various bacteria, and when combined with honey it can soothe pain. To prepare the rinse solution you will need to mix:

  • a tablespoon of vinegar (apple vinegar);
  • a tablespoon of natural honey;
  • a cup of warm water.

To begin, rinse your throat thoroughly with this drink 3 times, and drink the rest.

How to relieve a sore throat with honey? Here are some of the most effective recipes:

  1. Mix carrot and beet juice in equal parts . Add 1 tablespoon of natural honey to 250 milliliters of mixture. Take this mixture before going to bed. Recommendations: drink the drink warm and in small sips.
  2. Add 1 tablespoon of pure honey to 1 glass of blackcurrant or cherry juice . Drink the medicine in small sips several times a day instead of tea.
  3. Mix cow's milk and black radish juice in the following ratio: 2 parts milk to 1 part juice . To improve the taste of the drink, you can add honey to the mixture - at least 1 tablespoon per 1 glass of medicine. Use the healing mixture after eating, 3 tablespoons, after heating it.

What to gargle with?

Pour 1 cup of boiling water over 20 grams of peppermint leaves . Leave the herb to steep for 1 hour.

After this time, strain the infusion thoroughly using a gauze cloth and cool to room temperature. Gargle with peppermint infusion three times a day after meals.

In a thermos, infuse 20 grams of linden blossom in 1 glass of boiling water; raspberry leaves and calendula flowers are also perfect for this purpose. After several hours, strain the broth and cool to room temperature.

Gargle after eating at least 3 times a day.

Mix 1 tablespoon of lemon juice and honey, and then dissolve the peculiar medicine in your mouth . It perfectly helps with the development of a viral infection.

What to do if your voice is lost?

If, in addition to a burning sensation, your voice has completely or partially disappeared, do not be upset - beetroot juice will help you.

A glass of this juice should be mixed with 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and gargle with this product three times a day after meals.

The next equally effective remedy for tickling is a compress made from ordinary dark 72% laundry soap.

To prepare a compress, you will need to rub an unnecessary woolen scarf with pre-soaked wet soap and wrap it around your neck overnight. According to the promises of traditional medicine supporters, you will be healthy in the morning.


  1. Pour 1 tablespoon of mint and the same amount of lemon balm into a glass of boiling water . Infuse the decoction for half an hour. If you have a very sore throat or even pain, inhale the beneficial vapors of plants using an inhaler or a teapot.
  2. Honey inhalations are also useful . To do this, dissolve 3 teaspoons of natural honey in 50 milliliters of boiling water. It is very useful to do inhalations before going to bed.
  3. In the inhaler, add a small amount of Vietnamese balsam “Star” to the water , approximately the size of a match head, or 10 drops of fir oil and breathe over the inhaler for 20 minutes. This procedure can also be done on a simple teapot.

However, remember that after the inhalation procedure you should not eat for 1 hour.


Lugol's throat burn is a complex condition that requires complex therapy, exclusively under the supervision of a doctor.


Lugol's throat burn, what to do to eliminate painful symptoms:

  1. Lidocaine, as well as painkillers Promedol and Fentanyl, are prescribed as anesthetics.
  2. Antihistamine medications are good for relieving swelling: Suprastin, Diphenhydramine, Prednisolone, Hydrocortisone.
  3. To prevent inflammation during a Lugol burn, antiseptics are prescribed as rinse solutions, for example, Miramistin, Gevalers, Stomatidine
  4. For better tissue healing and regeneration, it is necessary to take the drugs “Retinol”, “Solcoseryl”, “Methyluracil”.
  5. To calm the patient when damage to the tracheal mucosa occurs, it is better to take Relanium or Persen.
  6. In case of severe deep injuries, detoxification therapy is necessary, intravenous administration of Ringer's solution is prescribed.

If you couldn’t avoid burning your throat with Lugol, what should you do? In combination with drugs, alternative medicine recipes are used:

  • Gargling a sore throat with medicinal mixtures, for example, chamomile, sage.
  • Apply sea buckthorn oil to injured areas.
  • Treatment of pharyngeal tissues with honey.
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