Job baby instructions for use for adenoids

Main indications for use

Homeopathy is a branch of medicine resorted to by people who prefer to be treated only with natural preparations based on herbal raw materials, medicinal herbs and plants.
Since the composition of the drug “Job-Baby” allows it to have a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect on tissues when applied topically, the product has found its niche in the treatment of the following diseases:

  • chronic course of tonsillitis;
  • complex treatment of adenoids;
  • frequent colds in children;
  • increased nervous excitability in a child.

Only a specialist should make a decision about the admissibility of including a homeopathic medicine in a comprehensive treatment regimen for adenoids or another disease - after a physical and instrumental examination of the patient. Self-medication may not only be ineffective, but also harm the child’s health.

Treatment of adenoids with the homeopathic remedy “Job-Baby” has the following advantages:

  • the effect on the child’s body is as gentle as possible;
  • the range of pharmacological effects is quite wide;
  • no addiction – the drug can be used for several months, even up to a year;
  • the risk of overdose is absolutely excluded.

Otolaryngologists recommend homeopathy in children with the initial stage of adenoids, when there are still no complications of the disease, and the chances of recovery are as high as possible.

Job-baby for adenoids: instructions on how to take

Children are susceptible to various diseases, so parents often have to think about the health of their child. For example, the most common disease is considered to be adenoids, which appear at the age of two years and older. The fact is that at this age the immune system is just developing, so it is not able to cope with all infections and microbes.

Drug treatment includes a number of effective drugs, including Job-baby, which has proven itself in medicine. When used correctly, the medicine relieves inflammation in the nasopharynx area. The drug Job-baby is sold in a regular pharmacy with instructions for use for children with adenoids.

How to use

Most often, doses of homeopathic medicines are selected on an individual basis; the instructions for use of the Job-baby remedy contain general recommendations.

Rules and scheme of admission:

  1. Children under 3 years of age are recommended to drink once a day an amount of granules that corresponds to the child’s age.
  2. The standard regimen for children over 5 years old is to drink 8-10 granules per day for 4 days, then take a three-day break. If the disease is in an acute stage, the dose can be increased in consultation with the doctor.
  3. For grade 2 and 3 adenoids, the medicine should be taken 7-10 tablets in the morning and evening.
  4. For prevention, drink 6-8 granules once a day three times a week. Course duration is 1.5–2 months.
  5. Dragees do not need to be swallowed or washed down with water; they should be slowly dissolved or chewed.
  6. The medicine should not be taken during meals; it should be taken half an hour before eating or 3 hours after feeding.

How much should Job-baby drink? The duration of the course is 2–12 months, sometimes several courses are required for complete recovery.

Sometimes Job-baby is recommended to be taken together with Phthision. The drugs should be alternated every other day for 2 or more months.

Important! The first results of therapy can be noticed after 20–25 days of regular use!

Composition of the drug and dosage regimen

As mentioned earlier, the peculiarity of homeopathic medicines is that the active ingredients are contained in extremely low concentrations. Thus, the main components of the drug are solvents - water, sugar or alcohol, the concentration of which is hundreds of thousands of times higher than the concentration of the active components. However, the drug Job-Baby states:

  • Job the Kid

  • barberry berries,
  • window sill,
  • thuja

These components can indeed have an anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect, but they are much more effective in herbal preparations and decoctions than when diluted in homeopathic preparations.

Iodine, as the main component, is aimed at a general strengthening effect and a positive effect on the nervous system, because Iodine is used by the endocrine system to synthesize hormones and stabilize the emotional state.

The manufacturer notes that due to the low concentration, you have to wait more than one month to achieve the effect of the drug. To achieve a faster effect, it is recommended to use concomitant medications and procedures: physiotherapy, nasal rinsing, etc.

When using Job-Baby for adenoids, it is important to know how to take the remedy. Typically, the dosage regimen is selected individually by a homeopathic doctor, based on the current condition of the child, his age, etc.

The instructions for Job-Baby indicate two dosage regimens:

  • 1-2 times a day, 5-6 days a week,
  • 2-3 times a day, alternating every other day with Phthision (another homeopathic medicine from the same manufacturer).

The drug Job-Malysh must be taken for at least 2 months. You can drink it for more than a year, because... There is no toxic effect from it and the active substances do not accumulate in the body. Moreover, if after the first week of use the condition worsens, use should be stopped for 5-7 days, after which the course should be resumed.

After resorption or chewing, the drug should not be washed down with any liquid, and should not be taken immediately after eating food. The optimal time to take it is 3-4 hours after a meal, or half an hour before taking it.

