How to get sick quickly at home in 5 minutes

A person must study, work, constantly do something. But what to do when you really want to relax, but there is no opportunity for this. Yes, sometimes the hustle and bustle of everyday life can really push you into a corner. Are you a schoolboy? Student? Worker? Doesn't matter! Everyone has the right to rest. There can be no exceptions.

Weekends are a good thing, but very often there are not enough of them (and some people work or study without them). Vacation? Yes, it's really good. But it’s not always possible to take it. What to do if your soul requires rest? First of all, you need to think about how to quickly get a cold. The question is simple, complex, and very interesting at the same time. Surely everyone knows how to cause a runny nose, but not everyone knows how to achieve a high temperature. We advise everyone who is curious to read this article to the end.

What to do to catch a cold

Let's first talk about what usually saves us from all sorts of As you already understand, we are talking about His Majesty's immunity. People with a good defense system rarely get sick. Of course, this is very good. Those who have a weak immune system are forced to spend a lot of time on sick leave. How can someone whose body easily overcomes any infection get sick quickly? Yes, the question is really not an easy one. But still, let's look at the essence of the problem.

It is necessary to undermine the immune system in advance. No, no one is telling you to do something that will ruin your health, we are talking about something completely different. We recommend not eating vegetables and fruits, moving less, and spending more time at home. Over time, the immune system will weaken, and the body will be less able to cope with cold viruses. Half the battle is done.

Now let's move on to the question of how to quickly get sick, but we will no longer place any emphasis on the body's defense system.

There are a lot of tricks here. You can use individual techniques, or all at once. The main thing is not to overdo it and not harm yourself.

How to get a cold quickly:

1) Ice cream is also in Africa... We are talking not only about ice cream, but also about cold drinks. Place a bottle of milk, for example, in the freezer. Wait a certain time, and then go naked outside (balcony) and drink in one gulp. A sore throat is guaranteed. This procedure will lead to sore throat. What about temperature? It is quite possible, but this symptom will not appear immediately, but only after a few days. In principle, there is no guarantee.

2)Have you ever noticed that it is very easy to catch a cold in the summer? It's all about drafts. You are walking along a sunny street. You feel hot. We went into the shade. It was cold! Here's a cold for you. In summer, as a rule, all the windows in the rooms are open, which means that drafts are not so easy to avoid. Draft is a faithful companion for those who are thinking about how to quickly catch a cold. I think everyone knows how to quickly organize it.

3) The air conditioner is multifunctional. Sitting under this household device is a reliable way to catch a cold. This should be known not only to those who want to get sick, but also to those who try in every possible way to avoid it. A truly insidious device!

4) Raw feet. Getting wet to the skin is nonsense, getting your feet wet is a disaster. That's how we are made. Yes, wandering around in puddles is another easy way to catch a cold. All that remains is to wait for good rain.

5) It’s cold here. Walking in cold weather in a thin shirt is also effective. The result will be especially good if the body is not accustomed to the cold. That is, the only person who will probably catch a cold is the one who dressed warmly all the time, but suddenly, for no apparent reason, went out into the cold undressed. In this case, it will be very, very difficult for those who are seasoned.

The methods listed above can really help someone who wants to get sick for one reason or another. Don't overdo it and you'll be fine.

From time to time, rest becomes simply necessary, but management and those around you do not understand this. The bustle of everyday life drags on and does not allow a person to breathe freely; there are always plenty of problems and things to do. Strange as it may seem, their solution only contributes to the formation of new ones. From time to time, the thought flashes through everyone’s head that it’s not so bad to sit at home watching TV, wrapping your body in a blanket and drinking tea with honey. And to this little paradise on earth there is only one step - a cold! Each of us has been sick more than once, but not everyone knows how to get a cold. In fact, there are no special difficulties or tricks here - everything is as simple as day. If you want, you can get sick instantly. The main thing is not to walk around afterwards, as 30% of Russians do.

