Drink plenty of fluids when you have a cold

Unfortunately, we all have to deal with the flu almost every year. It would seem that such a common disease should already be studied inside and out, and every person who has had it at least once (the number of such people in our country tends to 100%) should know the basic rules of its treatment. However, as the experience of doctors shows, things are different: often people, arrogantly believing that they know how to be treated, make mistakes.

It is worth understanding how to behave correctly if the seasonal epidemic has not bypassed you.

It should be understood that there are no effective medications that rid the body of the influenza virus. More precisely, there are, but they are used only in the most severe cases, since they are expensive and have side effects. As is the case with many other viral diseases, when treating influenza, the patient’s main task is to create optimal conditions for the body to cope with the disease on its own. Influenza is one of those diseases in the treatment of which it is not drug therapy that plays a decisive role, but the measures taken and home remedies.

The flu is transmitted by airborne droplets, so it is most likely to catch the virus during seasonal epidemics in areas where there are large crowds of people. If the disease has overtaken you, think about others: do not expose healthy people to the risk of infection, do not visit public places, even when the disease is mild and you feel relatively well. The more responsible you are in your public responsibilities, the less chance you will have of becoming infected during seasonal peaks of incidence each year.

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Unfortunately, our country still maintains an irresponsible attitude towards one’s health, expressed in ignoring the disease as much as possible. It is considered special valor to go to work or study, despite obvious signs of the flu. In fact, there is nothing positive in this either for the sick person or for those around him: in addition to the fact that such a person is a source of infection, his own body, weakened by the disease, experiences serious overload, which aggravates the course of the disease, prolongs ill health and contributes to the development of complications. The influenza virus is by no means harmless, since it not only causes a runny nose and fever, but also damages blood vessels and negatively affects the nervous system. Doctors say that most people hospitalized with a severe form of the flu or its complications, as well as those for whom the disease was fatal, found themselves in this situation precisely after trying to habitually endure a “cold” on their feet.

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The importance of drinking regime during a viral disease cannot be overestimated. When you have the flu, you should drink a lot; the formula “drink whenever you want” does not apply here: you need to drink more liquid than you want. It is advisable to keep a mug with drink within reach and fill it as soon as it is empty. As for drinks, it can be pure water (both with and without gas), tea with lemon, compote, fruit juice. The use of pharmaceutical solutions for rehydration (for example, Regidron) is encouraged, but this is not essential. The fluid entering the body helps remove toxins from it and creates optimal conditions for the functioning of the immune system, mobilized to fight the virus.

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During respiratory infections, the nasal mucosa is the most vulnerable place; it is the entrance gate of infection. In order for the defense mechanisms to function correctly, the mucous membrane needs to be hydrated. Saline solution copes with this task perfectly. In addition, it helps to cleanse the nose well and helps improve nasal breathing. The solution can be instilled with a pipette or injected with a spray; if it is necessary to cleanse the nasal passages, they are washed with a small rubber bulb. Any saline solution will do. Pharmacy sprays Aqua Maris, Marimer and the like work great, but they are very expensive, so they can easily and without loss of effect be replaced with a pharmaceutical saline solution (it is ten times cheaper). You can prepare a saline solution at home using sea salt or even regular table salt: dissolve 1/3 teaspoon of salt in 1 glass of boiled water.

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Unlike other acute respiratory viral infections, which rarely cause hyperthermia, influenza is almost always accompanied by fever. Antipyretics should not be taken at temperatures below 38 °C, since an increase in body temperature has an important therapeutic effect: it activates the body's defenses to fight infection. If the temperature rises above 38.5 °C, you can bring it down by taking paracetamol, or ibuprofen, or any other drug based on the ones mentioned (Nurofen, Bonifen, Dolgit, Tylenol, Calpol, Panadol, etc.). If you have the flu, you should not use acetylsalicylic acid (Aspirin) or medications containing it, since during a viral infection this medicine can cause severe (in some cases even fatal) complications, and children are especially vulnerable in this regard.