Homeopaths recommend repeating courses of the drug several times even after the symptoms disappear. Positive changes can be observed after 2-3 weeks from the start of taking the drug, but for lasting improvement it is necessary to take it for at least 2 months. If there is a constant deterioration during use, you must stop the drug and consult an ENT doctor (not a homeopath!).

What analogues are there?

There are homeopathic preparations with a composition that differs from “Job-Baby” and a similar effect:

  • "Agraphis nutans" - granules that relieve congestion in the nasal and ear sinuses, especially with adenoiditis, and also relieve sore throat.
  • “Barita Carbonika” is effective against the proliferation of pharyngeal tonsils and adenoids, and frequent relapses of infectious ENT diseases.
  • "Lymphomyosot" - homeopathic drops for oral administration with a rich herbal composition.
  • “Calcarea fluorica” is a powerful drug among homeopathic remedies, which is used in the treatment of enlarged adenoids with hard lymph nodes, rhinitis with intense discharge of green thick mucus.

But 100% analogues of “Job-Baby” containing the same components as active ingredients do not exist.

When is Job-baby prescribed?

Before taking the drug, you should consult a specialist. In the case of treatment of adenoids, such a doctor is an ENT specialist, who will conduct a diagnosis before choosing therapy.

The reason to consult a doctor is a prolonged runny nose in a child, which lasts more than a month and is accompanied by night wheezing (sniffling) or snoring.

These are the first signs of narrowing of the respiratory passages of the nose, and it is at this early stage that drug therapy for adenoids is most effective.

Symptoms that should alert parents to later stages of adenoids are frequent inflammatory diseases of the upper respiratory tract, lethargy or irritability of the child, his constant drowsiness (due to insufficient oxygen supply to the brain, most dangerous in young children - 3 years or less) , tonsillitis.

Reviews of Job-Baby for adenoids for children note that the drug is most effective in the first, and less often in the second, degree of the disease.

For second-degree adenoids, experts recommend supplementing Job-Baby treatment with pharmacological drugs of different groups for the purpose of complex effects, not limiting themselves to homeopathy as the main therapy.

For third-degree adenoids, Job-Baby is usually ineffective, but in some cases it can be included in complex therapy.

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Pediatric doctors about “JOB-Baby”: consultations for parents

Over a period of many years of practice, pediatric otolaryngologists develop their own, so to speak, attachments, personal attitudes towards certain nasal medications. The object under discussion (“IOV-Baby”) is also not ignored in this sector of the medical community. This easy children's drug has both fans and obvious opponents. But there are no otolaryngology specialists who are indifferent to inclusion in the treatment plan.

“Job-Baby” for adenoids: is this drug a medicine, is it used to treat adenoids? Or is this a purely homeopathic remedy, in the form of a vitamin dietary supplement, for a preventive purpose? How to take it to achieve the best effect when used? - identical questions that most often arise during interviews between parents and the treating doctor.

When answering these questions, doctors rely on personal experience and the evidence base of information about the use of IOV-Malysh. The composition of “Barberry Compa” (second name “IOV-Baby”) includes exclusively natural ingredients, not counting the only chemical element, iodine.

  1. This is directly (the most delicious and pleasantly smelling candy candy “Barberry”), the main dominant, potent ingredient - the scarlet berries of “Berberidaceae” (barberry bush).

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In the composition of barberry, the dream of doctors came true - about one storehouse in which all natural vitamins, phytoncides, flavonoids, and antibiotics are concentrated. More than 20 names of organic amino acids known to the scientific world of natural science, botany, medicine, which exist in the flora of the Earth. The presence of barberry provides “IOV-Malysh” with a sour taste, antibactericidal and immunostimulating effect. The quantitative content of barberry speaks more about the homeopathic orientation of “JOB-Baby”. But, not about a radically healing characteristic. Despite the fact that barberry secretes a unique natural substance - bebberrubin. This is a powerful antibiotic that intensively destroys (in the bud) the maturation of pathogenic adenoviral intoxication.

  1. This is also thuja (western fir), botanical subspecies “Occidentalis”.


Component of an evergreen healing herbarium of forest nature. Fir and its subspecies are distinguished by their energetic, antiseptic, and antibiotic properties. Thuja essential oils are rich in valuable microelements, fatty acids, and vitamin C. Penetrating at a slow, absorbable pace, the thuja in “IOV-Kid” effectively influences the restoration of the weakened natural balance in the body of children. By means of a sanitizing effect, it inhibits the proliferation of pathogenic microflora in the adenoid-inflamed nasopharynx of children. But the percentage of thuja in the preparation is insignificant, so this natural component does not and cannot cure adenoid vegetation, especially in severe stages of adenoids.

