We fight bone tuberculosis using folk remedies.

The statistics are relentless - every year about 3,000,000 million people die due to various forms of tuberculosis. Therefore, it is not surprising that people are interested in questions: how can one become infected with tuberculosis and how great is the risk of infection?

Tuberculosis is a pathology caused by Koch's bacillus. Since this microorganism easily adapts to conditions, it can exist with equal ease in almost all organs. However, the lungs are most affected. Therefore, let’s try to find out how you can become infected with pulmonary tuberculosis, the most common form of pathology.

In fact, getting infected with pulmonary tuberculosis is both easy and difficult. It all depends on what form of pathology is present in the sick person. The most dangerous is the open form, since it releases active microorganisms from the patient’s lungs, which can lead to infection.

The closed form means that the patient has inactive Koch bacilli in the body. As with the open type, a person with a closed type releases microorganisms into the environment when talking and coughing, but there is practically no risk of infection. The closed form is not considered dangerous.

An infectious disease that affects a huge number of people around the world is called tuberculosis. This disease, caused by several types of microbacteria (Koch bacilli), is characterized by two types of course: open and closed. Recommendations on how to treat tuberculosis correctly will help avoid complications, infection of others and an unfavorable prognosis for recovery. Is it possible to cure tuberculosis with folk remedies or is it a scam? What do populists recommend to treat the disease? Finally, let’s look at real reviews from treated patients.

The most effective means

Tuberculosis is a very dangerous disease that is transmitted by airborne droplets. In its effect, this pathology is a combination of severe infection and oncology.

Practice shows that in most cases the development of this disease ends in death. That is why its timely detection, as well as correct and effective treatment, is of great importance for the normal functioning of the entire organism as a whole.

Some people prefer to treat pulmonary tuberculosis in adults with folk remedies. However, medical experts recommend performing such manipulations only in combination with medical procedures prescribed by the treating doctors. How to cure pulmonary tuberculosis with folk remedies? Which of them are the most effective and give the maximum effect? Let's look further at the most popular of them.


Bee products are widely used in the treatment of inflammatory diseases. To prepare medicine for pulmonary tuberculosis you will need:

  • natural propolis;
  • alcohol, water or oil - your choice.

You need to prepare a propolis tincture in the selected liquid with a concentration of 10 to 20%. The resulting medicine must be taken 25 drops half an hour before each meal, diluted in a small amount of boiled water.


Kumis is mare's milk. This treatment method has been used for more than 100 years and has proven its effectiveness during this time. All you need to do is simply drink 2-3 liters of kumiss daily. The milk should be fresh, preferably fresh. Particular attention should be paid to the animal to ensure its health.

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For a quick and lasting effect, it is recommended to carry out kumis therapy in areas with coniferous forests. Walking in the fresh air in a pine forest will have an antiseptic and antimicrobial effect, which, in combination with mare's milk, will help cleanse the lungs in the shortest possible time.

Cherry decoction

When considering the list of folk remedies for tuberculosis in adults, you should pay attention to cherry decoction prepared according to a special recipe. To create it, take 150 g of pre-dried cherries and rinse them thoroughly, then let the water drain.

Cherry decoction
You can treat pulmonary tuberculosis at home using cherry decoction

After the berries are ready, you need to combine 0.5 liters of vodka and 0.5 kg of sugar in a separate enamel bowl. The resulting composition must be stirred for a long time until the crystals are completely dissolved. As soon as the desired effect is achieved, you need to add the prepared berries to the alcoholized syrup and mix everything thoroughly.

The mixture should be boiled over low heat for half an hour, stirring it regularly. After the specified time, the composition should be cooled and then given to the patient for use.

Reviews of a folk remedy for pulmonary tuberculosis prepared in this way say that it is an excellent way to cope with the disease. However, in order to get the desired effect, it must be taken correctly. You need to use this type of folk remedy 4 times a day before each meal. A single volume of the product taken should be about 15 ml. Reception should be continued until the symptoms characteristic of the disease disappear.