Complex products help eliminate the unpleasant symptoms of ARVI and maintain efficiency, but often contain phenylephrine, a substance that increases blood pressure, which gives a feeling of vigor, but can cause side effects from the cardiovascular system. Therefore, in some cases, it is better to choose a drug without components of this kind, for example, AntiGrippin from NaturProduct, which helps relieve the unpleasant symptoms of ARVI without causing an increase in blood pressure.

There are contraindications. It is necessary to consult a specialist.

Usually everyone knows that if you have a cold, drinking plenty of fluids is recommended. But it is important to drink healthy drinks.

Drinking for a cold

If a person has a cold, why do you need to drink a lot? The intake of a large amount of fluid leads to activation of blood circulation and intensive work of the kidneys. They begin to work in enhanced mode.

This is necessary in order to remove excess fluid from the body. However, along with it, metabolic products, as well as the vital activity of microorganisms and their toxins are also removed.

Thus, drinking plenty of fluids during a cold is necessary for the detoxification function. There is evidence that consuming large amounts of fluid during ARVI and influenza is comparable in effect on the body to therapy with infusion solutions (droppers).

Their operating principle is the same. A sick person receives a large amount of fluid, which is quickly excreted by the kidneys and at the same time neutralized.

In addition, drinking during ARVI and colds helps to cope with cough. It is especially effective if there is no sputum production. It is often difficult to cope with a dry cough even with the use of special medications. They are known by the following names:

  • Codterpin;
  • Sinecode;
  • Cough tablets.

But drinking during a cold is much safer because it has no side effects. In addition, during a productive cough, it will increase the discharge of sputum and help thin it.

Is hot drinking good for a cold?

Hot drinks

What does this drink do for ARVI and influenza? Previously, doctors often gave similar recommendations to patients, explaining that increased sweating and a decrease in temperature after drinking hot tea would speed up recovery. In addition, many patients noted that after such drinks, their runny nose disappeared for a while and their health improved.

Hot liquid warms up the body, giving the illusion of warmth and improved well-being. But these sensations are temporary, they are based on the distracting effect of hot drinks.

In fact, liquid at elevated temperatures can burn the mucous membranes of the oral cavity and pharynx, and cause discomfort in the esophagus and stomach. Sometimes the tongue also suffers. These burns are often extremely painful.

Warm drink has the same beneficial properties as hot drink, but without its disadvantages.

What should you drink if you have a cold or ARVI?

Healthy drinks

The following drinks are useful for colds:

  • Tea (lightly brewed black, green or herbal).
  • Milk (in moderation).
  • Decoctions of herbs (chamomile, rose hips, St. John's wort, sage).
  • Warm compote and fruit drink.
  • Fresh juices.
  • Heated alkaline water without gas.

Drinking plenty of fluids makes recovery easier. In addition, at high temperatures, fluid is quickly removed from the body, which leads to dehydration. It can develop unnoticed, especially in young children. Children should be constantly offered warmed up favorite drinks in small quantities to replenish fluid deficiency.

We have all heard about the mandatory 1.5 - 2 liters of water per day for each of us, but few people know about the 5-6 liters that a person needs to drink when he has a cold. Doctors recommend drinking at least 4 liters of balanced drink per day during cold seasons - this can be berry fruit drinks, juices diluted with water, or simply purified water with lemon. This will increase immunity and protect the body from various types of infections.

Proper nutrition for colds

dairy products for colds

What to eat for a cold

The basis of nutrition for colds should be fermented milk products and cottage cheese. These foods are rich in protein, are easily absorbed by the body, and also help it restore cells damaged by the virus. And if a person is being treated with antibiotics, then fermented milk drinks that are enriched with bifidocultures are simply necessary.

If you have no appetite?

Suppose we want to follow the rules of nutrition for a cold, but there is no appetite. During a person’s illness, it may often be absent. This is a sign that the body is fighting the infection with all its might. Therefore, at the beginning of the disease, you can get by mainly by drinking.

