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Purpose and main characteristics

The quartz sun lamp OUFK 01 is designed for use for general and ectosomatic local irradiation during the course of the inflammatory process in otorhinolaryngology in healthcare institutions and domestic conditions.

The device is used to treat adults and children over 3 years of age.

The irradiance of the Sun OUFC device in the effective spectral range is:

  • with total irradiation at a distance of 0.7 meters from the surface - less than or equal to 1 W/m2;
  • with local irradiation in a tube diameter of 5 mm - greater than or equal to 0.8 W/m2;
  • with local irradiation in a tube diameter of 15 mm - greater than or equal to 1 W/m2.

Characteristics of OUFK Solnyshko:

  • power consumption less than 300 VA;
  • operating state is achieved a minute after switching on;
  • the work is carried out for 8 hours in a repeating order - every half hour of work alternates with a five-minute break;
  • dimensions of the sun lamp OUFK 01–27.5*14.5*14 cm;
  • weight – less than or equal to 1 kg;
  • network requirements: 220 V, frequency 50 Hz.

UV irradiator

Package contains:

  • irradiator lamp Sun – 1 piece;
  • glasses protecting eyes from radiation – 1 piece;
  • nozzles: tube diameter 5 mm – 1 piece, tube diameter 15 mm – 1 piece, angled nozzle 60° – 1 piece;
  • biodosimeter – 1 piece;
  • instructions for use – 1 piece;
  • operational manual.

Universal warming methods

These include methods that allow you to warm up a number of organs. These include:

  1. Blue lamp (Minin reflector) . The device was created at the end of the 19th century, but is still used to treat a wide variety of diseases. It emits infrared light, which deeply warms the area of ​​its influence. However, the upper layers of the skin are exposed to the most intense effects. It is better to use a warming lamp under the supervision of a doctor. Application regimen: up to 3 times a day with a gradual increase in procedure time (from 5 to 15 minutes).
  2. Warmer . It is used less and less, but it is a simple and safe way to warm up the desired area. If the temperature of the heating pad is too high, you can wrap it in a towel or even a blanket. You can go to bed with a warm heating pad, combining warming up with bed rest.
  3. Inhalations . This procedure is a treatment of the respiratory tract with hot steam. It is effective for diseases of the ENT organs: otitis, tonsillitis, pharyngitis and rhinitis. As a result of inhalation, the therapeutic effect occurs not only due to warming, but also to the penetration of beneficial substances to the source of inflammation. For this purpose, decoctions, essential oils and medications are used.

Indications for use

UV lamp sun 01 is used at home for the following indications:

  • boosting immunity so that the body can resist the effects of infection and the spread of viruses;
  • as an additional treatment for flu, colds;
  • herpes therapy;
  • prevention and during the course of treatment of bronchial asthma;
  • preventive measures, treatment of rickets in children of all ages and pregnant and lactating women;
  • strengthening the actions of restoring the dermatological integument, therapy for pustular lesions of the skin, wet navel in newborns and other diseases that cause violations of the integrity of the epithelium;
  • raising immunity during internal inflammatory actions that occur in a sluggish state;
  • when hardening the body;
  • in a single treatment of arthritis;
  • dental diseases – periodontal disease, inflammation, ginivitis, etc.;
  • with a lack of fine weather, which can be observed among the population of northern points, also in winter for the entire population;
  • treatment of diseases of peripheral nervous concept;
  • activation of hematopoiesis and increase in blood plasma components.

Using OUFK

The OUFK 01 device is used locally on dermatological surfaces for:

  • bronchial shortness of breath;
  • prolonged process of bronchitis;
  • long-term neuralgia, neuropathy of the nervous system;
  • rheumatic, rapid-onset arthritis, deforming hemarthrosis;
  • injuries resulting in skin rupture or bone fractures;
  • infected wounds, bedsores, boils, etc.;
  • constant erysipelas;
  • pemphigus – herpes, zoster.

Intracavitary ultraviolet irradiation of OUFK Solnyshko is carried out with:

  • periodontitis, ginginitis;
  • chronic inflammation;
  • chronic and acute tonsillitis;
  • acute, vasomotor runny nose;
  • acute respiratory disease;
  • ear suppuration.