Almost none of the people not associated with medicine see any differences between acute respiratory infections and acute respiratory viral infections, but it is worth noting the fact that a standard cold implies a consequence of the most common hypothermia. The fact is that in the body of even the healthiest person there are constantly many opportunistic bacteria. Hypothermia is the very stress that motivates them to activity.

Harmful tips on how to quickly get a cold with fever

If you plan your illness in advance, 2-3 days before the required moment, the following methods will “help” you:

  1. Dress lightly before going out when it is windy and cold outside.
  2. Wear waterproof shoes when it rains and walk around in the puddles. Do not take an umbrella under any circumstances - you will get wet.
  3. Sit in exposed drafts and cold surfaces without trying to keep warm with layers of clothing.
  4. Walk barefoot and without socks on the cold floor at home.
  5. If there is sun and cool air outside, dress very warmly, take a walk, sweat and unbutton your jacket - let the fresh breeze blow through.
  6. Go to visit a sick relative, colleague, friend without protective equipment (gauze mask, shoe covers). Sit next to him, drink water from his cup, shake his hand and scratch your nose afterwards. When you come home, don’t wash your hands, but take an apple or a piece of bread with them and eat it.
  7. Invite neighbors or friends with a runny nose or cough and do not ventilate the room so as not to “scare away” the accumulated viruses.
  8. To enhance the effect and create favorable conditions for viruses, warm up the apartment thoroughly with electrical appliances. This will dry the air and get rid of moisture that is harmful to viruses.
  9. To weaken your immune system, stop eating onions, garlic, and fruits. Eat food low in vitamins and nutrients, smoke, drink alcoholic beverages. Thanks to such actions, a cold will not be long in coming, and with it will come a whole cart of diseases, aggravated against the backdrop of a weakened immune system.

How to get really sick in 5 minutes at home: TOP-30 ways

Schoolchildren are required to attend school, but sometimes a break is needed. Therefore, we will tell you how to get sick in 5 minutes. This can be done at home, but be prepared for complications. Sometimes catching a disease for real is not the best way out of the situation. Nevertheless, we offer effective methods for implementing our plans.

The best ways to get sick for real in 5 minutes

If you have thought it over and decided to get sick, use one of the options below.

No. 1. Create a draft

For people with a naturally weak immune system, it will not be difficult to catch a cold after sitting in a draft. Open the doors and windows wide, make yourself comfortable in a light T-shirt in front of the TV. After a couple of hours you will notice the first deterioration.

No. 2. Turn on the split system

If there is no possibility of a draft, turn on the air conditioner. Set the temperature low to feel the cold. Sit under the air flow to freeze. After a few hours, you will feel a sore throat, nasal congestion and other symptoms. Do not sit under the air conditioner for more than 15 minutes.

No. 3. Take a shower and go out onto the balcony

Since you can get sick in 5 minutes at home, let's look at how to do it for real. All you need is to warm up in the bath or shower, dress lightly (T-shirt, shorts) and stand on the balcony in the cold.

No. 4. Consume chilled milk

At best, you will only get a cold in your throat, at worst, you will end up with a sore throat. Pour milk from the refrigerator into a glass, drink it in medium sips, without warming your mouth. This technique works much faster than if you drank any other liquid (juice, water, etc.).

No. 5. Get your feet wet

It is necessary to keep your feet warm, as you can easily get sick for a week with a fever. If this is your goal, then get your feet wet in cold puddles. Walk for another 20 minutes and return home.

No. 6. Swallow crushed ice

Take a small glass (50-100 ml), pour cold water into it halfway. Fill the rest with crushed ice. Consume the contents in one gulp. The body will instantly become hypothermic, and a cold will not be long in coming.

No. 7. Get sweaty and stand in the wind

This option is suitable for people who play sports. You need to sweat 5 minutes before you get sick. Do intense exercise at home or at the gym. Next, go out into the wind, stand hot until it cools down. It's very easy to make things really worse with this method, but don't overdo it.