You can use chicken broth and add chopped garlic to it. This broth will act on the body like medicine. There is no need to worry about the lack of appetite, because when you feel better, it will be restored.

Powerful antiviral substances are found in peppers, radishes, garlic, onions and horseradish, but all of them can irritate the oral mucosa. It is better to add the juice of garlic, onion, and radish to honey, which softens their irritating properties and enhances their healing effects.

Many plants are natural antibiotics and phytoncides.

What else can you eat and what not?

During illness, it is better to eat boiled meat and fish. You should avoid smoked and fatty meats. You should also refrain from all kinds of sour marinades.

It is important to follow proper nutrition when you have a cold , not only if you are sick, but also for prevention. If you follow the rules of nutrition during the period of colds, then there will be no unnecessary stress on the human body, and it will resist diseases and, if anything, cope with them faster. Be healthy!


Traditional medicine recipes are most often used in combination with conventional treatment or as an addition to traditional treatment. Any recipe is good after consultation with a specialist.

Don't self-medicate!

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Why fruit drinks and drinks with lemon?

Who doesn’t know the properties of this miracle antioxidant? Ascorbic acid stimulates the immune system, so warm teas with lemon, fruit drinks, compotes, lemon water are an ideal liquid for the autumn-winter period. If you are sick, pay attention to drinking cranberries and raspberries. The first relieves inflammation, and the second lowers the temperature.

But keep in mind that vitamin C is destroyed at high temperatures, so it is better to fill all drinks with warm water. Frozen berries should also be thawed only at room temperature.

Warm and sour

November 1, 2020 UPDATED June 4, 2018

Everyone knows about the necessary 2 liters of water per day. About 3 - 4 liters for a sick person - no, so we’ll tell you. During this wonderful autumn-winter season, drinking plenty of fluids is just what the doctor ordered. Pediatrician, Russian National Research Medical University named after. N.I. Pirogova Maria Ionidis strongly recommends that during this period you make it a rule to drink sour drinks, even for prevention. If you are already sick, then “until the urine becomes so light that you can read a newspaper through it.” Below is an educational program from an experienced doctor for those who have already sensed something was wrong.
A virus is always an intoxication of the body, so it can only be “washed out.” By drinking plenty of fluids, you prevent infection from establishing itself in the stomach or oral cavity and remove toxins and waste generated as the body fights viruses. Drinking a lot is the main rule for a sick person.
Ascorbic acid stimulates the immune system and promotes the proliferation of fighter cells. Fruit drinks, compotes, tea with lemon, ginger and brewed currants and rosehips will “put” you on your feet. Cranberries will relieve inflammation, raspberries will bring down the temperature. It is important to know that vitamin C is destroyed in boiling water, so it is better to pour fresh and candied berries with warm water. Thaw frozen fruits only at room temperature.

The amount you drink matters - this way you will “wash out” toxins and gain strength to fight.

You cannot drink sour things if your throat is not clean.
With purulent sore throat and tonsillitis with plugs, the acid will only irritate the mucous membrane and aggravate the inflammation. If your throat hurts, you need to drink a lot, but not sour, but warm, clean water and herbal teas. Antiseptics - a decoction of chamomile, elderberry, thyme, oregano and linden blossom to help you. To increase your strength, drink milk with honey, butter and even Borjomi. Chicken broth is also a medicinal drink. Vitamin C can be taken for a sore throat, but only in tablets. Drinking scalding tea is not an option. Hot, just like acid, irritates the tonsils, and also wastes the body’s energy on cooling the liquid. The drink is easily absorbed into the stomach just above body temperature - 40–45 ºС.

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Sour and hot: the whole truth

In fact, a very sour drink is not good, especially if you have a sore throat or a sore throat. Ascorbic acid will only irritate the walls of the throat. Therefore, it is best to drink decoctions, herbal teas, Borjomi and milk. Chicken broth also works well. Very hot drinks are also not an option. They will act the same way as acid - irritating. In addition, the body will spend additional resources to cool the fluid.

