Which Remo-Vax is better in the form of a spray or drops?

Pharmacological action of Remo Vax

According to the instructions, Remo wax helps dissolve earwax (the secretion of the glands of the external auditory canal). Typically, earwax is removed on its own through chewing. Under certain conditions (irritation of the ear canal by dust, water, headphones, earplugs; sudden climate change; skin diseases), the secretion of sulfur increases many times, accumulates and can form a sulfur plug. In turn, sulfur plug leads to hearing loss, headaches, and nausea.

Remo wax does not contain aggressive components or antibacterial drugs, so it can be used in children from birth. The lanolin, mink oil, and allantoin included in its composition promote the separation of keratinized cells of the ear canal, narrow the pores and suppress the proliferation of microorganisms. And phenylethanol and butylated hydroxytoluene promote the penetration of other components into the thickness of the sulfur plug and its softening. Sorbic acid helps moisturize the cork, making it easier to clean.

Causes of traffic jams

Sulfur protects our body from all kinds of irritants. Special glands are responsible for its production. In a normal state, the secretion leaves the auditory canal on its own when the temporomandibular joint is manipulated.

An increase in sulfur production occurs for many reasons, and primarily it depends on the structural features of the hearing organ and genetic predisposition. often increases due to metabolic failures, microtraumas, or prolonged listening to music on headphones .

In addition, improper cleaning and age-related changes can affect the size of secretion production. In the first case, we use ear sticks to disrupt the natural process of wax leaving the ear canal.

With recurrent changes, the body independently loses its natural ability to remove sulfur; in addition, the number of hairs in the auditory tube in old people increases, and they delay secretion.

How does wax buildup affect the ear?

Dust particles, water and keratinized skin structures that get into the ear, mixing with sulfur, become a viscous mass that blocks the auditory canal. Over time, this consistency can become rocky. Then, to dissolve the wax plugs, ear drops are used, which destroy the structure of the substance and remove its remains outside.

Such formation brings discomfort in the form of hearing loss, and is sometimes accompanied by pain . This is because the accumulation of sulfur puts pressure on the eardrum. You should not guess what caused the unpleasant symptom, but rather contact a specialist in a timely manner.

Directions for use and doses

According to the instructions, Remo Vax is recommended to be instilled into the ear canal. Before use, you must first hold the bottle in your palm for 2 minutes so that its temperature becomes close to body temperature.

The patient needs to lie on his side. In order to straighten the external auditory canal, you need to pull the earlobe back and down (in infants, the auricle needs to be moved back and up), then drip 20 drops of the drug along the back wall (the amount of solution depends on the size of the ear canal, the level of the solution should reach the border transition to the auricle).

Attention! Instilling a solution into the center of the ear can lead to the formation of an air lock (especially if the ear canal has a tortuous, narrow passage after suffering from inflammatory diseases).

After instilling Remo Vax, according to reviews, the patient may feel the presence of fluid in the ear for several minutes. This effect is due to the presence of moisture-retaining components in the preparation.

There is no need to place cotton wool or cotton pads in the ear after instilling Remo Wax, as they will absorb the solution before it begins to take effect.

After instillation, you should wait about 10 minutes. Then turn over to the other side and let the solution flow out for 1 minute (you can also bend over the surface). Due to dissolved sulfur, the solution that flows out may be brown. No additional rinsing is required after using Remo wax.

The drug should be used once every 14 days for regular ear hygiene.

If the patient has a sulfur plug, the exposure time of Remo Vax should be increased to half an hour. In some cases, it may be necessary to repeat the procedure daily (up to 5 times).

According to reviews, Remo Wax is hypoallergenic and safe for use even in children with allergies and skin diseases. Clinical studies have proven the safety of the drug with long-term use.


Drops for hygienic ear care “Remo-Vax” are very popular and are rightfully considered one of the best means for combating wax plugs.

Almost every person has experienced ear congestion: both children and adults. Many people use various methods to get rid of this.

Although the ears can become clogged for various reasons, the most common of them is a banal wax plug.

The physiology of the organ is such that the accumulation of sulfur in the ear canal is inevitable. The outer ear contains about 2000 cerumen glands. The earwax they produce is essential for lubricating and protecting the ear canals. But over time it accumulates and can reach 20 mg per month.

The main part of the accumulated sulfur is removed spontaneously when the jaw moves while chewing food or talking. But sometimes it happens that it is not completely removed due to increased activity of the glands or excessive dustiness of the external environment.

This leads to the formation of a cerumen plug, which blocks the ear canal by 70% or more. When washing your hair, water gets into the ear, and the situation gets worse as the plug swells. A soap solution will not help in this case; more radical measures are needed.

What can you do if a traffic jam occurs?

To dissolve the seal, the best solution would be Remo-Vax ear drops, which will help cope with this problem in the most delicate way. The fact is that the eardrums are a very vulnerable organ.

A product such as “Remo-vax” and its few analogues wash the ear canal without physical impact.

The instructions for using this product state that if you use a cotton swab, do not insert any other objects into your ear, for example, cotton swabs and so on.

The remedy is used in the following cases:

  • when sulfur plugs form;
  • to cleanse the ear canal from excess wax;
  • for hygienic prevention.