No. 8. Cool off in the shower

If you don’t specifically harden yourself, then you’ll get sick the first time you take a cold shower. The duration of the procedure is 5 minutes, no more. Dry yourself, go out onto the loggia or balcony for another 3 minutes.

No. 9. Drink ice water

This variation is suitable for schoolchildren with a weakened immune system and a sensitive throat. Take half a glass of water, add ice cubes and drink the “miracle cocktail”. As an alternative to water, you can take compote or fruit drink.

No. 10. Go outside with wet hair

It’s risky, because getting sick and lying down with a temperature of 38 for a whole week using this method is extremely dangerous. The likelihood of catching meningitis increases significantly. If you are ready to take a risk, then after a shower, do not dry your hair, go for a 5-minute walk.

No. 11. Don't dress for the weather

During the cold season, it is enough to throw on a jacket instead of a down jacket, and also leave the throat open. For a better effect, instead of warm shoes, you can dress up in sneakers and freeze. Due to hypothermia, the effect will appear soon.

No. 12. Take a swim in the ice hole

The method is designed for people who are at least a little prepared. In all other cases, diving into an ice hole can lead to severe spasm of the blood channels and even death.

No. 13. Eat some ice cream

Before you get sick, you need to eat a large ice cream within a maximum of 5 minutes. It can be eaten at home or outside in snowy weather. This way it really won't be difficult to catch a cold.

No. 14. Eat a cooling candy

Buy any sucking candy. For example, “Rondo”, “Mentos”, “Holls”, etc. Dissolve while standing in the frosty air. Then breathe frequently through your mouth to cool your throat. The discomfort will appear after an hour.

No. 15. Take a bath and drink a cold drink

Take hot water and steam thoroughly. After you leave the bathroom, drink a glass of ice water in one gulp.

No. 16. Breathe the icy air

If the heat outside is unbearably hot, open the freezer and start breathing deeply and intensely. The cold air will then do everything for you.

No. 17. Take a walk in winter without a hat

This is not the best way to catch a cold. If you have a strong immune system, nothing will happen to you. Otherwise, you can get a fairly serious disease in the form of meningitis.

No. 18. Exercise outside in the cold

Since it’s easy to get sick in 5 minutes, let’s explore another option at home. Change into light clothes, and then actively exercise outside. You'll get a real cold after it cools down.

No. 19. Walk barefoot on a cold floor

If you live in a private house and the floor is tiled, this method should help. In winter, get your feet wet and wander around the house.

No. 20. Get a virus

If one of your friends is already sick, go visit and spend a few hours with the sick person. Drink water from a shared bottle or mug. Virus infection is guaranteed.

No. 21. Sit on a windowsill with an open window in winter

If you really want to know how to get sick for 2 weeks, open a window in winter and sit on the windowsill. Allow about half an hour or even more for gatherings.

No. 22. Wet your feet and socks

When going for a walk in winter, wet your socks with cold water. Walk in the cold for a few hours. When you arrive home, you will experience a sore throat, cough, and nasal congestion.

No. 23. Drink a milkshake

Drink any ice-cold drink quickly in large sips. For example, a milkshake. Cold has a negative effect on the throat. The disease will not take long to develop.

No. 24. Take a ride on the bus

To understand how to get sick in 5 minutes, just drive with the window open in a vehicle. At home, the malaise will really manifest itself, even if you were driving home from work in the hot summer.

No. 25. Stand under the air conditioner with wet hair

Take a bath or take a hot shower, stand under the air conditioner. As a result, you will experience severe hypothermia and become ill for a long time.

No. 26. Open the windows before bed

Open the windows or leave the fan/air conditioner on overnight. The next morning you will wake up with a cold. Under no circumstances do this in winter, you may get a serious illness that will lead to irreversible consequences.

No. 27. Stay in the sun for a long time in summer

Lay under the scorching sun for half an hour, then jump into the spring water. From such hypothermia you will feel unwell by the evening.

No. 28. Inhale black pepper

If you just want to fake a cold, gently inhale freshly ground black pepper. Such dust will cause prolonged lacrimation and sneezing.