The fact that both adults and children need to drink a lot when they have a cold or flu will be told to you by the doctor at the clinic, the neighbor’s grandmother who is wise with life experience, and regulars of any health forum. But it’s worth understanding why and what exactly to drink.

Not only for pleasure, but also for benefit

Drinking plenty of warm drinks will help cope with several manifestations of a cold or flu at once.


, warm drinks are needed to avoid dehydration. It usually occurs when the temperature rises. Even with a slight increase (up to 37°C), the body begins to fight overheating and produce a large amount of sweat, which removes heat and, evaporating, cools the skin. Overheating can be managed, but at the same time the body loses a lot of fluid. Drinking plenty of fluids helps replenish its contents. It is better that it is warm, then the body will not have to waste resources on warming the liquid, and it will be absorbed faster.


, increased fluid intake will accelerate the elimination of toxins - waste products of bacteria and viruses. This means that you will quickly get rid of aching bones, discomfort, general weakness and lethargy.


, the more we drink, the more intensely microorganisms are “washed away” from the mucous membrane of the throat, without having time to attach to it and multiply. For the same reason, it is advisable that plenty of fluids contain a lot of vitamin C, which forms an acidic environment that is harmful to pathogenic bacteria.

Finally, drinking plenty of fluid at a comfortable temperature, with a neutral taste, reduces discomfort in the throat - soreness, pain and difficulty swallowing.

Why are tea, milk and instant paracetamol not suitable?

Of course, the first thing that comes to mind is tea. Alas, tea for colds is the least healthy option. You can drink a cup or two of tea throughout the day. But a large amount of tea also causes dehydration, and the caffeine (theine) it contains creates extra stress on the liver. For the same reason, adults should not drink coffee as a heavy drink. And this drink is completely contraindicated for children.

Milk with honey will be useful for colds and flu, but only as a cough remedy and to soothe a sore throat. But as a heavy drink, milk with honey is not suitable for either children or adults. After all, doctors usually specify that you should drink about two liters a day. You won't be able to drink that much warm milk. In addition, in such quantities it is not very useful. And in adults, as they age, the absorption of milk protein stops. And as a result, an upset stomach may be added to a cold or flu.

Many people prefer medications to so-called folk remedies - in the form of soluble tablets or antipyretic powders for making drinks. But let's not confuse paracetamol (or other antipyretics) with drinking plenty of fluids! You should drink constantly, in large quantities and even at low temperatures. And drinks with paracetamol, even those that should be diluted in water, should be used when the temperature exceeds 39 ° C.

What to drink for colds and flu?

Oddly enough, if you compare all the requirements that a warm drink should satisfy for colds and colds, the choice will turn out to be small.

The most important condition is that the drink should be easily digestible and have no side effects. After all, the body is already fighting a cold, why does it need additional problems?

Experts advise drinking a liter or two of warm liquid. Therefore, the taste of the drink is very important, especially for a child.

And, besides, the drink should be easy to prepare. This is important both when you yourself are sick, which means you don’t have the strength to stand in the kitchen for a long time, and when your child is sick and spends all the time on his treatment.

Therefore, traditionally, compotes and fruit drinks played the role of abundant drinking. Now they have added another effective remedy: Breathe drinks: with propolis for adults and with linden for children. They are easy to prepare and convenient to use.

Dyshi drinks are available in the form of powders packaged in sachets. To prepare the drink, simply pour the powder from one sachet into a mug and add warm water. There are no components in the composition of Dyshi drinks that would limit their use, for example, paracetamol or phenylephrine. But each drink contains useful substances that help fight colds and flu: the adult drink Breathe, in addition to propolis, contains extracts of sage, thyme and ginger, as well as vitamin C. And the drink for children contains linden, chamomile, vitamin C and zinc. The taste of the drinks is pleasant and does not become boring with frequent consumption.

