How to treat a throat at home

A sore throat, along with a runny nose, is one of the very first and most common symptoms of ARVI. The virus, entering the body through the mucous membrane of the nose or mouth, settles there, beginning the process of inflammation and infection of the body. But is it possible to get rid of a sore throat in one day? The answer depends on the degree of the inflammatory process. If your throat hurts only in the morning, the discomfort is minor and goes away quickly after a cup of hot tea, then you can get rid of such a sore throat within a day. But it is not possible to quickly cure purulent plugs with a sore throat. In this case, an integrated approach is needed - not only rinsing and inhalation, but also taking antibiotics, as well as other measures in the ENT doctor’s office.

What does a sore throat mean?

A sore throat can occur due to various diseases. First of all, these are colds and ARVI. Sore throat is accompanied by diseases such as pharyngitis, laryngitis, tonsillitis, tonsillitis, scarlet fever, and measles. Cold sore throats are most often accompanied by other symptoms - fever, aching joints, runny nose, runny nose, itching, sneezing, headache. In these cases, local therapy should be accompanied by general treatment of the disease.

Upon examination, a sore throat may be simply red or with white plaques. A red throat most often occurs due to a viral illness. This type of throat hurts moderately, often burning and scratching. Purulent formations on the tonsils indicate a bacteriological process in the body. In this case, the throat hurts unbearably when swallowing, that is, when touching a painful area of ​​the mucous membrane. In this case, mechanical cleaning may be necessary, which will speed up the healing process and help reduce the high temperature in such cases.

how to get rid of mucus in throat

Pharmacy remedies for sore throat

The pharmacy offers a wide selection of drugs that can relieve redness of the mucous membrane, relieve pain, and reduce inflammation. They can be in the form of sprays, lozenges, rinses. We will present you the most effective and safe medications.

  1. Pills.
    Products such as Septolete, Grammidin, Strepsils, Angisept, Imudon and others are used to relieve sore throat, relieve inflammation and soothe the mucous membrane. Bioparox, Stopangin, Grammicidin have a bactericidal effect. They contain an antibiotic. Lozenges and lozenges are very convenient if you are away from home - they are easy to use at work, in transport and other public places.
  2. Sprays.
    The spray is more effective than the tablet because it immediately irrigates a larger area of ​​inflamed mucosa. Many medications come in both tablet and spray form, so you can choose the form of medication that suits you best. Among the popular remedies for a sore throat are Tandum Verde, Chlorophyllipt, Hexoral, Ingalipt, etc.
  3. Rinse solutions.
    Miramistin, Furacilin, Rotokan, propolis or calendula tincture can be used to prepare a solution. The tablet is crushed and diluted with water. The liquid tincture is diluted in approximately the following proportions - one dessert spoon of medicine per glass of warm water. Rinsing is much more effective than other methods of treatment, since when rinsing, all pathogenic microflora are washed away, the mucous membrane is calmed, and the sore throat subsides.

When choosing a medicine to treat a sore throat, it is better to consult a doctor. Especially if a child is sick. Pay attention to the instructions for the medicine and take into account its contraindications.

how to get rid of a sore throat

What to do if your throat hurts?

The throat can hurt due to various diseases. It can be not only tonsillitis or tonsillitis. Pharyngitis, laryngitis, and mononucleosis cause pain and soreness in the larynx, and scarlet fever or measles can cause trouble for a child.

The use of improper treatment can cause complications in the kidneys, liver, heart, and joints. To avoid this, you need to pay attention to your condition, whether other signs of the disease have appeared: rash, fever and cough. If you notice symptoms of other diseases in yourself or your children, call a doctor at home.

But it also happens that a sore throat is a sign of ordinary hypothermia, as a result of which you have caught a little cold, because the cold season will not end.

It is easier to catch an infection and fever in the midst of spring than in winter. At above-zero temperatures, viruses are activated, infecting the body, which by spring experiences vitamin deficiency and decreased immunity. For throat treatment methods to be effective in this case, a whole range of measures is needed.

What measures should we take to alleviate the condition at home?

Maintain bed rest; Strengthen the immune system with vitamins; Drink as much fluid as possible per day (at least 2 liters); Use rinses; Use inhalations; Make compresses; Use aromatherapy methods.

If you have a sore throat, following all measures will help you get rid of the disease in 1 day.

how to cure a sore throat at home

Folk remedies for treating a sore throat

A moderate sore throat with a cold can be overcome at the initial stage of the disease. In this case, you need to use medications that you probably have at home.