No. 29. Eat sugar with iodine

To significantly raise your body temperature, add 1 drop of iodine to a teaspoon of sugar. It is forbidden to resort to such an experiment if you have heart problems.

How to get a cold with a fever overnight?

If you need a quick surgical treatment that will prevent you from getting out of bed in the morning, you can follow the following “recommendations”:

  1. Take a hot shower, steam in the bath and open the windows in your apartment, creating a draft. You need to sit on it until it freezes. Don't overdo it, otherwise you'll get pneumonia.
  2. If it's cool outside, wet your head and with damp hair go for a walk or breathe fresh air on the balcony. Beware of the cold and especially frost. This “procedure” is fraught with meningitis and other serious life-threatening consequences.
  3. After intense physical activity, having worked up a good sweat, go for a run in wet or thin clothing.
  4. For a cough and red throat, drink hot tea, then chew ice cubes and eat ice cream. The main thing is not to overdo it and not lead to a serious sore throat with chronic consequences in the form of pharyngitis. You can also have a good smoke or breathe in the smoke of burnt leaves, which can lead to intoxication of the body, nausea, and vomiting.
  5. Sit under the cold air from the air conditioner while drinking something cold. You can eat a few aggressive mints or chew menthol gum.
  6. Soak your feet in a cold bath until they freeze. This method will cause all the symptoms of a cold: red throat, runny nose, fever. There is also a possibility of pneumonia and sore throat.

Dress appropriately for the weather: do not wear warm clothes in cold weather

Getting sick for a week at home

There is a huge amount of advice on how to quickly get sick. And they are very effective. But remember, if you still manage to get sick using the information in our article, start treatment immediately.

  • Wash your hair and go outside for a walk - most likely you have a cold, but it could also be meningitis, that is, inflammation of the membranes of the brain - a very serious disease.
  • To get a severe and difficult-to-treat cough, you need to set fire to plastic and breathe in the fumes - you will get a temperature of up to 39 degrees and gas poisoning - and it’s not far from the grave.
  • Engage in vigorous physical activity for a period of time long enough to break a sweat. After this, you can go out into the cold for a while in the same clothes - you will get a cold, flu, some kind of inflammation, etc.
  • A method similar to the previous one - after a shower, go outside while steaming - similar consequences.
  • You can get poisoned in a variety of ways, for example, by drinking stale cherry juice - stomach poisoning, ulcers, gastritis and a lot of problems are guaranteed for you.
  • There is a cunning way to deceive the doctor. Drink two or three cups of coffee, then call your doctor home, stating that you have high blood pressure. Doctors are careful people. They will probably prescribe you a week and a half of rest from classes. But remember, this amount of coffee can seriously damage your heart.
  • Let's return again to cooling procedures. Eat ice cream, then chew strong mint gum, and eat ice cream again - you are guaranteed the effect of a red sore throat.
  • Don't do anything to your body. Just press the thermometer to the battery and the temperature itself will gladly rise to the top. Lying to your loved ones is the worst thing you can do.
  • Quite a well-known technique. Place a drop of iodine on a piece of sugar and eat it. The result is a high temperature, with which you can end up in intensive care.
  • In the cold, take 50-60 large breaths. The minimum is a red sore throat. The maximum is death from pneumonia.
  • Sleep at night with the window open and in a draft. In the morning - symptoms of a cold.
  • Take a regular pencil and remove some lead from it. Eat the stylus. After a while you will feel a temperature of up to forty degrees and quickly go to the intensive care unit.
  • You can swim in any body of water. Preferably during the cold season. Or just at night. You can imagine the result.
  • Some people recommend eating persimmons with milk. The results are unknown, but I believe they are more than disastrous.
  • Try to get infected with a virus. There are probably a couple of people around you who are suffering from something like the flu. Ask them to sneeze on you. Flu is a very dangerous disease, since complications after it are completely unpredictable.