Drink with propolis

Drink with linden for children

When doctors recommend drinking plenty of warm drinks, you should not take such a recommendation as something additional to the main treatment and optional. Even an ordinary compote will help speed up recovery. And Breathe drinks will not only speed up the fight against colds and flu, but will also make it effective, safe and pleasant to the taste.

Turn on the power of nature! Breathe!

The flu is a serious illness: it lasts for at least two weeks and is accompanied by fever, chills, nausea and muscle pain. Another thing is ARVI: runny nose, cough, not too high temperature - in a word, not a disease, but nonsense. Why go to the doctor, take sick leave, if you can fill up on antiviral drugs and run to work the next day? This is what most of us think and do. Alas, we are making a serious mistake. This, at first glance, is a completely harmless disease, but if it is started or treated incorrectly, it can lead to such unpleasant complications as heat stroke, internal bleeding, and even heart problems.

The healthiest and most dangerous drinks for colds have been revealed

— They usually advise drinking more to “flush” the infection from the body. But in fact, with drinking when you have a cold, not everything is so simple, says otolaryngologist Anatoly Smirnitsky. — If the patient is on bed rest, then you should not drink more than 2 liters of fluid per day. In addition, drinking excess fluid increases the load on the heart and kidneys. Therefore, without fanaticism.

You should not rely on teas and infusions with a diuretic effect, for example, lingonberry leaf . You can drink decoctions with an anti-inflammatory component, for example, tea with chamomile, thyme, or sage. But no more than 2-3 cups a day.

Jelly is very good , especially blueberry (this berry has expectorant properties), cranberry (there is a lot of vitamin C and antioxidants). In addition, jelly envelops mucous membranes. After all, many medications (acetylsalicylic acid, combined analgesics, for example), which we traditionally take for colds, injure the gastric mucosa. Kissel and a very satisfying product. This is also a useful point, because when you have a cold you don’t really want to eat.

For viral infections, alkaline mineral waters with a moderately saturated mineral composition , that is, table waters, are good. You should not drink more than a glass of medicinal mineral water per day. There are a lot of salts there, the water-salt balance of the body can be disrupted, and this will damage the kidneys and heart function.

To relieve a feverish state, berry fruit drinks with a sour taste, for example, black currants and cranberries, are useful.

But you should avoid strong tea and coffee when you have a severe cold . They, thanks to caffeine, increase heart rate. But cocoa , thanks to the substance theobromine contained in cocoa beans, suppresses cough. This is especially true for a painful dry cough. So a cup of cocoa with milk will be very helpful if you have a bad cold. In addition, warm milk softens the throat.

By the way, if your throat hurts, then don’t drink sweet sodas . The bubbles “scratch” the larynx and can intensify the inflammatory process.

As for the most traditional anti-cold drink - raspberry tea , this berry actually contains salicylic acid. Therefore, according to their properties, brewed raspberries or jam from them have an antipyretic and diaphoretic effect. But at the same time, a large amount of raspberries is contraindicated for heart disease - it can cause arrhythmia and also reduces kidney function.

In addition, indulging in tea with raspberry jam is not advisable for those who take anticoagulants - blood thinning drugs (aspirin, warfarin, thrombo-ass, etc.). This can cause weakness, dizziness and even bleeding - from the nose, for example. For the same reasons, you should not combine raspberries with aspirin.

Caution: medications!

“All medications that are sold without a doctor’s prescription are absolutely safe. The more pills I take and the instant powder I drink, the faster I’ll be cured!” Guided by these misconceptions, people who are sick with ARVI buy antiviral drugs in packs and take them beyond measure. And they forget that any pill, even the most harmless one, is a “chemical” that can bring not only benefit, but also harm.

Ascorbic acid is the cause of allergies

. Vitamin C is the main fighter against viruses that cause colds. Everyone knows about this, some even think that if they eat a loading dose of ascorbic acid, ARVI will go away as if by magic. As a result, home-grown healers, slightly sniffling and sneezing a couple of times, immediately run to the pharmacy and buy a dozen sachets of soluble or effervescent vitamin C. And they forget that, firstly, the body will never absorb more useful substances than it needs required. So this is a waste of both time and money. Secondly, against the backdrop of a raging ARVI, when all body systems are weakened, an overdose of ascorbic acid can lead to allergies, problems with the liver and blood.