Aloe vera

There is a large list of folk remedies for pulmonary tuberculosis with aloe, which, judging by the reviews of medical specialists and their patients, are excellent in treating the disease in question. Let us next consider a recipe for an effective remedy that not only helps fight the problem, but also promotes the active healing of wounds formed in the lungs.

To prepare the product, you need to take a large amount of aloe vera, chop it up and place it in a pan. It should be accompanied by 1.5 cups of honey, as well as 100 ml of cold purified water. The composition must be placed on low heat and allowed to boil. After this happens, you should remove it from the heat, wrap the container with a towel, and let it brew for a couple of hours. After the specified time, the mass must be strained using gauze, and the liquid must be drained into a glass container.

The prepared product should be taken daily, three times, one tablespoon. The expected course of treating the disease in this way is about two months.

Wine and aloe remedy

A good folk remedy for pulmonary tuberculosis can be prepared using aloe, honey and red wine. To create it, you need to take a small handful of aloe leaves and grind them through a meat grinder or in any other convenient way. After this, they should be placed in a jar or any other container and filled with a couple of liters of honey. You also need to pour a glass of red sweet or semi-sweet wine.

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After completing all these steps, the container must be screwed on and shaken thoroughly so that all components are evenly distributed. The mass prepared in this way must be infused for five days in a dark place. Reviews about the treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis with a folk remedy made from wine and aloe say that the course of treatment is about one and a half months. If necessary, it can be continued, but after a couple of months.

It should be noted! To prepare this recipe, you need to use only natural honey. You can determine it by taste - the bitterness is clearly felt in a natural product.

Beetroot broth

An excellent remedy for pulmonary tuberculosis in adults is beetroot decoction. Reviews about it say that painful symptoms begin to subside after 1.5-2 months of regular use.

In order to prepare a beet broth suitable for the treatment of tuberculosis, you need to take 0.5 kg of fresh beets, wash them, peel them and grate them on a medium grater. After this, the crushed ingredient must be placed in a metal container and filled with water so that it lightly covers the mass. Now the container needs to be placed on low heat and brought to a boil. As soon as this happens, you should add a couple of kilograms of sugar and 500 g of yeast to the beets.

After this, the resulting mass must be thoroughly mixed and strained into a jar. To prepare the product, it is advisable to use a glass container with a tight lid. As for the yeast, it must be intoxicating and, preferably, homemade. Practice shows that store-bought dry products are less effective. The finished mass should be infused in a dark place for a week. You should take a folk remedy for pulmonary tuberculosis in adults every day, three times (a tablespoon). Practice shows that for maximum effect, the described course should be followed for about six months.

Beetroot broth
The use of beetroot decoction is a quick folk method for treating tuberculosis

Garlic and milk

When choosing recipes for tuberculosis, you need to pay attention to a remedy created on the basis of milk and garlic. Moreover, practice shows that it is best to use goat’s milk for its preparation. To prepare a folk remedy for pulmonary tuberculosis according to the recipe in question, you must first dry the garlic and grind it into powder using a coffee grinder.

A teaspoon of the prepared powder should be poured into a glass of goat milk, which should be fresh. After mixing, the finished product should be drunk. This procedure should be carried out every morning for a month. If it is not possible to use goat milk, you can use cow cream, but only after pre-processing it through a separator.

For pulmonary tuberculosis, a folk remedy prepared according to a recipe helps quite effectively (this is stated in many comments left by those who have used it). The desired effect occurs after 2-3 weeks of daily use, and after a month all symptoms characteristic of pulmonary tuberculosis disappear completely.

Pine pollen

When choosing the most effective folk remedies against pulmonary tuberculosis, you need to pay attention to those made from pine pollen. Reviews from medical experts say that products with this component are ideal for those who do not have the opportunity to go into nature to breathe fresh air purified by pine needles.

IMPORTANT! Pine pollen is essentially a reproductive cell, so it is not surprising that nature has put a whole baggage of nutrients and useful substances into it.

More than a dozen vitamins, including choline (250 mg/100 g). This substance accelerates cellular regeneration processes, protects the liver, improves blood quality - what could be more important for tuberculosis? Heavy doses of vitamins will support the patient’s health and help him cope with a severe chronic illness.

