Dioxidin and Dexamethasone enhance the effectiveness of treatment of ENT diseases and avoid complications
Dexamethasone in the ear for otitis in children
Characteristics of Dioxidin It is a synthetic antibiotic with a broad bactericidal effect. Particularly active in relation to
What is alkaline drink for cough?
Alkaline inhalations are carried out with a soda solution (homemade or pharmacy), Borjomi and Narzan mineral water. Shown
Is it better to use Berodual instead of Pulmicort?
Inhalations with Ventolin for bronchial asthma
Atrovent is a bronchodilator medication. The drug helps reduce muscle tone of the bronchi and relieve spasms.
Folk remedies for sore throat
How children's throats are treated with folk remedies. Gargling, drinking plenty of fluids, compress - simple methods
Askoril or Erespal - which is better? Briefly about the most important things!
Which medicine is better Stodal or Erespal?
For inflammatory diseases of the respiratory system, Ascoril and Erespal are often used as part of complex treatment.
children's cough patch nozzle
How does pepper patch help with a runny nose?
Children's cough patches effectively cope with many symptoms of colds, easing the course of the disease
The most likely causes of cough requiring antibiotic therapy include tracheitis, pneumonia or bronchitis
Headache after nasal drops
I decided to share my experience on how to get rid of dependence on vasoconstrictor drops. I haven't been here for 5 years
Balsamic liniment according to Vishnevsky 30 g
Ointment for sinusitis in the nose for treatment
Treatment of sinusitis involves the prescription of many medications. You may be surprised, but in some
Home remedies for gargling
Saline solution for gargling for children
How is the procedure useful? Treatment with this folk method has been known since ancient times. There were also ancestors
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