Nose stuffy when tilting head
Sharp headache when blowing your nose
When you have a runny nose, the frontal part of your head hurts: variants of normality and pathology. A frequent companion to a cold is
Inflammation of the nasopharynx in a child, treatment
Routes of infection Infectious agents are opportunistic microorganisms. This means that they live in small
What to do if a child’s ear hurts, but without fever
How to use propolis tincture for otitis media in children
Symptoms What does the expression mean - the child’s ears are blocked: many people understand its meaning differently,
Development of otitis media: what does tinnitus mean?
Why does squeaking in the ears occur? A squealing sound in the ears is a high-pitched sound that connects
Correct baby attachment
Sore throat temperature chest pain
Cyclic mastodynia Growing up is a difficult period for a girl, when her body is rebuilt, turning from
The flu always starts quickly, while a cold always starts growing faster
Brown discharge in women: causes
Causes of the unpleasant symptom Why does the nose bleed when you have the flu? The answer to this question
Manifestation of rhinosinusitis
How to treat rhinosinusitis in children
Rhinosinusitis is an inflammation of the mucous membrane that affects the paranasal sinuses. In this case, one is affected
water from nose reasons
Water got into the ear through the nose, it hurts, what should I do?
Features of discharge If water flows from the nose, the reasons must be established. And this is done
photo 3
How to apply mustard plasters for tracheitis
We encounter throat diseases quite often, especially when the cold and rainy season begins.
Blood in the nasopharynx, what to do?
The nose is one of the first to encounter various infectious agents, which is why there is mucus in the nasopharynx
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