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Valuable micro- and macroelements: phosphorus (220 mg/100 g), magnesium (110 mg/100 g), calcium (80 mg/100 g). No other natural product can boast such a rich and balanced mineral composition. The beneficial elements in pine pollen are in proportions that are optimal for their thorough absorption.

Amino acids, primarily nucleic acids (48 mg/100 g), which are indispensable in the treatment of persistent bacterial infections. Clinical tests have shown that after just two months of regular consumption of pine pollen, the blood composition of patients with tuberculosis improves significantly: the level of red blood cells rises by a third, and hemoglobin by 15%, and all this thanks to nucleic acids

Carbohydrates, polysaccharides and fiber make pine pollen a highly nutritious product and help support the patient’s body, weakened by a long-term illness. For tuberculosis, it is recommended to consume 300-500 g of carbohydrates per day to provide the brain, heart and lungs with full energy. And pine pollen is concentrated natural energy.

Biologically active substances - enzymes, enzymes, flavonoids, phytoncides - help fight tuberculosis, strengthen the immune system, enhance the effect of medications and act as an effective addition to the main therapy.

It's time to think about collecting pine pollen if the apple trees have already bloomed in the garden. It is mid-May in central Russia that is the optimal time for collecting and procuring this most valuable raw material. It is better to visit the pine forest several times at intervals of a couple of days so as not to miss the moment of flowering. The ready-to-harvest inflorescences resemble small ears of corn, covered in bright yellow, fragrant pollen. They are correctly called “anthers”.

If you manage to collect at least one full bucket of anthers, you can consider that you have provided yourself with two liters of pine pollen. Having brought the “prey” home, cover the floor with clean paper and arrange the anthers in one layer. Choose a place that is dry, warm, and free from drafts. After a few days, the pollen will fall off, then it can be carefully collected, sifted and stored in a glass or wooden container with a lid.

To prepare an effective remedy, you need to take the most convenient container, combine in it a tablespoon of pollen previously collected from pine needles, as well as 150 ml of honey (it is advisable to use linden). After thoroughly mixing the components, they should be eaten. The dosage of the product should be small - 0.5 teaspoon. It must be consumed every day, before meals. Practice shows that the most effective duration of the general course of treatment is three months.

Pine Pollen
Treatment of tuberculosis with folk remedies must necessarily include the use of pine pollen

After the specified period, you need to take a break for a couple of weeks, and then resume the intake procedure until all the symptoms of the disease subside.

Dried mole cricket

It is considered the most effective folk method of treating tuberculosis. The mole cricket is a large insect. Lives in the ground, in floodplains. From ancient times to the present day, the peoples of Africa and Asia willingly eat it fried. They consider mole crickets a delicacy and claim that this tasty and healthy delicacy treats tuberculosis, strengthens the immune system, and prevents the development of oncology.

Chinese healers believe that when heat treated, mole cricket loses some of its healing properties. Therefore, dried mole cricket is used to prepare the medicine.

The mole cricket is caught, washed and dried in the shade. For one course of treatment, take 30–40 grams and grind them in a mortar. The resulting powder is mixed with honey, sweet syrup or chilled porridge. Take 2-3 tablespoons three times a day before meals.

The results of treatment usually appear the very next day: the patient develops an appetite, begins to gain weight, feels better, and gains strength. The disease is receding.

INTERESTING! It turns out that mole cricket’s blood leukocytes are capable of dissolving the waxy membrane of Koch’s bacillus, the causative agent of tuberculosis, regardless of its location in the body. In the initial stages of the disease, one course of treatment with mole cricket is sufficient.

Iceland moss

Icelandic moss, or scientifically “cetraria,” grows not only on the territory of the island state of the same name. This lichen can be found in the tundra, swamps and pine forests of Eurasia, Africa and even Australia. It grows either on the ground or on old, rotten stumps. Cetraria is modest in appearance: 12-15 cm tall, greenish-brown with white speckles, with petals in the form of folded or open lobes, and with fruiting bodies at the ends.

