Heartburn and sore throat


Heartburn occurs with increased acidity. Additionally, there is a feeling that there is a lump in the throat, a burning sensation, dryness, and mucus. The reasons may be the following:

  • stomach and duodenal ulcers;
  • long-term chemotherapy treatment;
  • increased abdominal pressure;
  • pregnancy;
  • presence of bad habits;
  • weakness of the lower esophageal sphincter;
  • chronic pancreatic disease;
  • poor nutrition.

A large number of diseases of the digestive system lead to heartburn.

Symptoms and causes

An attack of heartburn appears, in most cases, unexpectedly. It can occur after eating sour, salty, fatty, fried or flour foods.

How severe the heartburn will be depends on the degree of damage to the internal organs and the functioning of the lower esophageal sphincter.

Sometimes the symptoms of heartburn in the throat can be almost unnoticeable, but in some people they are so intense that it is impossible to do without the use of medications.

This can manifest itself in the form of bursting, squeezing, intense pain, burning, suffocation; there is a feeling that there is a lump in the throat.

During an attack of heartburn, it is undesirable to go to bed, this will only worsen the condition.

The burning sensation occurs due to the fact that the work of the lower esophageal sphincter is disrupted, and when a person takes a horizontal position, food along with hydrochloric acid is thrown into the esophagus.

This causes severe heartburn, which will be difficult to eliminate even with the help of medications.

Additional symptoms of heartburn:

  • frequent or constant belching;
  • hoarseness of voice;
  • dyspnea;
  • cough;
  • bloating;
  • sour taste in the mouth.

Can your throat hurt from heartburn? Yes. The most common causes are the following:

  • intense physical activity;
  • frequent stressful situations;
  • clothing that tightens the abdominal organs;
  • being overweight;
  • diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • Heartburn may occur against the background of allergic reactions.

What can cause heartburn?

There are a huge number of provoking factors. The main task of proper therapy is not just to relieve unpleasant symptoms, but also to eliminate the impact of unfavorable factors. The reason lies in the malfunction of the digestive system, which suffers due to constant or periodic exposure to adverse factors.

  • Bad habits. Heartburn in the throat is caused by smoking, alcohol, drugs, strong tea, coffee.
  • Love for sweets. An unpleasant sensation appears after chocolate, cream cakes, pastries, ice cream, jam, fresh baked goods, honey.
  • Sour berries, fruits. Provocateurs are citrus fruits, especially lemon, as well as plums, cherries, kiwis, lingonberries, currants, and viburnum.
  • Disturbed diet. Overeating, swallowing large pieces without chewing thoroughly, eating on the go, eating dry food, fasting, too strict a diet, a hearty dinner, snacking instead of a full meal, eating food at night. Hot dishes that are too cold provoke discomfort.
  • Products with flavor enhancers, flavorings, and chemical additives. Heartburn occurs after chips, crackers, salted nuts, and “products” with beer.
  • Unhealthy food. Salty, fatty, spicy foods, as well as canned foods, mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard, sauces, and carbonated drinks cause heartburn.
  • Physical exercise. There should be at least 30 minutes between meals and physical activity. Bends over, lifting weights, lying down, running, jumping, and abdominal exercises contribute to heartburn.
  • Nervous system failure. Stress, prolonged depression, frequent quarrels, unfavorable psycho-emotional environment at home, at work, in an educational institution, moral fatigue.
  • Medicines. Heartburn is provoked by medications of different groups - antibiotics, hormonal drugs, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, painkillers and many others.
  • Genetic predisposition. Pathological high sensitivity of the mucous membrane of the digestive organs can cause an unpleasant phenomenon.
  • Gastrointestinal diseases. It is almost impossible to determine from heartburn which disease is beginning to develop. This symptom is present in almost any disease of the gastrointestinal tract. The occurrence of heartburn more than three times a week is a reason to seek help from specialists.
  • Pregnancy. In the early stages, heartburn in women occurs due to hormonal changes. In later stages - due to deformation of the stomach as the uterus grows, as well as due to decreased muscle tone.