Pills damage the immune system

. Today, the shelves in pharmacies are literally littered with all kinds of antiviral drugs. Therefore, at the first signs of a cold, most of us do not have the question “what to do?” We rush headlong for the medicine we know and begin to take it according to the instructions. If you do the same, don’t be surprised that ARVI, instead of going away in three days, torments you for a whole week. Miracle pills really fight viruses, but the problem is that there are thousands of these “pests”! There is no guarantee that the drug chosen at random is aimed at destroying the pathogens of your particular ARVI. However, uncontrolled use of antiviral drugs is not only senseless, but also a dangerous idea. Don’t forget, any pill is a blow to your liver, albeit a small one (it cleanses the body of “chemicals”). If you overdo it with medications, you risk incapacitating her.

By the way, immunomodulators (tablets and mixtures to strengthen the body’s defenses) are also not as harmless as they seem. Nowadays, only the lazy don’t drink them all year round to prevent and treat colds. In such volumes, drugs become dangerous: they can “break” the human immune system. Doctors note that in recent years the number of autoimmune diseases (in which the body produces substances that destroy healthy tissue) has increased significantly. And immunomodulators are partly to blame for this.

Antibiotics don't work

. You have a date tomorrow, an important conversation with your boss, a plane to the Maldives (underline as appropriate), and a sudden cold threatens to put an end to your plans. It’s not surprising that you decided to take the extreme measure of antibiotics. Not the most useful, but a killer pill that will definitely get you back on your feet in no time! This is a terrible mistake. Antibiotics are directed against bacteria; they treat sore throat, pneumonia, sinusitis, but not ARVI, because it is a viral disease. You can eat a ton of pills, but your cold won't go away. In this case, the antibiotic will act like a tractor, indiscriminately killing all the beneficial bacteria living in your body. And this is fraught with dysbacteriosis.

When you decide to treat yourself with an antibiotic, think about the fact that bacteria, like cockroaches, are very tenacious: they gradually get used to the poison, mutate, change, and eventually stop responding to it. Therefore, you should not once again feed your body with killer pills. Otherwise, when you really need antibiotic treatment, they won't work.

Don't lower your temperature with aspirin

. Another common mistake associated with the treatment of ARVI is a manic desire to bring down the temperature. Of course, a fever is not the most pleasant thing that has happened to you in your life, however, as long as the thermometer does not exceed 38.5º C, you should endure it. A sweaty forehead is a sign that the body has mobilized its defenses and is trying in every way to destroy viruses that die at high temperatures. By reducing it, you will feel a temporary improvement, but in fact you will prolong the course of the disease, because the unfinished “infection” will continue to live in your body.

If the temperature is still too high (39° C or more), it needs to be brought down, but in no case with aspirin. Remember once and for all: all over the world, doctors prescribe acetylsalicylic acid to thin the blood, and only in Russia it is taken as an antipyretic. Apparently, this habit has remained with us since Soviet times, when it was impossible to find anything in pharmacies except brilliant green and aspirin. The latter, by the way, if you overdo the dose, can cause internal bleeding.

Powders cause vomiting

. Soluble powders with the taste of raspberry, apple, honey and lemon - here it is, a panacea for ARVI! I drank three sachets and you feel great. You can return to your usual activities: go to work, go shopping and meet friends in a cafe. Keep in mind that the feeling of complete recovery is deceptive. Such drugs only relieve symptoms: paracetamol, which is part of them, reduces fever, phenylephrine eliminates nasal congestion, and pheniramine relieves pain and aching joints. However, the powders have no effect on the virus itself. They are good for emergencies when you need to come to your senses and be in shape for a couple of hours: for example, if your boss called you urgently, you need to meet your mother from the train or pick up your child from kindergarten. But they cannot be treated. Firstly, by eliminating symptoms, these drugs deprive the body of the ability to fight viruses on its own. Secondly, if you drink one packet more, you can get an unpleasant bouquet of side effects: allergies, nausea, abdominal pain, dizziness, increased blood pressure and urinary retention.