It's no secret that jokes with health usually end very unpleasantly. If you don’t know how to get sick in 5 minutes for a week, then don’t even find out. You don't want to deal with what's in front of you - state it directly and openly. Your body does not have to tolerate stupid actions on the part of your immature mind. Remember! Health is the only real thing we have. The rest is an illusion.

«If you can't find time to rest, you'll soon have to find time to heal.

." (John Wainmaker)

I write about how to fake an illness or how to get really sick. I hope these tips will help you solve your problems and you will not try to cause a real illness. I hope you avoid these tips and never get sick.

Symptoms of an illness are mainly signs of how the immune system is fighting infection. Typically, immunity is activated only 3-4 days after the infection enters the body. Therefore, if you want to get sick quickly at home, you are better off faking the illness.

How to get sick when your parents are at home so your mother will believe you

  1. Start simulating as early as possible. The longer you pretend, the sooner your parents will believe you.
      It’s better to start complaining about feeling unwell (headache, stomach pain, feeling unwell) the day before. The ideal time is after lunch. At the latest – 18:30
  2. Only fake symptoms that you know. Have you been sick before? Have any of your relatives been sick recently? Just fake these symptoms
  3. The first sign of a fever or cold is pink cheeks. Slap your palms on your cheeks or rub them
  4. You should look tired, sad
  5. Stop doing what you love. This is a must! For example, if you refuse to play on the computer, your parents will immediately think that you are sick
      Be sure to leave at least some food on your plate. Show that you have no appetite and will not eat even your favorite dish
  6. Avoid meeting friends or going out
  7. Avoid TV or computer games
  8. Lie down, show that you are very tired
  9. Start doing your homework, but don't finish it. This will show that you really, really want to study, but you can’t because of your illness.
  10. Go to bed earlier than usual. This will greatly alarm parents and they will begin to worry.
      Don't brush your teeth or get ready for bed, just go and go to bed
  11. It will be best if you fall asleep dressed on the bed or right at the table
  12. Wake up in the middle of the night. Wake up your parents and tell them you don't feel well. Your stomach and head hurt.
      Fake vomiting, at least a little. Go to the toilet and put two fingers in your mouth, close to your throat, to trigger the gag reflex.
  13. Pull your lower eyelid firmly down and hold it in this position until tears appear in your eyes.
  14. Don't forget to rub your face, especially your cheeks, to keep them red
  15. You can fake a cough, but it's dangerous. If you are faking a cough, you need to do it very, very regularly, but not too much
  16. Don't stay up until the morning anymore. Then in the morning you will look sick - bags under the eyes, headache, sleepy, watery eyes
  17. Don't ask your parents to leave you at home until the last minute! Try to lead them to this idea. You need your parents to invite you to stay at home.

How to get sick in 5 minutes if your parents are at home and don't go to school

No known disease manifests itself so quickly, in five minutes. Therefore, it is better to feign injury rather than illness. Then your mother will be more likely to believe you and leave you at home and not let you go to school. There are two types of injuries that are easier and simpler to simulate:

  • Ankle sprain
  • Head injury

To fake a sprained ankle:

  1. Make sure your parents can't see you.
  2. Simulate a fall. Remember - your leg twisted, your foot went up and your lateral ligaments were stretched. Be sure to scream and fall to the floor.
  3. Remember - your ankle now hurts a lot. You can't stand on it and you can't walk at all.
  4. Every step you take should feel painful.
  5. Show your tears. Just pull the lower eyelid down strongly and hold it in this position - tears will appear.
  6. A mild sprain has no visual signs at all and the leg appears healthy. Moderate stretching is accompanied by redness. And only in severe cases does the leg swell. There is no need to feign a severe degree - it is treated by an orthopedic doctor. And the doctor will immediately determine that you are faking it.
  7. You may want to constantly rub your ankle until it becomes red. But just do it so that mom doesn’t see. After all, with a real sprain, the leg hurts very much, it is impossible to touch it.
  8. Be sure to limp very hard and do not step on the “injured leg.”
  9. Each movement should be accompanied by a slight groan, sob or other manifestation of pain.
  10. Show that you're really hurting by giving up some of your favorite things. For example, lie on the bed rather than sit at the computer. This will be the strongest argument for parents.

