Do they give sick leave without fever for ARVI?

The concept of sick leave for ARVI

If a person is sick and his body temperature rises, the only correct solution is to remain in bed. To do this, you need to stay at home and rest for a few days. This scenario will allow you to avoid infecting your colleagues, make a full recovery and not lead to complications. In order not to lose your job, you need to issue a sick leave certificate.

A sick leave certificate is an official document that confirms the patient’s temporary incapacity for work for some time. If this certificate is provided to the boss, he must release his employee for appropriate treatment. During this time, someone else is assigned to the workplace.

Why is temperature so important?

At the appointment, the therapist will always offer the patient a thermometer. An elevated temperature indicates the presence of an inflammatory process. If your temperature is 37 - 37.4 degrees, then the cause of this may be either illness or quite ordinary situations: visiting a bathhouse, heat, sports activities. To cast aside doubts, go to the clinic. There is a good chance that based on your symptoms, you will be given a sick leave.

At temperatures above 37.4 degrees, it is better to call a therapist at home. They must give you a certificate of incapacity for work. If you took an antipyretic and your temperature had subsided by the time the doctor arrived, report this. Until 38 degrees, it is better to refrain from taking medications, making do with folk remedies.

If the temperature rises above 39 degrees, call an ambulance. This is a dangerous condition that can lead to serious complications and even death. Emergency doctors issue a certificate instead of a sick leave. Based on it, they will open a certificate of incapacity for work in a hospital or clinic.

Obtaining sick leave for ARVI

How can you get sick leave if you have a cold? It may be issued if the patient has a fever and other symptoms such as cough, runny nose, general weakness and malaise. You can get it at the hospital at your place of residence by contacting your local doctor. After examining the patient, the doctor draws up a document and sets the next appointment date.

It also happens that the patient is sent to the hospital. In this case, a sick leave certificate is issued when the patient undergoes complete treatment and is discharged from the hospital.

If the patient decides to go to a private clinic to see a specialist, then when filling out the document it is necessary to check the license and read all the reviews about the institution. If the sick leave certificate was provided by fraudsters, the document will be invalid. As a result, the patient may lose sick leave pay and lose his job.

Some patients believe that a doctor cannot give a sick leave if he comes to the house on call. But this is absolutely not true. The document can be drawn up at home, and the patient will be given the next appointment in a few days.

The doctor did not issue sick leave without fever


Frau Steiner

The doctor also does not act this way out of his own free will. He has instructions from the ministry, which clearly outline when and on what grounds to give sick leave. There are inspections, they need to write reports. The first on this list of reasons is elevated temperature... These instructions do not take into account the individual characteristics of the body, in which it may not be present even with pneumonia. Without it, even a house call may not be accepted... It seems to me that in such cases it would be reasonable to tell the doctors that the temperature was high, you just took paracetamol and it was brought down, so it went down. They will still order tests, by which they will understand that you are sick and you need to be given sick leave.

Natalya Simakhina

After all, there are different diseases, not all are accompanied by fever. In theory, the doctor should have given you sick leave and sent you for an examination as to why you have this condition.


Does the doctor know that your “working” temperature is one degree lower than the statistical norm? with a hole in your lungs, you can go for an x-ray and scare the therapist with the picture.


I, too, am just back from sick leave and have no fever, but the doctor diagnosed ARVI, the virus is going around like this now, despite the fact that it’s summer. Gather your strength and go to your appointment tomorrow and insist on a sick leave, he must leave you for treatment! Carrying illness on your feet is even worse for the immune system!

Alexandra Lapina

You can independently contact any hospital at your place of residence, and then contact Roszdravnadzor with a complaint against the doctor.

When checking the validity of issuing a certificate of incapacity for work, the overall picture of the disease and the availability of test results are taken into account. Lack of temperature is not a reason for refusing to issue a certificate of incapacity for work.

Duration of sick leave for ARVI

Many patients are interested in the question of how many days they can take sick leave for ARVI. There are several options for events.