In most cases, heartburn can be prevented and unpleasant symptoms can be eliminated by changing your lifestyle, diet, and giving up bad habits. In some situations, examination and qualified treatment are required.

Why is pharyngeal heartburn dangerous?

If a burning sensation appears occasionally, it does not pose any particular danger to the body. But if symptoms are observed regularly, then this is a cause for concern.

It may feel like there is a lump in the throat, as if the throat is being squeezed, and there is no way to take a normal breath.

Food, together with hydrochloric acid, being in the esophagus, causes tissue burns and discomfort.

The process of swallowing food becomes difficult, which leads to problems with appetite, sudden weight loss, or even bleeding in the esophagus.

Ulcers that appear in the stomach and esophagus are overgrown with connective tissue, significantly narrowing the lumen. If there is a lot of scarring in the esophagus, it can even lead to death.

Heartburn can cause the development of caries, and in advanced cases, cause oncology.

Causes of heartburn in the throat

Heartburn in the throat may appear sporadically, but in some cases it happens that this symptom constantly bothers the patient. Let's look at what diseases can cause this unpleasant condition.

Rare and short-term cases of heartburn are usually associated with the consumption of large quantities of foods that have an irritating effect on the mucous membrane. Such foods include sour foods, fried, smoked, and cooked with large amounts of spices. In this case, the symptoms bother the patient for a short period of time, after which they disappear on their own.

The causes of persistent heartburn in the throat include a wide range of diseases, both minor and serious, that threaten the development of severe complications. Most often this condition occurs with the following pathologies:

  • disruption of the functioning of the cardiac sphincter, located at the junction of the esophagus and the stomach. Normally, this anatomical element is able to close securely after eating and prevent gastric contents from entering the upper gastrointestinal tract. In some cases, insufficiency of this sphincter develops, resulting in constant reflux of gastric juice and irritation of the mucous membrane of the esophagus and throat;
  • functional disorder of the stomach, when its motor activity decreases. As a result, food remains in the cavity of this organ for a long time and sometimes reflux may occur;
  • hiatal hernia;
  • use of medications that reduce the tone of the cardiac sphincter or increase the tone of the stomach;
  • abnormalities in the structure of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • hereditary predisposition.

A condition where a sick person regularly experiences heartburn for no apparent reason is called reflux disease . This is an independent diagnosis, but other diseases of the stomach and esophagus can also cause this symptom.

Throat discomfort during pregnancy is most often associated with this condition. An enlarged abdomen leads to increased pressure in the abdominal cavity, which also increases pressure on the diaphragm. As a result, gastric contents can be thrown into the esophagus and pharynx in small quantities. After childbirth, pregnancy-related heartburn completely disappears.


It is necessary to treat the burning sensation constantly. Due to the presence of this disorder, it is necessary to change your lifestyle.

Heartburn pain can be completely eliminated with the help of a course of treatment and preventive measures.

  1. Taking special medications for treatment. For example, non-absorbable antacids.
  2. Prokinetics and enzymes will help improve gastric motility.
  3. Treatment with medications that reduce the production of hydrochloric acid and reduce high acidity.
  4. Rejection of bad habits.
  5. Following a diet and eliminating heavy exercise.
  6. It is recommended to drink alkaline and mineral water.
  7. Do not wear clothes that compress the abdominal organs.

Very often, heartburn in the throat occurs in smokers. This is due to the fact that when smoking, smoke first enters the oral cavity, then ends up in the esophagus.

Resins negatively affect the gastric mucosa and sphincter. If heartburn occurs frequently, it is recommended to give up this bad habit.

It is important to learn to eat as much as is necessary for the body. Heartburn appears, among other things, as a result of overeating.

The situation gets worse if a person lies down on the bed after eating.

There are different methods of treatment. But it is better to combine several methods of restorative therapy.

The first step must be taken in the form of a complete cessation of smoking, alcoholic beverages and overeating. It is necessary to reduce the load after eating food.