To simulate a headbutt you need to:

  1. Make sure your parents can't see you
  2. Pretend you fell or hit your head on the door
  3. Fall or squat on the floor
  4. cry
  5. You now constantly feel dizzy and have a headache
  6. Don't forget exactly where you "hit"
  7. Pretend vomiting or nausea
  8. Refuse food
  9. Lie down and do nothing. No computer or friends, otherwise my parents will understand everything
  10. Don't be afraid if you are taken to a doctor. Keep saying the same thing over and over again - you feel sore and dizzy, you feel nauseous and really want to lie down. Most likely, the doctor will tell you that you have a mild concussion and that you need to lie in bed for a couple of days.

How to get sick overnight if your parents are at home

The easiest way is to stay awake all night until the morning. Then you will look like a clearly sick and sleepy person and you won’t have to pretend anything. Even if your parents send you to school, immediately complain to the teacher that you are feeling unwell and ask to see a doctor/nurse. When the doctor looks at you, he will see strange symptoms and send you home. The doctor or nurse simply will not want to take responsibility.

The easiest and safest way to go to the hospital is to give yourself severe diarrhea (diarrhea). Diarrhea is a symptom of many serious infectious diseases. But remember - diarrhea must be really strong, causeless and frequent. You have to tell everyone that you didn’t eat anything unusual, that the portion size was also normal, but now, out of the blue, you started having severe and frequent diarrhea. At the same time, do not forget to drink a lot of liquid. Otherwise, you will cause dehydration and cause serious injury to yourself. If your parents send you to school despite severe diarrhea, do not be afraid. It's even easier to fake diarrhea there. Ask the teacher to go to the toilet several times in a row. Complain about severe discomfort - you feel nauseous, your stomach hurts, you constantly want to go to the toilet. The teacher or school doctor will not want to take responsibility and will send you home or call an ambulance and send you to the hospital.

How to get sick in 1 hour - how to cause diarrhea or diarrhea:

  • Eat plenty of fiber-rich foods - fruits, vegetables, greens
  • Eat a lot of citrus fruits - tangerines, oranges, grapefruits
  • Eat a lot of prunes
  • Drink oil - olive, sunflower or flaxseed
  • Drink or eat as many fermented milk products as possible - yoghurts, kefir, fermented baked milk
  • Take a laxative, but don't overdo it

How to get sick with the flu quickly at home?

First you need to know that the flu is a viral infection that does not appear in the body from hypothermia or any special actions.

We also recommend: Colds, runny nose and sneezing without fever

You can get sick with it in the autumn-spring period, which is favorable for the development and spread of viruses, during epidemics, from a sick person.

Influenza is transmitted by airborne droplets and contact.

Therefore, if you are wondering how to get the flu at home, an infected neighbor or friend will come to the rescue (if the high temperature allows him to do this).

You can visit him yourself: sit next to him; take a deep breath in the virus-laden air in his room; When leaving, kiss him goodbye to seal the result.

Crowded places will also help find the virus. Ride on crowded public transport, sit in line at a clinic, go to the market, supermarket or cinema during an outbreak of the disease. Don’t forget to breathe deeply, maybe with your mouth open.

To become infected, be around crowds of people more often during an epidemic.

An action plan is already half the battle

It’s unlikely that the question “how to get sick quickly and realistically?” appeared in my head with the ringing of the alarm clock. Such thoughts haunt me for a long time. The mistake is that the cunning man only suffers, but does not think through his plan. But the Chinese, for example, knew that fresh tea could not poison the enemy.

To get sick in 5 minutes, you need to prepare for this at least a day. First of all, you need to answer a few questions:

  • How long does the illness last, or is school so terrible that it’s worse than any disability?
  • Do you need a real illness with ambulance and resuscitation, or is it enough to just feign an illness and rely on your acting abilities?