Iceland moss
Icelandic moss got its name due to the fact that it was in Celtic folk medicine that its healing properties were discovered.

Tuberculosis appeared in medieval Northern Europe a very long time ago, and healers looked to nature for salvation from this scourge. Recipes based on Icelandic moss can be found in old monastic books, and modern herbalists and naturopaths still hold Cetraria in high esteem.

To prepare a medicinal decoction, you need to take 2 tablespoons of dried crushed Icelandic moss, put it in an enamel saucepan, add half a liter of clean cold water, bring to a boil and cook over low heat for 5-10 minutes with the lid tightly closed. Strain the finished broth through sterile gauze, pour into a glass jar and set aside on the windowsill. During the day, a patient with tuberculosis should drink this entire decoction in 3-4 doses before each meal. The course of treatment is 1 month. If the medicine is unbearably bitter, you can add honey or milk.

Alcohol tincture of cetraria is perfectly stored and used sparingly. To prepare it, take 250 ml of 60% medical alcohol and 50 g of dried ground Icelandic moss. Seal everything in a glass bottle and keep it in a dark, cool place for one week, and then start taking 10-20 drops three times a day, and continue treatment for 20-30 days.

In advanced forms of pulmonary tuberculosis, treatment with a decoction or tincture of Cetraria can be continued for up to six months, but it is recommended to take breaks between courses of 2-3 weeks. Icelandic moss goes well with pine pollen: together they destroy Koch's bacillus much more effectively, increase the body's defenses and speed up recovery.

Lemon remedy

It is no secret that fresh lemon contains a high content of ascorbic acid, which has a positive effect on the body during the treatment of tuberculosis. Treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis in adults with a folk remedy made from lemon, as a rule, is accompanied by great success, which is explained by the fact that the citrus fruit contains a huge amount of vitamins and useful components that have a beneficial effect on the immune system of the human body.

To prepare an effective lemon-based product, you need to take four ripe fruits, peel them and thoroughly chop them in any convenient way, but so that a paste forms. After this, the juice should be squeezed out of the resulting mass, for which you can use clean gauze. You need to add 2-3 egg whites to the juice and mix everything thoroughly.

If desired, you can add a small amount of eggshells to these components, which must first be crushed. Some medical experts recommend adding a small amount of butter and honey to the product in question - these components stimulate the process of mucus separation, which is very important in treating the disease.

If you add a glass of red wine to the finished product, you can significantly speed up the healing process, which is achieved by stimulating and improving blood circulation in the lungs.

Badger fat

This remedy is excellent when pulmonary tuberculosis significantly affects the main organ, and in order to eliminate the problem, intensive medical procedures are required. Badger fat is an excellent remedy for pulmonary tuberculosis, which should not be taken internally, but used externally. This product, which is easy to purchase in pharmacies in any city, can be rubbed on the chest of a sick person.

It should be applied exclusively in the place where the problem area is located. Reviews from doctors say that in case of a mild form of the disease, this pharmaceutical product can be used once a day - this will be quite enough to eliminate the problem. However, with a more severe degree of its occurrence, you need to repeat the procedure 2-3 times a day. Some experts recommend using the product in question as food. You only need to add a small amount, but only in its pure form.

Badger fat
Practice shows that, both internally and externally, badger fat significantly improves the respiratory process, as well as lung function in general.

Treatment with beech

From the reviews it is clear that the treatment of most diseases is carried out well with the help of medicinal plants. As for tuberculosis, beech grass helps significantly in the fight against this disease. Most often, the treatment of the disease in question with this herb is carried out in the Caucasus, where it grows in large quantities. To prepare an effective remedy, you need to take a glass of fresh beech and, without crushing it, mix it with 0.5 kg of fresh honey.

These ingredients should be placed on low heat and the process of simmering should begin for a couple of hours. Experts in the field of traditional medicine point out that to create the most effective remedy, it is best to use earthenware - this way, the maximum amount of essential oils needed to eliminate the existing problem is preserved.