3. One cannot help but recall the pierced-leafed window sill. To give tribute, positive support to an almost weedy herbaceous plant, but a healing, antipyretic and excellent detoxifier (antihistamine). Alkaloids/pyrrolizidines, a complex of organic resins together with a long alternating list of carbohydrates and minerals. Adding to the chemical series (iron, fluorine, sodium chloride, calcium, silicon dioxide), all this wealth is concentrated in the sill. And, therefore, in “JOB the Kid” itself.

Pierced leaf sill

With such a detailed description of the composition of “IOV-Malysh” in adults (and without confirmation from a pediatrician ENT), no more clarifications arise - “IOV-Malysh” is a homeopathic remedy, it is not a pharmacological drug for adenoids in children.

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The second question that is constantly asked at appointments in ENT offices is “How to properly take this barberry granulated phyto-preparation, at what age of children?” A pediatrician will assign “IOV-Baby” to children in whom the pathogenic process of hyperplastic transformation in the adenoids has just begun. In order to effectively stop the pathogenic reaction in the nasopharyngeal epidermis. Significantly support the natural immune defenses of children, activate the reproduction of leukocyte cells-phagocytes that kill adenoviral agents.

Important to know and remember! “IOV-Baby” is classified in the ICD as an immunomodulatory, stimulating dominant in the treatment plan: necrotizing manifestations of the initial stages of adenoid pathogenesis. The drug is not regarded as a medicinal drug for severe stages of adenoid enlargement. Can be used in a complex scheme for stages 1 and 2 of adenoiditis in children.

In order for “IOV-Baby” to bring tangible benefits, effective and deep penetration into the inner cellular layer of the affected adenoid layers, children should slowly dissolve the granules (balls) of the product. The longer the “IOV-Malysh” granules are found, as a drug for adenoids, as an acidic substance in the children’s oral cavity, the better the medicinal composition of “IOV-Malysh” will be absorbed (diffused).

Reception features:

  • In acute cases of the disease, 3-4 granules are prescribed up to five times a day.
  • Job-baby granules are sweet, so they are intended to be absorbed in the mouth until completely dissolved. There is no need to take the medicine.
  • It is advisable to take the drug before or after meals, the time interval should be about 30-40 minutes, since food can neutralize the effect of the medicine.

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When the symptoms of the disease worsen during treatment, it is necessary to stop taking the drug “Job-baby” for 5-7 days. This effect is called primary worsening and most often occurs early in treatment.

If during therapy the patient's condition continues to worsen, it is necessary to stop taking the medication and consult a doctor. Your treatment regimen may need to be changed.

For example, take the medicine with short breaks: take it for 4 days, then take a break for 3 days, and so on.

"Job-baby" is an absolutely safe drug. Overdose is excluded since it does not contain toxic substances. Practice has shown that there were no side effects or allergies to the composition of the drug. But since Job the Baby contains iodine, it is not recommended for children with thyroid diseases.

Indications for use

Job-Baby granules are prescribed to children if there are appropriate indications for such treatment. The attending physician, who monitors the dynamics of the development of the disease in the child, must decide on the need to introduce a medication into the course of therapy.

The drug is indicated for children with various ENT diseases. It is additionally recommended to discuss the issue of its prescription with a homeopathic doctor.

Job-Baby is included in the course of therapy in the presence of the following pathological conditions:

  • Regular colds.
  • Adenoids at any stage of development.
  • Chronic or acute form of tonsillitis.
  • Increased nervous excitability caused by inflammation of the adenoids.
  • Increased sensitivity of the nasopharynx to attacks by pathogenic agents.

The need to take the drug arises if maintenance treatment is necessary.

Job-Baby is usually prescribed to patients who have been diagnosed with the first two stages of adenoids. In rare cases, such therapy is prescribed at the third stage of disease development.

The doctor can prescribe a remedy only after he is convinced of the correctness of his diagnosis.


Poskonnik is known for its systemic anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effect. In addition, it is also a diuretic, helping to remove excess fluid and reduce swelling.

Job-Baby should not be used to treat children under two years of age due to the content of thuja oil, which can cause allergic reactions.

In addition to the active ingredients, Job-baby also contains a neutral, natural and completely soluble filler - granulated sugar. This gives it high bioavailability and eliminates long-term accumulation of the filler in the body.