Before you get sick with a cold or anything else, you need to prepare your household for a grand event in the evening. Cough, moan, sit less at the computer, complain about headaches and body aches. You need to try very hard to make the parents believe that the child was broken by the evening and could become fully ill overnight. When a control test coincides with an unexpected illness, it is always suspicious and raises many questions.

And if you have no acting talent at all, you can pretend to be a good friend of your sick classmate. By visiting him every day, you can quickly become infected, especially if the sufferer has the flu. You need to hug the poor fellow, try to catch his every sneeze, drink from his mug. This will solve the problem of how to get the flu quickly.

How to get sick in the summer?

What to do if you need a cold in the summer?

Nothing could be easier!

In hot weather, it is easy to arrange a temperature difference that will cause disruption to any organism.

  1. After a hot walk in the sun, drink a cold mineral water, eat ice cream, take a dip in an unheated river or spring.
  2. You can go for a run and take an ice-cold shower.
  3. Your best friend when dealing with a cold is air conditioning. Cool down thoroughly under it, then go out into the hot street, warm up properly and return to the cooled room again. Do this several times.
  4. If you have a car, drive it with the windows wide open, creating drafts in the cabin.
  5. Swim in your local pond until your lips and fingers turn blue.

How to get sick quickly in winter with a fever?

It doesn’t take much effort to get sick in winter. Indeed, during this period the body is weakened and experiences vitamin deficiency, and the incidence of morbidity in the population increases. In educational institutions and in transport, the infection spreads most quickly.

To get sick in winter in a non-educational institution:

  • you need to throw snow on yourself by the collar, while your body should be hot. It is advisable to do this after a run.
  • go outside without a hat with wet hair or immediately after a bath, lightly dressed. A cold is guaranteed, just take care of your ears. If you get a cold in your middle ear, you will have to spend about a month in the hospital.
  • You can eat ice and snow cubes. By the way, there are a lot of microorganisms in the snow from the street. You are guaranteed to have a sore throat and subsequently your temperature will rise.
  • if you have geranium at home. Take a geranium leaf and rub the nasal mucosa thoroughly. The nose will become red, a runny nose will begin, you can do the same with pepper. The simulation of the disease will be successful. But this is provided that you are not allergic to these ingredients.
  • Eat mint candies and immediately begin to frequently inhale cold air. You will see the result in a couple of hours.

Imaginary patient

All of these methods pose a threat to health and life.

But there are times when “you need to get sick,” but you don’t want to get sick at all. You just need to convince others of your illness.

Sometimes it's better to pretend to be sick than to actually be sick

To this end, smell the pepper and sneeze, for your health, feign a cold!

In addition, your eyes will begin to water, like a sick person. Not only is it impossible to get sick from pepper, it will also prevent various respiratory diseases.

Before measuring the temperature, generously rub your armpits with salt, mustard or “Star” balm. The degree will rise by 1-2 units. Burning and irritation will appear on the delicate skin under your hands. For the same purpose, hold the thermometer over the battery or rub it on your clothes. At the same time, keep an eye on his readings, as it is easy to overdo it. To make your throat red before the examination, you can eat brightly colored candies. The main thing is not to forget to wash your tongue.

Do not use methods such as drinking sugar with a drop of iodine, eating stylus, etc. No joke, they can put you in intensive care!

How to get sick with a fever, how to raise your body temperature

High temperature is considered the surest symptom of the disease, so it is best to imitate it.

Take a towel and soak it in hot water. Place the towel on your forehead for 1 minute. Then show yourself to your parents and complain about your high temperature. Your forehead will turn slightly red and feel hot. Just remember to make sure your forehead is dry, otherwise they'll know you're cheating.

Under your shirt, wear things that do not allow heat to pass through. It could be:

  • Wool clothes
  • Nylon underwear
  • Thick silk linen

Go to bed with this under the blanket and lie there for about 30 minutes. Then you can go to your parents and complain about the high temperature.

