Review of the most effective nasal ointments
Runny nose, nasal congestion, respiratory infections, clinical signs of sinusitis are always associated with the use of various types of
Nasal congestion without a runny nose - causes and treatment -
What to do if you are healthy, but you can’t breathe?
Danger of the condition Even if the disease is asymptomatic, severe nasal congestion indicates the development of an infection.
Purulent plugs in the throat: main signs, how to get rid of them, treatment, prevention
What do plugs in the throat represent? There are 6 tonsils in the oral cavity. They refer to
Why doesn't the wound in my nose heal?
Causes of sores in the nose Doctors name several main reasons for the appearance of sores in the nose.
Sinusitis of the shoulder joint symptoms and treatment
What is synovitis of the knee joint and how to treat it at home with folk remedies (photo)? ​Some
is it possible to die from sinusitis
What happens if sinusitis in an adult or child is not treated?
Sinusitis is a serious disease, the characteristic feature of which is the development of an inflammatory process in the maxillary
How to treat sore throat, sinusitis, otitis and pharyngitis?
Sore throat and sinusitis Published by admin - Last updated: Saturday, January 6, 2020 - Save
Tooth cyst and sinusitis
Why is the proximity of the maxillary sinuses and teeth dangerous?
Description The maxillary sinuses are a specific structure of the respiratory system. Their alternative name is the maxillary cavity.
Foreign body of the throat code according to ICD 10. Foreign body of the larynx
Foreign body of the maxillary sinus A foreign body of the maxillary sinus is a foreign object located in
Pain between eyebrows without runny nose
When pain appears in the eyebrow area, some people simply brush it off, others -
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