  1. The minimum duration of sick leave may be three days. This period of time is given so that the patient has time to undergo examination and pass all tests.
  2. This minimum period is given so that the patient has time to rest and carry out the treatment process.
  3. On average, a document is processed within five days. First, in the first two days the patient undergoes an examination, on the third day the doctor examines the patient again. If the patient feels better, they are given two more days to complete the treatment. On the fifth day, the patient is visited by the doctor again. If the patient feels great, he is discharged and goes to work the next day.
  4. If the prescribed treatment does not lead to improvement or complications develop, the patient’s sick leave is extended to ten days. In this case, the patient must follow all the doctor’s recommendations all this time and take appropriate medications.
  5. If sick leave for ARVI is issued to care for a child, then its duration can be up to fourteen days. If there is no improvement during this time, a medical commission is appointed to extend the treatment. After examining the sick child, she makes a decision to extend the sick leave to twenty-one days.

The legislation also stipulates some conditions that allow you to take sick leave for some reasons. This includes the following.

  • Possibility to accurately determine the patient's condition.
  • Drawing up a document for one day when the patient needs to undergo a preventive examination and undergo an examination.

How to restore strength without loss

And finally, remember: how important it is to behave if you feel that you are being affected by a cold, flu or acute respiratory viral infection.

  1. If you have a sore throat, start gargling it with decoctions of herbs, sea salt and iodine.
  2. Lie down more.
  3. Ventilate the room more often.
  4. Drink more water, warm tea with lemon and honey.
  5. Don't watch TV: it's much more useful to listen to radio programs or read.

To prevent ARVI, you should drink more fluids, preferably tea with lemon and honey

Did you feel “broken”? Call a doctor or go to the appointment yourself. ARVI is not difficult to cure, but letting the disease progress is extremely dangerous. Value yourself and take care of your health. Don’t forget: everyone has the right to receive treatment leave, even if the thermometer stays at the usual level of 36.6.

They scare us with bird flu, swine flu, or simply flu epidemics, its complications, etc. They say that you can’t carry a disease on your feet, that “at the first time you feel unwell, consult a doctor”... But HOW to get medical help - if you cough, your nose is running, you feel weak for several days, but there is no temperature? Are you sick or not yet? After all, doctors don’t give sick leave!


    Is the document itself or the treatment important to you? If it’s the document itself, then negotiate with the doctor, remind him about the epidemic and deaths, but if it’s treatment, then immediately go to the manager and complain that the doctor is not providing full assistance.

    If your symptoms are severe, your doctor must issue you a sick leave. In case of ARVI, sick leave must be issued when seeking medical help, because the patient can infect others. Unfortunately, in our medical institutions we have to prove that we are right.

    What kind of doctors do you have at the site? I rarely go to the clinic for sick leave, and every time I came just with a runny nose, they gave me a sick leave, no one measured my body temperature.

    What kind of doctors do you have working at the site? I very rarely go to the clinic for sick leave and have never been denied it, even if I just came with a runny nose. It is better to contact the head doctor with a complaint.

    To be honest, I don’t understand why you are not given sick leave if you have all the symptoms you listed. Any Doctor is obliged (if there are symptoms) to diagnose YOU with an acute respiratory infection or Flu, and send you for treatment. But not everyone has a fever; this is not the main indicator that a person is sick.

    Glory, how is it treated if you need to go to work? I also encountered this, they say that if there is no temperature, there is no sick leave. The conclusion suggests itself - the doctors want a bribe.

    Temperature is not a mandatory criterion for issuing a certificate of incapacity for work; it is enough for the doctor to do an initial examination and detect the symptoms of the disease.

    You shouldn’t be so suspicious, since you don’t have a fever, it means you haven’t fallen ill with anything serious yet. Treat yourself with tea and garlic, tell your therapist if you insist that the temperature rises in the evening and subsides in the morning.

    I myself am one of this type of patients who rarely have a temperature or the worst one is 37.2. I had no problems with sick leave. They always did. You can take a general blood test. It will be clear what type of infection it is. The most extreme case is to give a gift.

    This is very strange, I work in a clinic myself, this is the first time I’ve heard this. Always, if there is evidence, a certificate of incapacity for work is issued, even if there is no temperature. If you consider yourself incapable of work, and sick leave is not issued, you have the right to apply to the VC (medical commission).

    If you do not have a fever, but have all the signs of a cold, you will be given sick leave. In the end, we can say that there was a temperature, you just brought it down.

