bronchial cancer1
What is pneumonitis and why is it dangerous?
“Bronchi cancer” is a term that is rarely used by doctors. In medicine, the more common concept is “bronchopulmonary”
Symptoms and treatment of purulent bronchitis
Mucopurulent chronic bronchitis treatment
Causes and mechanism of development Inflammatory lesions of the bronchi can be the primary site of infection when
Reasons: blood in saliva without coughing
Blood in saliva without coughing does not always mean a serious illness. She is discovered as a result
Cherry decoction
We fight bone tuberculosis using folk remedies.
The statistics are inexorable - every year about 3,000,000 million people die due to various
causes of hay fever
Hay fever - symptoms and treatment in adults
What is allergic hay fever? Like many other tooth-crushing terms, we owe the concept of hay fever
Cough expectorant herbs - list
What herbs are suitable for treating bronchitis? Medicinal plants for cough and bronchitis are used in
Treatment of tracheitis
Bath for laryngitis and tracheitis in children
Causes of tracheitis The cause of tracheitis is considered to be viral, less often bacterial infections or allergens.
ACC drug
Tablets for dry and wet cough at the same time
Effective drugs List of effective drugs for the treatment of wet cough in adults: Gerbion. Active components
upper respiratory tract catarrh
Catarrhal phenomena: symptoms of catarrh. Catarrh
Causes Diseases that are accompanied by catarrhal syndrome belong to the group of acute otolaryngological infections. More often
Cough for more than a week without fever in an adult
Causes and mechanisms The mechanisms of sweating are designed to ensure the constancy of the body's thermoregulation. Evaporation of liquid from the surface
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