Drops dry the mucous membrane

. A stuffy nose is perhaps the most unpleasant symptom of ARVI. Nobody wants to toss and turn without sleep, unable to breathe, gasp for air and whine, so people with colds abuse vasoconstrictor drops with all their might. And in vain. A runny nose, like a fever, is a protective reaction: together with the unpleasant mucus flowing from the nose, our body is freed from viruses. And the drops stop this process. However, this is not the only danger. There is a high risk of addiction to such drugs. If this suddenly happens, you have every chance of developing a chronic runny nose. And the abuse of vasoconstrictors is fraught with atrophy of the nasal mucosa. Drops dry it out and thereby reduce its protective functions. Having freed yourself from the infection that is tormenting you at the moment, you will immediately pick up some new virus: they are known to be transmitted by airborne droplets. If you don't want to get sick all year round, don't get carried away with drops.

Don't listen to grandma

You are deeply mistaken if you think that herbal inhalations, mustard plasters, teas with honey and other traditional methods of treating ARVI, unlike tablets, are absolutely safe, because they contain only herbal ingredients and not an ounce of “chemistry”. Grandmother's recipes can also worsen the course of the disease.

Don't drink alcohol

. Don’t listen to your lover admonishing you: “Honey, a glass of vodka with pepper or a glass of hot mulled wine is the best cure for a cold!” Of course, for some people, a small amount of alcohol helps cope with the disease. Still, alcohol has a disinfecting and antiseptic effect. But this does not mean that the medicine will suit you too. Not only do strong drinks weaken the immune system, alcohol also has a far worse effect on a sore throat: it irritates the mucous membrane, which means you are guaranteed a coughing attack after a shot of vodka!

But if you don’t have an antipyretic on hand, you can dilute vodka half and half with water and wipe your body with this solution. After the procedure, the blood vessels will dilate and blood flow will increase - heat transfer will increase. This means you will lower your temperature.

Forget about milk

. Three mugs of hot milk with honey and four cups of tea with raspberry jam - your body is covered in sweat, your stomach is heavy, but you are happy, like a boa constrictor: “I’ll be fine tomorrow! Drinking plenty of fluids helps to cope with the disease, because toxins that poison the body leave the body along with sweat and urine!” You would hardly torture yourself in this way if you knew that scalding drinks would further injure your sore throat. The drink should be warm, but not hot. In addition, many people do not have the enzyme in their bodies that is responsible for processing milk. If you are one of them, have no doubt that you will get indigestion and diarrhea as a bonus to ARVI. As for honey and jam, they are not as good as they seem. A large amount of sweets provokes a sharp release of insulin into the blood, which is inevitably followed, as doctors say, by failure. It is characterized by drowsiness and loss of strength. And these symptoms against the backdrop of a raging disease will only worsen your well-being. To recover as quickly as possible, you need to drink a lot of warm still water. The average amount of fluid required per day for a healthy person is calculated based on body weight - 30 ml per kilogram. It turns out that a woman weighing about 70 kg needs 2 liters per day. If she is unwell, another 500 ml should be added.

Don't sweat

. Some sick comrades feel that monstrously hot sugary drinks are not enough. To heal with phenomenal speed, they act completely radically: after drinking scalding milk, they immediately put on woolen socks, sweaters and wrap themselves in blankets. Those who like to sweat are guided by the rule: the more you sweat, the sooner you will get back on your feet. On the one hand, this is a correct assumption, but on the other hand, the heat transfer processes of a person wrapped in a “cocoon” are disrupted. And this contributes to a sharp deterioration in well-being, even to the point of loss of consciousness! That's why you shouldn't dress like you're going to the North Pole. When body temperature rises, everything must be done to ensure that the body has the opportunity to lose heat: clothing should be loose and light. You should also ventilate the room as often as possible to clean it of “own” viruses. The optimal temperature in the room is 20-22° C.