    Say that the temperature was at night, you brought it down with pills, and now it’s gone)) The doctor will immediately write out a sick leave))

    Who forbids you to say that you have a temperature, you just brought it down with paracetamol. Of course, at the beginning of an illness you need to rest and sick leave is simply necessary.

    I’ll tell you straight: give the doctor at least a chocolate bar – and you’ll get sick leave! Well, doctors, especially during periods of epidemics, will not waste a lot of time on a person who does not even have a temperature!

    Probably, standards for issuing sick leave have been introduced for doctors. In such cases, I say that high fever and chills appear in the late evening, and the rest of the day the temperature is normal.

    With such symptoms, you should be given sick leave. If there is no fever, say that you had it quite recently, you just took the medicine. I think we should believe it.

    One way to temporarily increase your temperature in order to get sick leave is to put mustard plasters in your socks under your heels. Popular with some people. Another method requires certain knowledge in the field of auto-training and the ability to use this technique.

    I'll tell you how I raised the temperature! I rubbed it under my arms with red pepper before going to the doctor. But within reason. It stings for about thirty minutes, but with a fever.

    It depends on which hospital you go to and which doctor. In one (where the doctor knew me well) they gave me sick leave without any problems, but in the other (where we didn’t know the doctor) it was different. When I caught ARVI and did not have a fever, but had watery eyes, runny nose, sneezing, coughing (and all of this was attacks, not all the time), upon arriving at the appointment, I entered into discussions with the doctor. She asked me about my work, what I do there, etc., and in the end she made an unequivocal conclusion - you’re healthy, go and work. I had to call on the power of persuasion so that she would deign to give me a sick leave, writing there a temperature that I did not have. PS. It seems to me that our unfinished laws, which are aimed at squeezing all the juice out of us as much as possible, are to blame for this situation.

    I will share my experience. So, at the student clinic, my local doctor, a general practitioner, twice when I contacted him, did not issue a sick leave, i.e. only a certificate stating that you were at an appointment on such and such a day and an exemption from physical education for 2 weeks. In both cases, I didn’t go for this, but for treatment! In the first case, I had a temperature the night before of 38.8, I brought it down, plus bleeding began, the weakness was terrible, my limbs ached. So the next day I went to the clinic to see a therapist to understand why, I had such a high temperature without any symptoms of ARVI or flu. She listened to my complaints, told me to see a gynecologist about the bleeding, took my temperature - 36.5, prescribed Nurofen at night and ascorbic acid!! In general, she looked at me as if I was pretending, and I just wanted to understand what happened to me yesterday. In the 2nd case - I came on the 4th day of illness, there was no temperature all the time, but my throat was wildly sore, I had a strong runny nose, headaches (because of this my sinuses were clogged), my voice was distorted, and in general it was painful to speak. She listened to me, looked at my throat, and noted that there was redness. I prescribed treatment and sent it again with a certificate stating that I visited a therapist that day. You don’t even know what to do in such cases, how to insist!

    In Achinsk, therapist Galina Karchebnaya. Doesn't give sick leave. It gives to some and does not give to others. No fever and think there are no symptoms? I asked her: “How sick do you have to be for you to issue sick leave?” Die?". She told me about the symptoms. As a result, I got very seriously ill in December. And she prescribed me warm-up procedures, for which I have to go across the whole city to the hospital. Now I'm sick again. I already sneezed tonight. Now I have a cough at work. I went to the first aid station and had no temperature. Your eyes water and close, as if you want to sleep. And the nurse: “I can’t help you.”

    I got sick over the weekend, my voice completely disappeared, I couldn’t speak. I had a terrible sore throat, I couldn’t even swallow, the temperature was 38, although I was sick without fever, I went to the ENT on Monday, she didn’t even turn her head and started prescribing antibiotics. I can’t take them, I said, wrote some paper and didn’t explain what kind of medicine. and the only question was whether I was working or on vacation, I said that I was working, but at the moment I was on vacation and of course I needed sick leave. I never took them during work during the year. suddenly the manager comes in... my doctor just stood up and started asking her for advice, she read my card and said that there was no reason to give me sick leave. I can’t speak, I’m sitting, and she tells me don’t be fooled, but speak in your own voice, they brought me to high blood pressure, called me a malingerer and most importantly, they look me in the eyes impudently.. I went to the main one.. he gave the command to hold a consultation))))) it’s just an acute respiratory viral infection and most importantly, the ENT writes acute laryngotracheitis and she herself said that the ligaments are inflamed. pharyngitis.. I’m feeling weak, I’ve been sick for 3 days (it was the weekend), the temperature rises in the evening, especially since I kept it down, and considering that I’m very sick. but there are never any temperatures. then this is just a record for me... very bad... in general, they brought me to tears and didn’t give me any treatment and I left with nothing, but I was sick the whole vacation... and of course it’s a shame. This is the second time this summer I’ve had a severe cold and this is the attitude of the doctors... I just won’t leave it like that...