After the simmering process is completed, you need to strain the resulting mass and cool the resulting liquid. It should be consumed every day, one glass before meals, three times a day.

Juice mixture

How to treat pulmonary tuberculosis with folk remedies? For this purpose, you can use a mixture of juices made at home. In order to prepare the correct and proportional combination, you need to take one glass of juices squeezed from carrots, beets and aloe. To the resulting mass you need to add a glass of melted butter, vodka and liquid honey.

All ingredients should be mixed until a homogeneous mass is formed and poured into a clay pot. The product must be simmered over low heat for 3-4 hours. To obtain the maximum effect, you need to consume the resulting product in a cooled form, three times a day, half a glass.

Reviews of a medicinal mixture made from these products very often say that the desired effect occurs after a couple of months of regular use. In medical practice, there are cases when, after three courses of using a remedy prepared in this way, a sick person was declared completely healthy.

A drug for treating tuberculosis at home

Father Bertrand does not specify in his notes what kind of salt he is talking about. But at that time this was not required. In France in the Middle Ages there was only one salt - sea salt. Therefore, it is better for you, as a drug for the treatment of tuberculosis, to take sea salt.

Commissioner Qatar writes that his colleague, professor of medicine Albert Thomas, conducted experiments on tuberculosis patients with iodized salt. And always with a positive result. Saline solutions relieve many inflammations, such as joints. Try it and see for yourself.

The mechanism of folk treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis in adults and children using salt is simple. Primitive creatures do not have pain immunity. And salt is a caustic substance. Therefore, carriers of the disease of tuberculosis of the lungs and bones simply die.

Ivan Ivanovich A.

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Cause of vascular atherosclerosis

The most famous methods of treatment

Consider the list of folk remedies that cure tuberculosis:

  • Mix fresh onion juice and buckwheat honey in equal parts, take a tablespoon every 4 hours.
  • Prepare a decoction of 0.3 liters of water and a large spoon of crushed dry Icelandic moss. Keep the mixture in a steam bath for a quarter of an hour, then leave to infuse for half an hour. The decoction should be drunk throughout the day, taking a little every 2-3 hours.
  • Take the lower fleshy leaves from an adult aloe. Wrap the leaves in a clean cloth and keep in the refrigerator for a week. Then grind them and squeeze out the juice. For a glass of aloe juice you will need to add a glass of honey and 1 bottle of good Cahors. Let the mixture brew for a week in a dark place. Then take 1-2 spoons three times a day for 30 days, 20-30 minutes before meals.
  • Dissolve propolis in heated butter, strain the warm mixture. Take a spoon 3-4 times a day. The proportion of the mixture of propolis and oil is 1:10.
  • Garlic juice has a detrimental effect on mycobacterium tuberculosis. You can simply eat garlic, mix its juice with honey, or use lightly boiled garlic for inhalation.
  • For hemoptysis, take a decoction of nettle.
  • Heat a glass of honey, lard and butter. Add a glass of crushed walnuts and a pack of cocoa. Cool and store in the refrigerator. Take in the morning by stirring a tablespoon of the mixture in a cup of hot milk.

Tuberculosis is a serious disease that is difficult to cure. The chemotherapy carried out will bring the expected results only if the patient is provided with favorable social and hygienic conditions and is provided with enhanced dietary nutrition. The outcome of the treatment also depends on the location of the lesion, the resistance of the pathogen to drugs and on the stage of development of the disease. If therapy is started at an early stage of tuberculosis, the likelihood of patient disability or mortality is significantly reduced.

How to treat bone tuberculosis with folk remedies

Thank you, dear readers, for visiting my website “Traditional Medicine” in search of new information. And today’s topic is about how the girl Dasha, a 2nd grade student, was cured using folk remedies. I will briefly quote the story of Sevastyanov B.G. from the village of Frolovskoye, Moscow region, who healed a poor girl from a serious illness.