  1. Sea water.
    This is the most popular remedy for sore throat, since the ingredients for this solution are available in any household. Dissolve half a teaspoon of salt and the same amount of baking soda in a glass of warm water. Add 5 drops of iodine to the water. Rinse your mouth with this mixture every three hours, and your sore throat will subside within a day.
  2. Chamomile, sage, calendula.
    From these medicinal herbs you need to prepare a healing decoction. Add one spoon of each dry plant to the jar and pour a liter of boiling water. Let it brew for a couple of hours. When the broth becomes warm, you need to strain it and gargle with it 3-4 times a day. Chamomile perfectly soothes excited mucous membranes, calendula disinfects the surface of the tonsils, and sage relieves inflammation and swelling.
  3. Lemon.
    It contains special acids that relieve pain and reduce redness in the throat. This is why lemon tea is so popular for sore throats. To get rid of soreness, you just need to eat a piece of citrus along with the peel. If you don’t have fresh lemon on hand, gargle with a solution of citric acid - a teaspoon of powder per glass of water.
  4. Garlic.
    It contains phytoncides that suppress the virus and speed up human recovery. A couple of cloves of garlic need to be chopped and poured with a glass of boiling water. Wait for the broth to cool, strain it and gargle with it every 4 hours. The product is very effective, but has one drawback - bad breath.
  5. Onion.
    The vapors from fresh onions release special active substances that kill germs and viruses. If you are sick, place bowls of chopped onions around the house to inhale its smell. This will speed up recovery and protect other family members from infection.
  6. Warm beer.
    This is one of the strangest, but truly effective remedies for a sore throat. It is better to take unfiltered beer for treatment - it contains more useful substances. Heat the beer until warm, and then drink it in small sips. For treatment you will need no more than a glass of liquid.
  7. Tea mushroom.
    For rinsing, you can use the liquid in which the kombucha has been infused. Gargle every two hours with this mixture and within a day you won’t remember that you had a sore throat yesterday.
  8. Streptocide and honey.
    Take candied solid honey - one tablespoon. The streptocide tablet must be thoroughly crushed and mixed with honey. Suck the mixture before bed, and in the morning your throat will not remind you of itself.
  9. Cumin and cognac.
    Grind a couple of teaspoons of cumin and pour a glass of boiling water over the powder. Cook the mixture over low heat for about half an hour. Then cover the broth with a lid and leave for a while. When the broth has cooled, you will need to strain it and add 100 ml of cognac to the liquid. Drink a teaspoon of the prepared product every 15-20 minutes until it runs out. This is a good medicine that can cure even the most sore throat.

Remember, you only need to gargle with warm liquid. A cold solution will increase inflammation, and a hot solution will irritate already painful tonsils. When treating a throat, it is very important to gargle after meals and before bed. The more often you gargle, the faster the disease will recede.

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Compresses for the throat

Compresses are an effective way to relieve a sore throat. They can be an excellent way to treat a throat while staying at home, since they promote warming, and staying warm enhances the effect of the procedure.

An ordinary cabbage leaf smeared with honey will help relieve patients from a sore throat in one day

To warm it up, you can make a vodka compress. If you don’t have vodka, dilute the alcohol with half and half water. The recipe is simple. Dip a cotton cloth into a solution of 40–50 degrees alcohol, squeeze out excess liquid and place the cloth on the neck, trying to cover as much area as possible. The top of the fabric must be covered with film to create a thermal effect. You need to keep such a compress on your throat for at least five hours, so doctors recommend putting it on at night or lying with it all evening.

A mustard compress gives good results for treating a sore throat. To prepare the product, you need to take the following components in equal volumes:

  • flour;
  • mustard;
  • honey in liquid form.

All ingredients are combined and thoroughly mixed together until a homogeneous mass is obtained. As a result, a dough-like mass comes out, which is kneaded and spread on the throat. The surface is wrapped with film to create a greenhouse effect. You need to keep this compress for one and a half to two hours, so it is not at all necessary to prepare the product overnight. With timely treatment, a compress makes it possible to cure a throat in one day.

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A compress of honey and cabbage will help effectively cure your throat. This is an effective remedy, since honey relieves pain, and cabbage stops the inflammatory process. Preparing such a remedy is extremely simple. An ordinary cabbage leaf is thickly coated with honey on one side, applied to the surface of the throat and covered with cellophane on top. It is better to keep such a compress longer, ideally to do it all night. Cabbage compress is absolutely safe for patients, including pregnant and nursing mothers. How to treat a sore throat while breastfeeding, read this article.