    I used to go on sick leave and was given all the norms, but when I went to the clinic a couple of times a year, I immediately got a fever, they said they also work with a runny nose and a cough, and I mean I can, because the work is hard. ME AND DURING GRVI , WHICH THEY INDICATED ME IN THE CARD, I DON’T HAVE THE STRENGTH TO WORK, SO THEY ANSWERED THAT I NEED TO CHANGE JOB! HORROR JUST ANGER IS NOT ENOUGH. UKRAINE, ZHYTOMYR, LESY UKRAINKI 4 - fucking clinic!

    Nowadays they do not give sick leave without fever or wheezing in the lungs. Because then it will be necessary to pay the patient’s salary from compulsory medical insurance. And there is no money there, but you hold on. Have a good mood and good health.


Olga Pavlova

Our doctors have an idiotic habit of focusing on temperature; they will definitely ask. . Therefore, when I call a doctor, I always say that the temperature is 37.8. And when the doctor comes, I say that it was 37.8 in the evening. I took aspirin and now the temperature has subsided. I never have a fever at all, but all the signs of ARVI (runny nose, watery eyes, aching joints, etc.) are present


Maria Ryazanova

in general they should, but they may not give it, if you need a sick leave, say that the temperature was high, but you brought it down...

Ekaterina Volkova

they gave it to me, but there were other signs: runny nose, sore throat, cough


Call a doctor at home, tell him that you have 37.6, he won’t check, and will give you sick leave if you need it

Lilia Efremova

Of course!!! Don’t infect your employees!!!

Yulia Maslova

They will give it if your cold symptoms are pronounced, i.e. nasal congestion, cough, and you can exaggerate a little about the temperature.


Of course they do if you have a fever

Frau Steiner

If there is no temperature, they may not give it. If it’s 37.0, they can give it. For bureaucratic doctors from government agencies, a temperature is a formal reason to examine you at all. No temperature - no reason.


tell me what t is more and it hurts my throat, my head hurts and I have snot

Nastya Litunovskaya

Duration of sick leave for complications of ARVI

How long do they stay on sick leave with ARVI if complications arise? Often, if the patient does not comply with the regimen or there is no positive result from treatment, the patient’s sick leave is extended for more than three weeks. To extend sick leave for ARVI, you need to contact the chief doctor of the clinic. He will be examined and prescribed an examination. After this, the medical commission will make a decision based on the results of the study.

If we rely on Russian Legislation, it states that the maximum period for extending sick leave is up to twelve months. In addition to all this, the patient’s temporary disability must be confirmed every thirty days. If we talk about a viral infection, then this document is issued for a maximum of one month.

Reasons for refusing sick leave for ARVI

Many patients, feeling unwell, are afraid to leave work. As a result, colds and flu are carried on the feet. But in this way they harm not only themselves, but also those around them. The reasons for this phenomenon lie in the following.

  1. A decrease in monthly income. Sick leave is paid at the rate of sixty percent of regular wages. As a result, income decreases by one and a half times. For some patients, payment is made on a black and white basis. At the same time, the salary is very low. Others have unofficial employment, as a result of which sick leave will not be paid at all.
  2. In the accumulation of a large amount of work. Even though another employee replaces the employee during sick leave, a lot of work will accumulate during this time. And clearing out the rubble will be quite difficult.
  3. For fear of spoiling relations with management. To be honest, bosses do not like those employees who go on sick leave, since it is quite difficult to find a replacement for them. In addition to all this, the employer will have to not only pay sick leave, but also pay the employee who was in the sick place.