How to get rid of an unpleasant symptom

Heartburn appears for three main reasons - high or too low acidity of gastric juice, weakening of the sphincter muscles, difficulties with digesting food. Increased production of hydrochloric acid and increased acidity of gastric juice are provoked by acidic foods, medications, and bad habits. At the same time, low gastric juice content makes it difficult to digest and break down food.

Heartburn in the throat

Heartburn and a lump in the throat indicate a pathological process in the esophagus. In addition, there is nausea, abdominal discomfort, sore throat, difficulty swallowing, unpleasant odor, coating on the tongue, belching of air, sour, bitter substances. The situation occurs after prolonged use of medications, poor diet, smoking, and alcohol consumption.

Constant heartburn or its frequent occurrence indicates the presence of a disease of the digestive system. Identical symptoms are present with gastritis, gastroduodenitis, gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer, inflammation of the gallbladder, reflux disease, hernia.

Methods for eliminating heartburn in the throat are related to the causes of the symptom. They can be divided into quick-acting methods, when it is necessary to stop an attack, reduce the burning sensation, and prevention, which is aimed at achieving remission and avoiding heartburn in the future.

  1. Doctors usually prescribe antacid medications. These heartburn remedies create a protective film on the mucous membranes of the digestive organs, preventing the release of gastric masses into the lower parts of the esophagus.
  2. Also, people with heartburn are prescribed medications that reduce the acidity and intensity of digestive juice production.
  3. If the problem is gastric sphincter insufficiency, doctors may recommend surgery or prescribe physiotherapeutic procedures that will strengthen the abdominal muscles.

Traditional medicine recommends different methods for treating heartburn.

Proper nutrition
Eliminating the cause of heartburn is not enough. You must constantly adhere to a healthy lifestyle and adjust your diet.

But before you try any remedies, you should consult your doctor.

  1. Low-fat milk or mineral (lightly carbonated) or boiled water copes well with the burning sensation. Drinks should be at room temperature.
  2. Chamomile tea or lemon balm decoction is also suitable for relieving symptoms and will protect the mucous membranes of the stomach and esophagus. To prepare an herbal infusion, you need to brew a tablespoon of chamomile inflorescences and lemon balm leaves with a glass of boiling water, leave for 10-15 minutes. You can drink the decoction when it has cooled down, in small sips before eating.


Heartburn in the throat is a very unpleasant symptom. You can eliminate it using folk recipes that have been known for a long time. There are a number of ingredients that have a positive effect on the walls of the stomach.

For example, it could be royal jelly, sea buckthorn or rosehip oil, propolis.

Each of these ingredients helps restore the walls of the stomach and saturate the body with vitamins and microelements.

  1. Using raw cabbage leaves helps eliminate heartburn. It must be eaten raw throughout the day. They do this to eliminate the symptoms of heartburn and prevent this disease.
  2. Gentian infusion. It is necessary to take the root of this plant, wash it well and clean it. Cut into small pieces and add 200 grams of hot boiled water. Leave in a dark, warm place overnight. This medicine should be taken before meals, 50 grams.
  3. Potato juice. You need to grate a few potatoes and squeeze out the juice. Add a small amount of warm water to it. Take in the morning on an “empty” stomach. If there is heartburn in the throat, it is necessary to treat for a month, then take a break and you can take the juice again. This must be done until complete recovery. It can also be taken for preventive purposes.
  4. Ginger. One of the most common treatment methods. To do this, you need to take ginger root and grate it on a fine grater, add hot boiled water. Approximately 1 teaspoon of ginger requires adding 200 grams of water. You need to take this medicine several sips at a time if you have heartburn in your throat.
  5. Most people take baking soda when heartburn occurs. Doing this is strictly prohibited. Why? In most cases, it leads to a worsening of the situation. In any case, you can’t do this all the time.

Baking soda really helps reduce acidity and eliminate heartburn. But by reacting with gastric juice, soda provokes the release of carbon dioxide and even greater heartburn.

In addition, soda helps retain water inside the body, which leads to swelling and increases the load on the cardiovascular system.