Contraindications and side effects

The medicine Job-baby has many advantages over its analogues, but even this remedy is not without side effects and overdoses. Although cases of overdose and negative consequences of taking Job-Baby have not yet been registered. The specialist takes this issue very seriously in order to save the child from unnecessary problems.

In the instructions you can find the item “Contraindications”, which clearly describes cases when you should not take this medicine. The first thing you should pay attention to is that Baby Job is recommended for children aged 2 years and older. Also, drug therapy is administered with caution to children who have diabetes or have thyroid problems. Sometimes the doctor does not prescribe Job-baby so as not to burden the baby’s body. For example, this could be in the following cases:

  1. Complications after surgery. In some cases, after removing the adenoids, the doctor stops taking Job-baby for some time.
  2. During vaccination.
  3. Sinusitis.
  4. Increased level of sensitivity to Baby Job.
  5. Sinusitis.

All these factors need to be remembered so as not to make mistakes. Although the drug has more pros than cons. There is no doubt that Baby Job has a large number of positive aspects:

  1. Natural ingredients.
  2. Use of the drug from infancy.
  3. Very low risk of allergies.
  4. No addiction.
  5. Minimal impact on organs.
  6. Baby Job helps against many diseases.
  7. Prevention.

Doctors believe that Baby Job has proven its effectiveness in practice, so the remedy is included in the conservative treatment of adenoids in children. The main thing is to follow the instructions and recommendations of specialists.

Directions for use and dosage

Job-baby granular product is given to the child 20-30 minutes before or after meals. The granule is placed in the sublingual space for further resorption. In the acute stage of the disease, children under 6 years of age are given 6 granules per day at equal intervals. For children over 12 years old, 10-12 capsules are recommended. For prevention purposes, 1 capsule per day is enough.

Many clinicians are justifiably skeptical about the treatment of adenoids in children with homeopathy. Firstly, low concentrations increase the frequency of administration and the achievement of first results. Secondly, the acute stage of the disease requires immediate treatment to avoid serious complications - homeopathy monotherapy is not suitable for these purposes.

At what age is it prescribed?

The instructions indicate age restrictions - “Job-Baby” can be taken by children from 3 years of age. This is due both to the form of the drug - after swallowing the whole fraction, a small child can choke, and to the components included: thuja and sapling have contraindications - they are not used to treat babies under 24 months.

The volumes of active substances in homeopathy preparations are not as large as in medicinal drugs, which ensures their moderate effect, so doctors can prescribe Job-Baby to the youngest patients. But in this case, there is one obligatory condition - before taking the fraction, the products must be crushed.

The “JOB-Baby” technique: brief but necessary tips

Sometimes mothers and fathers ask the otolaryngologist monitoring their child: “When Job-Baby is prescribed, is there an approved dosage regimen for adenoids?” It’s possible to overdose a child with the drug, because children love tasty medicine so much, they happily chew mouthfuls of “JOB-Malysh” granules?”

I. First warning tip: the research test and practical experience in prescribing and monitoring the drug did not record any complicated side effects. Of course, if the children did not suffer from congenital allergic syndromes. Such young patients do not tolerate any medications. Perhaps due to one component included in the composition. That is, an overdose is not possible. But this does not mean that the child should chew “JOB-Baby” balls from morning to evening.

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II. Second tip: The instructions for “JOB-Malysh” indicate two proposed schemes for the correct use of the product. One of them suggests giving 2 granules, 2 times a day - in the morning, after a night's sleep, 3 hours before breakfast and in the evening 2 hours before dinner. The second program suggests using “Phthision” in addition to “JOB-Malysh”. Alternate these drugs: 2 granules of each product every other day. For example. Monday – morning and evening “JOB-Baby”, Tuesday – at the same hours “Phthision” (and so on, throughout the week). A course that will demonstrate stable positive results is at least one and a half, two months.

Parents should very carefully monitor the intake (resorption of granules) in their children. It is advisable not to give healing granules to very young children at all. Children may involuntarily inhale air and choke. An undissolved granule can enter the upper sector of the respiratory tract and cause asphyxia (suffocation).

In conclusion, contribute of “JOB-Baby” as an excellent and gentle homeopathic remedy for adenoids . They can be read on websites that specialize in describing children's nasal products. Of course, there are also dissatisfied, even negatively irritated reviews. But, for the most part, fortunately, the opinion of the consumer society gives well-deserved praise to the tasty and healthy “JOB-Baby”.