When warming up is required

Warming the ovaries is not permitted for all types of pathologies. The procedure is prescribed for the following diseases of the appendages:

  • the presence of an inflammatory process in the genital organs;
  • bacterial or fungal infection;
  • acute premenstrual syndrome accompanied by pain;
  • sexually transmitted diseases - syphilis, herpes, chlamydia, etc.

It is possible to prescribe warming up before artificial insemination due to ovarian dysfunction. This increases the chance of successful conception.

Positive effects of therapy:

  • reduction of the inflammatory focus;
  • pain relief;
  • acceleration of local metabolic processes;
  • normalization of blood circulation in the pelvis;
  • eliminating adhesions and preventing their development.

You can also warm up the ovaries as a preventive measure. This is especially true for inflammation of the bladder, uterus or its tubes - the procedure will prevent the spread of the pathological process to the appendages. In the absence of diseases of the genital organs, therapy prevents disruptions of the menstrual cycle and improves the functionality of the organs.

Instructions for using the Sun quartz lamp

The UV lamp will be beneficial if you follow the rules of use described in the instructions. It is also advisable to provide instructions to the doctor under whose supervision you are. He will draw up a treatment plan. If there are contraindications to the use of OUFK sun 01, you must choose another model or refuse to use it.

In order for the use of the lamp to be beneficial, you must follow the instructions:

  • switching on is carried out in the presence of safety glasses;
  • before work, make sure that animals and children have left the premises;
  • Vegetation is also removed from the room.

The design of the lamp is convenient, the body is metal, protects against electromagnetic radiation. There is a UV lamp inside. The front side contains a flap with a hole for installing tube attachments (plastic tips).

To turn it on, just pull the cord to the outlet and insert the plug. Wait 5 minutes (fully warmed up) and begin the procedure.

To disinfect the room, the damper is removed and the procedure is carried out for 15–30 minutes. Afterwards the rooms are ventilated. Furniture, toys, and linen are also neutralized (dust mites are removed).

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Carrying out procedures for children

The sun lamp 01 is intended for young children, other models are not. This is taken into account when purchasing.

This device will provide the ultraviolet light that a child needs during all periods of the year, especially in autumn and winter. It is designed for home use.

Such a lamp is an alternative to bulky equipment in a treatment room; moreover, there is no need to travel in the cold and frost on public transport.

Children have a large number of toys in their room that cannot be washed daily with special products. This lamp will also come to the rescue. It destroys almost 100% of viruses and microbes that are dangerous to the baby’s body. This applies not only to toys, but to all surfaces in the house.


If a child often plays with animals on the street, then there is a possibility of contracting lichen. In addition, the pathogenic fungus is brought into the house by the soles of shoes.

OUFK Sunshine is needed for a child suffering from allergies and ENT diseases.

If a child has the initial stage of a cold or runny nose, the feet are irradiated. To do this, the legs are extended towards the lamp (10 cm from it), whose damper is open. The duration of the session is 10 minutes, over three days.

When irradiating the nasal mucosa, you must make sure that the nasal flow has stopped. The procedure begins with one minute, each time increasing to three minutes. The session is held once a day for a week.

During a flu epidemic, prevention should be carried out once a day after kindergarten or school for two weeks.


The radiation dosage is determined by the Gorbachev-Duckfeld method. The method is considered simple and is based on the property of generating erythema when the skin is irradiated. One biodose is taken per unit. It is determined in the abdomen and buttocks from a distance of half a meter from the Sun lamp. The dose meter is fixed on the body. Irradiation occurs through the holes of the biodosimeter. There are six of them, each subsequent one opens in a minute. So through the first hole, irradiation takes six minutes, the second - 5 minutes, etc. The result of the procedure is assessed within a day. Clear hyperemia of the skin is taken as one biodose.

UV irradiator

When assessing the result, you need to take into account skin tone, age, and condition.

How many hours can you use

When carrying out quartz treatment in rooms, lamp 01 can work without interruption for half an hour, let it rest for 40 minutes.

“Sunshine” for children: when, who and how much to use a UV irradiator

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Every mother knows why her child needs the sun. Staying in the sun strengthens the child’s immune system, helps to avoid rickets; pathogenic microbes and viruses die in the sun’s rays. All this thanks to ultraviolet radiation.

ultraviolet irradiator Sun.JPG

Where can you get ultraviolet light in cloudy autumn and long winter?