The easiest way to raise your body temperature is by drinking or eating hot foods. It could be soup, tea, porridge. All types of hot peppers also increase the temperature - chili, tabasco, jalapeno. Consume more spicy and hot foods and your body temperature will rise.

  • Temperature in the mouth is one degree higher than in the armpit
  • The temperature in the rectum is two degrees higher than in the armpit

"Pros and cons"

The reason pushing for the sacrifice in the form of health does not matter.

Any disease is stress for the body, do not forget about it.

Treatment is necessary in any case, and this is a waste of energy, time and financial costs.

In the process of creating a disease, you need to be careful not to “overdo it.” No one knows how the body will react to such experiments, how it will survive the disease.

Will “playing sick” lead to chronic forms of the disease? Will they develop into more severe diseases?

In fact, there is nothing pleasant about a cold

A lethargic state, headache, runny nose, fever and other symptoms of illness are unlikely to give you the opportunity to relax and take a break from everyday work.

And the disease can result in unpredictable consequences.

Be vigilant and do not test your immunity for strength.

How to quickly get a sore throat?

What is a sore throat?

This is an unusual inflammation of the throat. Sore throat is contracted through contact with a sick person. Transmitted by airborne droplets. With angina, the tonsils are predominantly affected. This disease is acute. Caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi, possibly as a complication after the underlying disease. Angina also has another name - acute tonsillitis. Most often, strep throat is caused by streptococci. It can develop in just a couple of hours.

Signs of a sore throat:

  • high temperature begins 38 - 39 degrees
  • headache
  • acute sore throat, swollen lymph nodes
  • swelling of the larynx
  • plaque on the tonsils
  • hoarseness of voice

It is important to isolate the patient. But if your goal is to get a sore throat, then you should eat from his plate or he will sneeze on you. You will pick it up very quickly. Treatment of sore throat is only with antibacterial therapy. If treated incorrectly, it causes complications such as rheumatism, pyelonephritis, meningitis, and otitis media. The most serious complication is sepsis (blood poisoning). Possible death.

How to quickly get sick at school?

There are no particular difficulties in getting sick at school. In rooms that are poorly ventilated, there is a lot of infection. If one person in the class gets sick, the chance for others to catch the infection increases. Yes, if it is constantly blowing from the windows.

  • you need to have a good run during recess, and then sit near the window in light clothes.
  • If you drink a lot of coffee, your heart rate will increase, your blood pressure will increase, and you will be guaranteed sick leave for the day.
  • During a chemistry lesson, you accidentally spill a reagent containing acid on yourself.
  • during a labor lesson, injure your finger or accidentally pour boiling water on yourself.

Sick leave is guaranteed for several days. Just don't overdo it. We do everything carefully and thoughtfully. Simulation also helps, bandage your healthy hand and you will not be able to write in class, supposedly an injury has occurred.

How to quickly get chickenpox?

Chickenpox is transmitted by airborne droplets. This is a childhood disease, because it is mainly suffered by children at an early age. Immunity, after suffering from the disease, remains for life. A person can only get sick if he was not sick in childhood. Chickenpox is caused by the herpes zostor virus. It spreads quickly in enclosed spaces and dies quickly in open areas. Easily reaches the mucous membranes of the body. A sick person is considered contagious three days before the rash, during the rash period. After the last papule has popped up, the period of contagiousness passes. The incubation period of this disease is 21 days.

With rashes, the patient feels:

  • temperature increase
  • headache
  • terrible itching.
  • rashes all over the body and mucous membranes
  • general malaise

Papules should not be scratched; this can lead to scars that do not resolve. There are even rashes on the mucous membranes of the eyes. They smear Zelenka in order to find out when the last papule popped up, in order to understand that the patient is on the mend. The contents of the papule are watery; if you scratch it, other rashes will pop out around it. During this period, water treatments are strictly prohibited. Chickenpox usually resolves without complications. Repeated cases do occur, but very rarely.

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