Registration and payment of sick leave

Many people wonder on what day does sick leave begin and how is it paid in the future? Often the document indicates the date of onset of disability when the patient had his first examination by a doctor. But it is worth considering that today’s date is indicated in the certificate only in the situation if the patient came in the morning and afternoon hours.

If the patient came to the doctor only in the evening, then the sick leave will officially begin to be counted the next day. Therefore, an employee who spent the whole day lying at home and then ran to the doctor in the evening may be fined and punished for missing a shift at work.

It is also worth mentioning that the patient can take sick leave even if he is on legal vacation. When providing the document, the employer must provide the employee with additional days off.

How is sick leave calculated? If the patient has worked for the company for more than eight years, then sick leave payment is the full salary.

If the employee’s length of service is from five to eight years, then the calculation is made at eighty percent of the official salary. For less than five years of service, sick leave is paid at the rate of sixty percent of the salary.

How much does sick leave cost?

How is sick leave paid and when does it start? The date is the date when the patient first saw the doctor and was examined. If you start working in the morning, but only went to the doctor in the evening, the day may not be counted, and the employer may record it as absenteeism.

We also recommend: Differential diagnosis of ARVI

Calculation usually occurs according to the following rules:

  • An employee who has worked in an organization (enterprise) for 8 years or more will receive a full salary.
  • Only 60% goes to the patient whose work experience does not exceed 5 years.

Be that as it may, in this case it is not appropriate to save: it is much more important to allow the body to fully recover.

Closing sick leave

Before providing management with a sick leave certificate, it is necessary to check that the document contains all the doctors’ signatures, a seal, a special code and days of illness. To close the sick leave, the patient needs to visit the doctor for a final examination and make sure that the patient is completely healthy. In the absence of symptoms, the doctor prescribes all open fields. In the field where the disease code should be, the number 1 is written. This indicates that the patient had an acute respiratory infection, acute respiratory viral infection or influenza.

After the sheet is signed, the patient needs to go to the office where it was opened. There they will put all the stamps and enter it into the database. The next day, the employee needs to go to work and provide sick leave to his superiors.

If a person is sick and does not want to lose his job, it is necessary to notify the manager about his incapacity for work and open a sick leave. In the meantime, he will find a replacement and will not fire the employee. Also, before the patient is discharged, you also need to call your superiors in advance and inform them about the exit.

If you are refused

Whether you will be given sick leave without a fever depends only on your attending physician. If he does not find any symptoms of the disease in you, refusal is quite possible. What to do if you do not agree with this decision?

First of all, you should contact the head of the clinic, tell about your complaints and inform that the attending physician did not give you a strict reporting form. If you do not find understanding, talk to the chief physician. Most likely, he will meet you halfway, because he is afraid of funding cuts. But to do this, you really must have symptoms of the disease.

Will they give me sick leave without a fever? There is an opinion among the population that doctors will immediately sign you up as a malingerer. In fact, temperature is not the main criterion. A complete picture can only be drawn based on a comprehensive assessment of your condition.

Doctors do not advise suffering from a cold on your feet and say that it is best to “lie down” for any infectious diseases. But is it really that easy to go on sick leave?

Is it easy to give sick leave for ARVI without fever? - Yes, they do.

Simply and easily. All you need to do is tell the doctor that you are feeling unwell and that you have taken any antipyretic medication before your visit. For example, Coldrex. “Rolls” without problems. And in general, understand that a visit to the doctor is a bell that your health is not fine. The hospital doctor MUST give any complaints if you REALLY have signs of a cold or ARVI (reddish throat, snot, cough, etc.).

If you decide to get a document “for free”, it depends on the doctor, but it is assumed that you are a sane person and will not play such “games” in an adequate state.

ps Drive all schoolchildren to school with a belt! :)

Fever, severe runny nose, watery eyes and cough do not just unsettle you. If they are not treated in a timely manner, if they let the situation take its course and save themselves with pills, they risk outgrowing other diseases that are much more dangerous. A runny nose can cause complications in the form of sinusitis or sinusitis, a cough can turn into bronchitis, and conjunctivitis can affect the finest structures of the eyes and cause severe inflammation. The only way to avoid complications is to take out sick leave and devote time to health.

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