Components of the drug

The successful use of Job-Baby for adenoids is ensured by the active natural substances included in the product. Each of them has its own unique features and pharmacological effects:

  1. Iodine – its antiseptic properties have long been known. In addition, the microelement is necessary for the successful functioning of the thyroid gland, which takes an active part in metabolic processes and immune reactions.
  2. Thuja – has a powerful antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and tonic effect. Homeopathic thuja oil helps to successfully fight various inflammatory phenomena, including in the tonsils.
  3. The fruits of barberry have been famous for centuries for their pronounced analgesic, antipyretic, as well as anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effects. That is why they are necessarily included in homeopathic remedies to combat chronic inflammatory processes in the human body.
  4. Pokonnik - shows activity against not only bacterial, but also viral agents that provoke hypertrophy of the palatine tonsils. It has the ability to suppress the production of inflammatory mediators in tissues, and also removes excess fluid from them. Thereby helping to reduce the size of the adenoids.

The completely natural composition suggests that the medication is well tolerated by children. The product can be used as one of the components of complex treatment tactics - along with taking medications, rinsing with herbal decoctions, and speleotherapy.

Composition and properties

The main property of the phyto-homeopathic remedy Job-baby for adenoids is an anti-inflammatory and anti-edematous effect, which is due to the composition:

  • iodine – antibacterial effect, stimulation of thyroid function and immunity:
  • barberry extract – choleretic, anti-inflammatory and tonic effect;
  • pierced-leaved sapling - has a mucolytic, anti-inflammatory effect, helps reduce body temperature;
  • thuja leaf extract – antimicrobial, tonic effect.

IOV-baby for adenoidsWhat does JOB-baby look
like? The product has an unpleasant taste with a bitter aftertaste, so sugar is added to the composition to improve children's perception. All constituent ingredients are contained in microscopic quantities and act on the body according to a cumulative principle.

Product release form

The homeopathic remedy is offered by the manufacturer in the form of small round granules of white or cream color. They taste sweet and children really like them, but they have no smell. The granules are packaged in dark glass bottles of 20 grams.

Each bottle is placed in a cardboard box with an attached annotation. Also, for its low cost, “Job the Baby” receives positive reviews from parents for adenoids.

The price for a package of the product ranges from 200 rubles, depending on the markup of the pharmacy chain.

Job-Baby: composition, action, release form

Job-Baby (Barberry COMP) is a complex homeopathic anti-inflammatory remedy. It works very slowly. Treatment is required for several months, but the effect remains for life, and the first signs of improvement can be seen within 2-3 weeks.

Job-Baby - a homeopathic remedy for the treatment of adenoids in children

In addition, in addition to treating a specific disease, it has a beneficial effect on the entire body as a whole.


  • iodine (Iodum) D6*;
  • Western thuja (Thuja occidentalis) D12*;
  • berries of barberry (Berberis, fructus) D4*;
  • pierced-leaved sapling (Eupatorium perfoliatum) D6*;
  • excipients: granulated sugar.

*The letter D (or X) in homeopathy denotes a “decimal” (1:10) dilution. It is repeated many times, the number of repetitions is indicated by the number in front of the letter. For example, the label “iodine D6” means that the substance was diluted in a ratio of 1:1000000, where 1 is iodine and 1000000 is a solvent (water, alcohol, sugar).

The drug is produced in dark glass bottles containing spherical white granules with a gray or cream tint.

The instructions for the medicine state that it has an anti-inflammatory effect due to the components included in the composition.

Price: from 192 rubles.

It is important to understand that Job-Baby is a phyto-homeopathic (plant components diluted several thousand times), and not a phytotherapeutic remedy. It is quickly and completely absorbed in the oral cavity, then in the gastrointestinal tract. Does not form toxic compounds and does not accumulate in body tissues.

The website that produces it says the following: “The homeopathic drug Job-Kid was not invented theoretically, but was obtained on the basis of the family secrets of the author, a hereditary homeopathic physician. The experience of 3 generations of doctors is collected in this drug.” The medicine is approved by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation.

Interesting! Homeopathy is an alternative type of medical treatment, the effectiveness of which is not recognized by most doctors. Therapy is carried out using drugs that cause the same symptoms in a healthy person as in a patient. That is, the effect is achieved according to the principle of “like with like.” Moreover, all active substances in medicines are diluted several thousand times, therefore, in accordance with Avogadro’s number (the presence of various constituent particles in 1 mole of a substance: atoms, molecules, ions), their presence (even 1 molecule) in the finished drug may not be observed at all.

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