How the girl Dasha was diagnosed with bone tuberculosis - a real story

● Distant relatives came to my village from the Tula region, a thirty-year-old wife with her husband and daughter Dashenka, a second-grade student. The girl’s parents were saddened by the misfortune that had befallen them: their smart and excellent daughter suddenly changed her attitude towards the world around her. The girl began to be capricious for no reason, did not want to play with her peers, and did not sleep well at night. His face became deathly pale and he lost his appetite. The child's parents also noticed the appearance of general weakness and noticeable lethargy. An examination by a local pediatrician did not yield any results. And then it all started: at night and in the evening, Dashenka began to experience pain in one knee joint.

● The parents took the child for a detailed examination to many specialists and, finally, a terrible diagnosis of “bone tuberculosis” was made. Long-term treatment with an arsenal of medications did not produce significant changes in the child’s condition. The situation worsened after it became clear that I was intolerant to many prescribed medications. And the disease progressed more and more, developing, alas, according to its own laws.

● Imagine the panic that gripped the poor parents. They turned to various healers, sorcerers, herbalists and healers. One healer recommended treating bone tuberculosis with wax moth tincture. To do this, she advised contacting beekeepers who have the raw materials to prepare the necessary medicine.

How bone tuberculosis was treated with wax moths and other folk remedies

● I have been beekeeping for many years, Dasha’s parents knew about it and decided to come to my village. You should have seen the state of the parents... They themselves, as if sick, rushed from corner to corner, hoping for my help. I reassured them as best I could, saying that the tincture of wax moth larvae would definitely cope with bone tuberculosis.

● We treated the girl patiently using a previously tested method: we gave tincture of wax moth larvae in courses of three weeks, followed by a 14-day break. They were given in children's doses: 8 drops, that is, according to the number of full years, every day in the morning and evening before meals or after two hours. At the same time, the tincture was mixed with 20-30 g. clean water. Since the disease turned out to be advanced, we subsequently increased the dose of tincture to 12 drops.

● To strengthen the immune system of a patient with tuberculosis, she received all beekeeping products during treatment: honey (completely eliminating sugar from the diet), royal jelly (apilak) - 1 tablet twice a day; 10 drops three times a day before meals, alcohol tincture of propolis, bee pollen twice a day under the tongue, half a teaspoon. In addition, we gave her rosehip infusion, sprouted wheat and a decoction of unpeeled oats to enrich her body with vitamins. These supplements are rich in microelements and vitamins and help restore a weakened immune system and speed up recovery.

● After a month of treatment, all signs of bone tuberculosis disappeared from Dasha. The face became pink, a playful mood appeared, interests in life, study and the future appeared. And four months later we all realized that bone tuberculosis had been defeated! The healing tincture of wax moth larvae turned out to be too much for the tuberculosis bacillus - the causative agent of bone tuberculosis; it is impossible to adapt to this medicine. A detailed check in the hospital proved a complete cure: the integrity of the bone and knee joint was preserved, the girl did not limp.

What conclusions did we draw after treating bone tuberculosis with wax moths?

● The healing properties of wax moths have been proven by modern science. The wax moth larva produces cerase, a specific digestive enzyme. This enzyme ensures the larvae process and assimilate the waxy mass of the hive environment, which is the main food for insects. When we insisted on 40 degree alcohol, cerase also entered the solution along with other active biological components, which, when entering the body of a patient with tuberculosis, completely destroys Koch's bacillus. The causative agent of tuberculosis becomes vulnerable to this medicine and dies. Thus, Dashenka’s miraculous cure occurred.

Here is a recipe for preparing wax moth tincture to cure tuberculosis

● Pour one liter of high-quality vodka into one large (Khrushchev, faceted) glass of wax moth larvae, leave for 12 days, shaking every day, then strain and squeeze. Add half a liter of boiled water to the resulting tincture - that’s it, the tincture is ready.

A simple recipe for treating tuberculosis with folk remedies

● To prepare the recipe you will need: 100 gr. cognac (no vodka!), 9 homemade chicken eggs, 100 grams of cocoa, 800 grams of pork fat, half a kilogram of honey and butter (preferably country-made, not store-bought!). Cut lard (interior fat) into small pieces (no more than one cm), place in a saucepan, then in a water bath. After the fat has melted, transfer it completely into a half-liter glass jar, let it cool to the temperature of fresh milk and slowly pour it into the melted butter, stirring thoroughly in one direction (never the other way around).