Location of the cerumen plug in the auditory tube

The active components of Remo-Vax allow it to penetrate deep into the plug and actually dissolve it. The resulting composition is easily removed from the ear canal.

Another big plus is that these drops do not contain antibiotics or other aggressive components.

Studies have shown that Remo-vax does not cause allergic reactions and is completely free of toxic compounds.

The drops contain the following active substances.

  1. Phenylethanol.
  2. Allantoin.
  3. Sobric acid.
  4. Benzethonium chloride.
  5. Butylated hydroxytoluene.

Excipients include liquid lanolin, mink oil, emulsifiers, fillers and purified water. These components are designed to soothe and soften irritated skin of the ear canal.

There are few medications similar in their action and effectiveness to Remo-Vax. Its closest analogues are “A-Cerumen” and “Otinum”. The latter is more often used to treat otitis media and externa.

How to use the product?

The instructions for using the drug state that first of all you need to heat the Remo-Vax bottle and its contents to body temperature, simply holding it in your hands.

Next, lie on your left side if your right ear will be treated, and vice versa if your left ear. Alternatively, you can simply tilt your head while sitting.

To widen the external auditory canal, you need to pull your earlobe down and back at the same time.

Instill Remo-Vax in such an amount that its level reaches the transition of the ear canal to the auricle. It is better to ask someone from the household to perform this procedure, since it is still difficult to control the level or count the drops yourself. After instillation, you need to wait 20-40 minutes for the product to soften the sulfur.

Next, you need to drain the solution; to do this, you can simply lean over the sink with your ear down. Within a minute, the product with the seal dissolved in it will drain.

For greater effect, you can act on the wax all night by soaking a small piece of cotton wool in the drops and inserting it into the ear.

In any case, after using Remo-Vax, the instructions recommend rinsing the ear canal with water heated to body temperature.

The cork may be old and therefore dense. In this case, one rinsing session will not save you; you need to repeat the procedure every day until the ear is clean. As a prophylactic agent, Remo-Vax drops are used 1-2 times a month.

If pain occurs during use, rinsing should be stopped, as this indicates the presence of a tumor and associated disease.

In this case, it is not the wax plug that is to blame for ear congestion, so it is better to consult a doctor.

When instilling, you need to ensure that the Remo-Vax drops do not immediately fall into the center of the ear, but gradually flow into the ear canal. This is necessary to prevent an air lock from forming. You should also not use any sharp objects to avoid damaging the eardrum and causing infection.

The medicine “Remo-vax” should not be used if the eardrum is perforated (ruptured) or if there is a shunt in the ear. This is a tube that is installed by a doctor for complications of otitis media and middle ear. The drug is approved for treatment and prevention in childhood and is harmless during pregnancy and lactation.

Source: https://gluhihnet.ru/medicamenty/remo-vaks-instrukciya.html

Remo-Vax spray

The drug belongs to ear hygiene products. Cleanses the ear canals gently and effectively. Available in the form of a spray of 10 ml . The liquid is placed in bottles with a sprayer. Per 1 ml of product there are 5 mg of phenylethyl alcohol , 3 mg of allantoin , 2 mg of sorbic acid , 1 mg of benzethonium chloride, butylated hydroxytoluene. The composition is supplemented with: liquid lanolin, mink oil, fillers, emulsifiers and purified water.

Remo-Vax spray

Main function of the spray:

  1. Soften the wax plug.
  2. Remove it from the ear canal.

The product is used for preventive purposes in case of increased formation of sulfur plugs. Effective when wearing hearing aids and headsets attached to the inside of the ear. The spray is recommended after visiting places with high levels of dust and humidity. Remo-Vax spray can be used for ear congestion.

The therapeutic effect is carried out due to the main components contributing to:

  • Cleansing the canals from dead cells.
  • Increasing the permeability of the cork.
  • Softening the compacted mass.
  • Washing away residual sulfur deposits.

The product is indicated for people of any age, as it does not contain antibiotics or aggressive ingredients. It is prescribed if it is necessary to remove accumulated sulfur or soften an already formed dense plug. Using the product, you can take preventive measures to avoid the formation of sulfur and epidermal seals.

Remo-Vax drops

Remo-Vaks is the Latin name for a hygiene product produced in the form of 10 ml ear drops in bottles . The composition of this form is completely similar to the composition of the spray. Drops are used in all situations as Remo-Vax spray.

Remo-Vax drops

Earwax is a natural secretion from a gland located in the ear canal. During normal chewing of food, it is naturally removed. In the presence of an external irritant: dust, water, earphones, earplugs, cotton swabs, the secretion increases several times. If a person has skin diseases or dysfunction of metabolic processes, the body cannot independently remove the secretion, which provokes the formation of sulfur plugs. This condition leads to:

  • Nausea.
  • Vomiting.
  • Dizziness.
  • Hearing loss.
  • Headache.

Remo-Vax drops are a hygiene product that can clean the ear canals with the highest quality without damaging them. Soften and remove excess secretion. The product is intended to prevent the formation of traffic jams. It can be used by persons using:

  • Hearing aids.
  • Headphones.
  • Phones that are attached inside the ear.

The penetrants in the composition are able to penetrate into the thickness of the cork and soften its dense consistency. The drops contain moisture-retaining components that help moisturize the thickened secretion. Drops are considered a harmless hygiene product used by people of any age category.

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