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It is a mistake to believe that the inflammatory process in the throat and ligaments goes away on its own.
The viral form of pathology in adulthood can be treated at home with improvised means, however, due to the weakened functioning of the immune system without drug therapy, there is a high probability of infection. To know how to quickly cure laryngitis , you need to consult a doctor. Timely initiation of medication use and implementation of procedures after detection of initial symptoms will help prevent the risk of chronicity of the process and the formation of consequences.

Is it possible to cure laryngitis quickly and is it worth rushing?

Many patients wonder how to quickly cure laryngitis. The inflammatory process in the throat can have different origins, which is why the therapeutic technique and prognosis for recovery will vary. For example, if a patient loses his voice due to swelling and inflammation of the ligaments due to excessive tension, sometimes warm drinking and silence for 2 days will be sufficient. The allergic form of laryngitis can be eliminated in 2-3 days. For these purposes, it is necessary to prevent exposure to irritants and start using antihistamines. The disease, which arose due to frequent smoking or abuse of alcoholic beverages, is much more complicated.

It is possible to quickly get rid of laryngitis when the treatment is consistent and comprehensive. Thus, the body does not weaken, and the throat mucosa will be less susceptible to “attacks” of pathogenic microflora. When systemic and local therapy for the disease was not started in a timely manner, there can be no talk of a quick recovery. Even if there are no adverse consequences such as tracheitis and bronchitis, the pathological process will drag on for up to 10 days or more.

How to quickly cure a disease.

Traditional medicine: medicines for adults

For laryngitis in adults, antiseptic and antimicrobial drugs are prescribed. These include:

furatsilin – 2-3 tablets per glass of warm water. Gargle the sore throat with the resulting medicinal solution 3-5 times a day; chlorophyllipt – a teaspoon of the drug in a glass of warm water; iodine - add a few drops to a glass of water, mix well and rinse 3 times a day. An alternative is iodinol.

The drugs are used only for gargling for laryngitis, avoiding ingestion in large quantities.

Treatment with drugs

Laryngitis, the treatment of which must be complex in domestic conditions, requires the use of the following medication groups:

  • antiviral (Anaferon, Lavomax);
  • antimicrobial agents (Augmentin, Flemoxin);
  • antitussives (Sinekod, Panatus);
  • expectorants (Prospan, Gedelix);
  • mucolytic (Ambrobene);
  • antihistamines (Tavegil, Loratadine);
  • antipyretics (Paracetamol, Nurofen, Nimesil);
  • antiseptic (Hexoral, Tantum Verde, Chlorophyllipt).

The choice of medications, dose and duration of treatment are determined by the doctor. Even when the patient decides to carry out therapy on his own, it is advisable to discuss treatment with a specialist.

Drug treatment.

Treatment of the disease at home

Treatment for laryngitis does not require hospitalization and is carried out at home. An exception would be severe chronic laryngitis, which requires prolonged hospital treatment. It is extremely important to carry out timely diagnosis of the pathological process. When initial symptoms of the disease appear, you should seek advice from a specialist.

Drink plenty of fluids

During laryngitis, you need to drink at least 2 liters of fluid per day. It can be alkaline water, compote, fruit drink, rosehip decoction. It is permissible to use milk warm, adding honey and butter.

Among patients whose professions involve increased tension on the vocal cords, recipes for healing drinking mixtures are widespread to quickly restore the functioning of the cords. The drinking regime during illness should be plentiful. All medications should be taken in small sips. It is possible to eliminate the pathology with the help of Borjomi, milk and sage.

Reducing unpleasant symptoms is possible with the help of herbal tea with honey, raspberries, plantain and honey. To restore your voice, you need to drink this tincture every hour: half a glass of anise seeds is boiled in 1 tbsp. water (0.2 l), 1 l is added to the solution. cognac and 2 l. honey An effective therapeutic method is considered to be milk with boiled carrots (take a small carrot per 0.5 liter). The product is taken 3 times a day, 4-5 tsp. Carrot or beet juice with honey has proven itself to be excellent.

Drink plenty of fluids.


Gargling helps eliminate pain during inflammation of the throat mucosa, get rid of swelling and pathogenic microflora. This is done with medications purchased at a pharmacy or traditional therapy.