● Next. Melt the honey in the same water bath, add cocoa into it in small portions. Stir, cool slightly and combine honey with cocoa and lard with butter. Separate the whites from the yolks of the eggs, beat the whites and pour them into the finished mixture, stirring. Lastly, add cognac in small portions, stirring to the right. That's it - the chocolate butter is ready. Pour the medicine into glass jars and place in the refrigerator. Take after meals three times a day, spread on bread and washed down with warm compote, tea or milk. Children from 13 to 15 years old and adults - one dessert spoon, children from 6 to 13 years old - a teaspoon, and the smallest children - half a teaspoon at a time.

How my nephew was cured of tuberculoma in the lungs (story by Kulikova A.N., Ekibastuz)

● In 2007, my nephew fell ill with tuberculosis and was offered an urgent operation to remove tuberculoma of the upper lobe of the lung. At first they planned to operate in July, but then for some reason they postponed it until the fall. I invited my nephew to come and get treatment with us – in Kazakhstan. He arrived in August.

● Having studied many books about medicinal plants, I learned that Kalanchoe, which has “babies” growing on its leaves and a purple pattern on the bottom of the leaf, is very helpful in treating any form of tuberculosis. This is exactly the plant we grew at home. I grinded the Kalanchoe in a meat grinder and mixed it in a 1:1 ratio with honey.

● In accordance with Bolotov’s method of cleansing the body, I prepared kvass from celandine: for three liters of water, one glass of sugar and crushed celandine leaves, added another 1 teaspoon of sour cream for fermentation.

● I treated Leva (that’s my nephew’s name) as follows: I took 1 tbsp in the morning on an empty stomach and in the evening before bed. l. Kalanchoe with honey. At lunch I drank two sips of celandine kvass. That's all the treatment. In addition, he drank horse milk every day - kumis (two or three sips when he was thirsty).

● A month later (in September), doctors did not find Lyova had tuberculoma, so the question of surgery immediately disappeared. He was transferred from the second disability group to the third. Five years have already passed since then, and the nephew feels satisfactory. We are waiting for him to come to us again for an additional course of treatment until he recovers completely.

Take care of yourself, be healthy, and may the Lord God help you in this.

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Tatyana I had an infection. tube I was also treated at home, after a year there were no traces left. At first they wanted to put me in the hospital, but the form was closed, they came for the pills on time and they took pity on me and allowed home treatment. Also a normal family, husband, child, but this disease does not choose. I didn’t have a single symptom, even the tests were excellent; everyone’s disease progresses differently. The main thing is a positive attitude, this disease can be treated, a year after treatment I was already allowed to get pregnant. Everything will be fine.

Larisa I have already written about treatment at home more than once, I don’t want to repeat myself again, you can just re-read my posts. I still think that this is the best treatment option, because it concerns the environment, the quality of nutrition, and the absence of the feeling that life is going on somewhere out there and you are not participating in it. Girls, go somewhere else for a consultation. There are such holidays ahead, it is better if the mood is not clouded by doubts, the soul will be in place. Good luck to all.

Evgeniy I have been a beekeeper almost all my life. And once I had such a case from practice. Once two men bought propolis from me. I got to talking with them, it turns out that they are buying propolis for their sick younger brother, who suffers from tuberculosis. Treatment of tuberculosis with propolis should definitely give results, as he said. One of them also asked me about a special recipe for treating tuberculosis with wax moths. I promised to look for it, since I had a lot of magazines about beekeeping. And indeed, in one of the magazines I found the recipe I needed. I called him and told him this recipe. And then one day, when I was returning from the mountains, a bus passed by. The bus stopped and a man got out, and I realized that this was the same man to whom I had given the recipe for treating tuberculosis. He handed me a bag containing a real white papakha. As a token of gratitude, because his brother was cured of tuberculosis!

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