Theraflu instructions for use reviews. TheraFlu instructions for use (powder). Conditions for storage and release from pharmacies
Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics The medicine has analgesic, antitussive, sedative, vasoconstrictor, antipyretic, bronchodilator, antihistamine effects, allows
Burn of the nasal mucosa: treatment and symptoms, how to treat it
Treatment and first aid for nasal burns
Existing varieties Burns of the nasal mucosa are usually classified according to the type of irritant substance that led to it
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Choosing vitamins: how not to throw money away Every mother knows that taking any
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How many times a day to use the almag
Many people are concerned about the dangers or benefits of nasal rinsing, as well as the effectiveness of this
Otrivin for pregnant women is possible or not
Features of the drug The active ingredient of Otrivin is xylometazoline. It does not irritate the mucous membranes, but in compressed
Miramistin for colds with runny nose
Miramistin - spray for adults with a runny nose Miramistin is an antiseptic drug that can be used
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Cold suppositories for children - an effective and safe medicine Colds in children
Nasal drops for children Derinat - negative reviews. Neutral. Positive. + Leave a review Negative reviews Alexey Help from Derinat drops is zero. The whole family began to get sick one by one, drips
Pharmacological action of the drug Immunomodulators have a positive effect on cellular and humoral protective immune functions. IN
How to use Chlorophyllipt spray to treat a throat
Description of the throat spray Chlorophyllipt Vialine The drug is essentially a light green opalescent liquid
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The principle of the effect of inhalation on the respiratory tract For the most part, inhalers are used to treat children.