Useful ultraviolet light will be provided by the “Sun” irradiator, specially designed for home use.

Did your child go to kindergarten and start having frequent acute respiratory infections? For ENT diseases, doctors often prescribe FUF procedures for children of the nose and pharynx. To do this, you need to visit the physical room at the clinic. The procedure itself helps very well, but getting to the clinic in the cold or rain, sitting in line among coughing people is not very pleasant. Using an irradiator, you can prevent and treat flu and colds at home. Recovery will go much faster and without unnecessary medications.

Are you afraid that your older child will bring the flu virus from school, get sick himself, and the younger child, who does not yet attend children’s groups, will catch the flu? Carry out quartzization (disinfection) of the apartment with the “Solnyshko” irradiator, and the virus will not be scary for your family.

And how many toys do modern children have! From large soft ones to small designer ones. How to wash everything? “Sunny” will help again. This device destroys 99.9% of dangerous viruses and germs, disinfects toys, furniture and other household items.

In spring, the incidence of lichen in street animals increases. Without meaning to, we bring this fungus home on our shoes. A pet can become infected, and lichen can be passed on to a child. Ultraviolet light will also cope with this infection.

“Sunshine” is simply necessary for children with allergies and children with chronic diseases of the throat and nose.

Ultraviolet irradiator Sun_set.JPG

The device is lightweight and compact. Its body is made of metal. This provides durability and protection from electromagnetic radiation. A UV lamp is installed in the housing. On the front side it is closed with a flap with a hole for attaching tubes (plastic cones). The kit includes detailed instructions, 3 tubes with holes of different sizes, safety glasses, and a biodosimeter that will determine the individual dose of UV radiation. How to determine it is described in the instructions. To turn on the lamp, just insert the plug into the socket.

The “Sun” irradiator can be used in the treatment and prevention of colds in children over 3 years of age. The exception is rickets in a baby. In this case, the doctor will prescribe the procedure, its duration and number of sessions.

Before use, the irradiator must be turned on and allowed to warm up for 5 minutes.

To disinfect the room, you need to remove the damper and turn on the device for 15-30 minutes. At this time, there should be no people or pets there, and direct light from the UV lamp should not fall on the flowers. Then you need to ventilate the room. Children's toys, bedding, and dust mites are sanitized in the same way.

When the first signs of a runny nose appear in a child, the feet are irradiated with ultraviolet rays. The child should wear safety glasses and lie down or sit with legs extended 10 cm from the device with the damper open. The procedure lasts 10 minutes. Course 3-4 days. Parents often notice that after three sessions of irradiation of the feet, the runny nose goes away and the development of acute respiratory infections stops. You can irradiate the nasal mucosa only after the nasal discharge has decreased - to prevent complications. When irradiating the mucous membrane, it is recommended to gradually increase the daily dose from 1 minute to 3 minutes. The course of irradiation is 5-6 days. The procedures are performed once a day.

During an influenza epidemic, irradiation of the mucous membranes of the nose and throat is carried out for 2 weeks for prevention. The procedure is best carried out after visiting public places, for example, coming from kindergarten or school.

Be careful when using the illuminator


  • procedures cannot be performed at elevated temperatures;
  • Do not look at the switched on UV lamp. When operating the device, you must wear special safety glasses. Ultraviolet radiation causes burns to the cornea of ​​the eye, which can lead to vision impairment;
  • the lamp contains mercury, do not leave the device unattended;
  • during operation, the metal case heats up, warn the child about this, put the device in a cardboard box after it has cooled down;
  • Carry out the procedures strictly in accordance with the instructions, observing the duration of irradiation. Before using a UV light, consult your pediatrician or physical therapist.

Ultraviolet irradiator Sun_box_cut off.jpg

Useful tips

When purchasing and using, you should follow these useful tips:

  • Before purchasing a lamp, check it for serviceability. The test is also carried out wearing glasses.
  • The procedures require the following parameters: temperature 10–35 degrees, humidity 80%.
  • Structural elements are treated after each use (3% peroxide, Lotus product, 1% chloramine solution).
  • Storage is carried out in packaging.
  • Disposal is carried out in accordance with SanPin, since the device contains mercury.
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