Such manipulation for therapy may be carried out every 3-4 hours. Only regular rinsing will help eliminate the inflammatory process in the shortest possible time. The following combinations of medications are used:

  • St. John's wort, calendula and chamomile flowers in equal proportions;
  • 1 tsp. elderberry, coltsfoot, golden mustache per 0.25 liters of water;
  • apple cider vinegar, which is mixed with honey in proportions of 3 to 2 and diluted in 1 liter of water;
  • a few drops of iodine, 1 tsp. sea ​​salt, half tsp. soda per 1 liter of water.

Vegetable juice, sea buckthorn oil, and strong tea are used to gargle at home.

Irrigation of the pharynx.


A compress can have a local warming effect during laryngitis, which has a vasodilating effect and activates blood flow. Such a simple procedure quickly eliminates the unpleasant symptoms of the pathological process and returns the voice.

The compress is applied to the throat or chest area. To prepare a bandage, you need to take a bandage or a piece of gauze that is soaked in alcohol, vodka, oil solutions or other medicines. A damp cloth is applied to the skin, wrapped in oilcloth and insulated on top with a scarf. The size is selected 2 cm wider than the gauze itself.

Treatment of the disease is carried out from 4 to 8 hours with an interval of 2 hours. When the compress is removed, you should not rush to go outside. In addition, it is necessary to insulate the throat. If irritation occurs in the treated area, you should treat the skin with moisturizer or Vaseline at night.

The compress, which is applied to the chest, uses heated vegetable oil or animal fats. These dressings can be left on overnight. Hyperthermia will be a contraindication to the use of compresses.


Mustard plasters

Such products have a local reflex effect, warming the skin, promoting irritation of nerve endings through the release of oils. Blood flow and metabolic processes will increase in the treated area.

Mustard plasters are considered the first remedy in the presence of a disease, reducing pain in the throat, relieving the inflammatory process, eliminating an attack of dry cough. The mustard plaster is placed directly on the anterior part of the cervical spine for a quarter of an hour. It is permissible to place mustard plasters on the heels and chest to quickly get rid of the “barking” cough.

After treatment, you need to wipe the skin with a dry cloth, lubricate it with a moisturizer, herbal oil and wrap yourself under a blanket. It is forbidden to be in a draft.

The main contraindication to the use of mustard plasters will be hyperthermia. During the installation of these therapeutic agents, it is necessary to avoid the area of ​​the heart, mammary glands and damaged areas of the skin. Therapy of the pathological process with mustard plasters in childhood is possible from the age of 3 for a short period of time, in consultation with a specialist.

Mustard plasters.

Therapeutic baths

Such a therapeutic technique at home helps eliminate local symptoms of the disease, as well as quickly improve the patient’s general well-being. By taking a bath, you can relax the body, remove toxic substances, and also ease the course of the disease by inhaling the steam. Treatment of the disease is carried out through conventional or foot baths:

  • Full bath. 1 liter of herbal infusion is poured into a bathtub with warm water (approximately 40 degrees). Sea salt has a positive effect on overall well-being (you need to dissolve 4-5 liters in water). The advantage of such manipulation is that in addition to general warming of the body, during manipulation, vapors of medicinal plants penetrate into the respiratory tract, directly affecting the inflammatory focus. At the end of the bath (approximate duration is 15 minutes), you need to dry yourself, wrap yourself up properly, put on warm socks and wrap a warm scarf around your throat.
  • Foot bath. To carry out this manipulation, you need to pour hot water (from 40 degrees) into a basin and add a small amount of salt, soda or mustard. When taking a bath, you need to maintain the temperature by regularly adding hot water. At the end of the manipulation, you need to put on warm socks. It is optimal to carry out the procedure at night.

Therapeutic baths.

What are the dangers of home treatment?

Therapy for laryngitis should be comprehensive, which will be the key to a speedy recovery. Traditional medicine offers a large number of recipes for inflammatory processes in the throat and ligaments, which can be used to complement conservative therapy. It must be remembered that it is necessary to counteract the disease with home remedies in consultation with a doctor, otherwise the risk of worsening the general situation increases. The use of various medicinal herbs has a number of contraindications and side effects, therefore it should be carried out with extreme caution, taking into account the individual characteristics of the body and the age of the patient.


Voice and communication with its help are the basis for most people to communicate with the world. One of the brightest tools that can express our uniqueness and differences from others. The reasons why we may lose our voice for a while are very different. These include frequent colds, bad habits, improper handling, etc. Here we will consider one of the main causes - laryngitis and methods of treatment. So, what should you resort to if such an illness occurs?


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