The second option for making this compress is to cut cabbage leaves and mix them with honey into a paste. The resulting mass is laid out on a bandage and fixed on the throat. Such compresses can be applied not at night, but can be worn during the day. You need to keep the cabbage on your throat for one and a half to two hours. Such compresses are done three to four times a day. Compresses with honey are used very carefully for allergy sufferers so as not to provoke an attack of the disease.

Allergy sufferers can replace the cabbage-honey procedure with an equally effective potato compress. With its help, you can also cure your throat and get rid of pain at home in record time. To prepare, you need to take two medium potatoes, boil them and grate them or mash them with a fork. Add one tablespoon of nine percent vinegar to the potato pulp.

The resulting mixture is spread on a bandage, covered with a bandage on top and placed on the surface of the throat of a sick person. The top of the compress is insulated with a scarf or cellophane. Keep the compress until the potato mass cools completely. It is recommended to carry out two or three such procedures per day.

How else to quickly cure a sore throat

There are many ways, recipes and techniques that will help you speed up your recovery.

  1. Inhalations.
    When we have a runny nose, we do inhalations and usually breathe through our nose so that the hot antiseptic vapors clear the nasal passages. In the case of a sore throat, we will breathe deeply through the mouth. It is best to use a nebulizer for inhalation, but if you don’t have one, you can carry out the procedure the old fashioned way. As a solution for inhalation, a decoction of potatoes, furatsilin diluted in water, a decoction of mint, chamomile and sage, and salt water are used.
  2. Massage.
    Place your hands in front of you with your palms facing outward and the back of your hands facing your face. Bring your hands to your throat and begin to move your fingers effectively, lightly tapping your throat. This light massage increases blood circulation in the tissues, accelerating their recovery.
  3. Hot foot baths.
    For a sore throat and a developing cold, steaming your feet is very effective. To do this, pour moderately hot water into a basin, add a little mustard there and lower your feet. As it cools, you need to add hot water to the container. You need to steam your feet for at least 20 minutes. After this, quickly dry your feet, apply iodine to your feet and put on woolen socks. These measures are most effective for a sore throat; they do not allow a person to get sick. But remember, pregnant women and patients with high fever should not hover their legs.
  4. Warming compresses.
    To prevent your throat from hurting, you need to warm it up. This helps relieve inflammation and reduce coughing, which is caused by a sore throat. You can use alcohol for a warm compress. Simply soak a piece of cloth in diluted alcohol and wrap it around your throat. Cover the top with a bag and warm up in this position for several hours. You can put on a honey-cabbage compress at night. To do this, one cabbage leaf needs to be rolled out with a rolling pin until soft, greased with honey and a compress applied to the throat. Place a bag on top so as not to stain anything, and tie the structure with a woolen scarf. In the morning, only memories will remain from the pain.
  5. Drink plenty of fluids.
    As noted, a sore throat in most cases is caused by a virus entering the body. To “wash” the virus from the body, you need to drink plenty of fluids. A sufficient amount of warm liquid will not only speed up the healing process, but will also relieve inflammation in the throat and reduce pain. It is best to drink tea with raspberries and lemon - they contain a lot of vitamin C. Rosehip decoction is very useful for colds. Linden tea with cranberries and rowan berries will help relieve a sore throat.

If you get caught in the rain, are chilled and cold, your throat is sore, and your head begins to pound from pain, then you are getting sick. To nip the disease in the bud and prevent yourself from getting sick, do the following. You need to steam your feet, or even better, warm up in a bath with hot water or steam in a sauna. After this, we dress warmly and put woolen socks on our feet. Add a good pinch of pepper to a glass of vodka and drink the contents in one gulp. That's it, now under the covers and sleep. After such manipulations, you will finally sweat. The main thing is not to get out from under the blanket. If a child is sick, replace the vodka with raspberry tea. As a rule, measures taken on time produce real results, and in the morning you will not remember your illness.

If you often suffer from a sore throat, you need to take care of the weak point of your body. Dress appropriately for the weather to avoid hypothermia. Avoid being in crowds of large numbers of people, especially if you are pregnant or have small children with you. Don't drink cold drinks - your throat will hurt instantly. Also, if you have a sore throat, you should limit your consumption of desserts - sweets increase inflammation of the mucous membrane. By following these simple rules, you can protect your throat from pain and soreness.

how to quickly get rid of a sore throat

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