Additionally, the following ingredients help eliminate heartburn well: non-carbonated alkaline mineral water, centaury tincture, herbal tea, vegetable oil in small quantities, almonds.

You can use carrot juice, but you need to prepare it fresh every day. You should always have pumpkin seeds, fresh or dried peas, walnuts, and viburnum berries with you on the road.

The use of traditional methods is necessary if heartburn occurs constantly. If these treatment methods do not produce positive results, additional medications must be taken.


A person who wants to get rid of heartburn must watch his diet. Nutritionists and doctors advise avoiding heavy meals. Sweet, fatty, spicy foods increase the acidity of gastric juice. Nutrition should be complete; you can combine different foods throughout the day; be sure to include fresh vegetables, fruits, low-fat dairy products, and whole grain cereals in your diet.

Dishes should be boiled, stewed in their own juices, or steamed. It is better to eat little and often, and the last meal should be at least 2 (preferably 3) hours before meals.

  1. You should lead an active lifestyle, which includes mandatory walks in the fresh air.
  2. You can also visit the pool and gym, but do not overload your body with physical activity.
  3. To avoid the harmful effects of stressful situations, you need to master relaxation practices and perform them daily before going to bed.
  4. It is better to sleep on a high pillow so that the head is raised above the body.

To strengthen the muscle ring of the esophagus, breathing exercises are recommended. It’s easy to master, and you can do it at work, at home, and even on public transport. The main principle is to breathe not only from the chest, but also from the stomach. Inhale and exhale at different speeds. You need to repeat the exercises for 10 minutes, 2-3 times a day.

Preventing heartburn will help prevent the symptom and ease the burning sensation that has already occurred.

At the first signs of heartburn, you should analyze your life over the past month to determine unfavorable factors. Heartburn, hiccups, is the first sign of impaired functioning of the digestive tract. With a timely reaction, you can get rid of an unpleasant condition quickly, easily, and prevent the development of serious gastrointestinal diseases. To avoid heartburn, you need to:

  • Do not take a vertical position for 30 minutes after eating, do not lift heavy objects, or bend over for an hour.
  • Dinner should be light and avoid overeating throughout the day.
  • After spicy, fatty, salty dishes, it is recommended to drink non-carbonated mineral water, milk, low-fat kefir, homemade yogurt, fermented baked milk.
  • Before a feast with alcoholic drinks, it is recommended to eat a piece of butter. The product will protect the walls of the stomach and esophagus from irritation and prevent heartburn.
  • Monitor your diet, do not swallow on the go, chew thoroughly.
  • Do not talk while eating. This allows air to enter the esophagus, causing hiccups, disrupting digestion, and heartburn follows.

It is almost impossible to avoid heartburn during pregnancy, but proper nutrition, an appropriate lifestyle, and a comfortable sleeping position will help you avoid too frequent attacks.


Treatment of heartburn in the throat must begin with identifying the causes of the disease. If you treat only the heartburn itself, it will still manifest itself periodically.

What should you expect from this symptom? It can lead a person to very serious illnesses. For example, dehydration, sudden weight loss, narrowing in the esophagus.

If there is a lot of scarring, it can lead to the death of a person, and sometimes persistent heartburn can indicate the presence of stomach cancer.

There are several types of treatment for heartburn:

  1. Homeopathic medicines. The active ingredient in these drugs is insignificant, just like the side effect.
  2. Drugs to reduce the secretion of gastric juice. These may be Ranitidine, Famotidine.
  3. Antacids. Help neutralize hydrochloric acid. These may be medications such as Gastal, Rennie, Maalox, and Almagel.
  4. Antisecretory drugs. They are designed to reduce the formation of gastric juice. Famotidine, Noflux, Omeprazole.

During pregnancy, if you have heartburn, it is advisable to take medications such as Activated Charcoal or Smecta.

To improve the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, you need to take Pancreatin, Festal.

The presence of heartburn in the throat is a very unpleasant symptom. It must be eliminated by taking traditional medicine methods, medications and following the rules.

But it is better than treating the disease itself to regularly engage in prevention.

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