Medicines from nature

Couldn't you avoid catching a cold? Don't get carried away with medications! The first rule is to drink plenty of fluids: this will moisturize the mucous membrane of the upper respiratory tract and help “wash away” viruses and toxins. For coughs and runny noses, the hotter the tea, the better, but if you have a sore throat, you can only drink warm tea, otherwise the inflammation of the mucous membranes of the mouth and pharynx may worsen. Raspberries and honey are added to tea.

Pharmacy herbal teas with sage, chamomile, and thyme are also useful. Fruit drinks made from cranberries and lingonberries will help reduce the temperature. It is advisable to drink fruit juices freshly squeezed, not canned, and be sure to dilute them halfway with water so as not to irritate the mucous membranes. Jelly is also very useful, especially blueberry, it helps remove phlegm when coughing.

Expert opinion

Alexander Ermanok, cardiologist:

Many people take ARVI very lightly and, contrary to the recommendations of doctors, suffer the disease on their feet. This behavior is fraught with unpleasant consequences. The fact is that the body’s resources are not infinite: if they are not enough at the same time for a full social life and the fight against the disease, the immune system may not react correctly to the infection. There is a chance that viruses will travel through the bloodstream to the heart and cause an autoimmune reaction. The body will begin to perceive the infected cells as enemies and will begin to attack them. As a result, a person may develop cardiomyopathy (a disorder of the structure and function of the heart muscle).

Vitalia Zakharova, director of the Healing clinic:

Hot foot baths, mustard plasters and cups dilate blood vessels and improve blood circulation, which is why all processes in the body, including the fight against viruses, begin to take place at an accelerated pace.

However, this doesn't mean you should stick your heels in a bowl of boiling water at the first sign of a cold. This will only aggravate the course of the disease and increase the already high temperature. Remember: any procedures related to warming the body can be done when the peak of the disease passes and the fever subsides. This usually happens somewhere on the third to fifth day after infection, not earlier.

Why is dehydration dangerous when you have a cold?

For the normal course of biochemical reactions, a liquid medium is required, so the tissues of the adult human body are almost 70% water. In children this figure is even higher and reaches 85%.

Even seemingly insignificant dehydration, in which about 1% of fluid is lost, leads to weakness and lethargy, deterioration in general well-being, and decreased immunity. Therefore, it is very important to always observe the correct drinking regime, and especially during periods of illness.

An increase in body temperature of just 1°C speeds up metabolic processes several times and increases sweating. In addition, a sick person’s breathing rate increases, and with each exhalation, moisture is also lost. As a result, total fluid losses increase by 10-12%.

Dehydration during a cold increases the fever, delays the recovery period, and provokes the development of complications. Lack of fluid is especially dangerous for children in the first years of life and the elderly: in the former, it provokes the development of convulsive seizures, and in the latter, thrombosis.

Treatment according to the rules

Stay home for three days

. You will be able to fully recover from ARVI no sooner than in a week. If you can't afford to spend all this time at home in bed, try to at least not go outside for the first three days. This period is considered the peak of the disease, when the body is especially weak, because all its strength is spent fighting the virus. If you run around the streets, you risk a bunch of complications.

Reduce your temperature with paracetamol

. You can reduce a fever that is too high with paracetamol or drugs based on it. Unlike aspirin, it does not thin the blood.

Call the doctor

. Only a doctor will be able to determine which virus caused your illness and choose the right drug that will quickly get you back on your feet. Without a prescription, you can only take liquid interferon, first diluting it in water. It is safer for the body than other antiviral drugs.

Do some inhalation

. On the 3-5th day after the onset of the disease, start steam inhalations, which ease coughing and sputum discharge. Alternate eucalyptus and soda: the former loosen mucus well, the latter soften the throat.

Put it in your nose.

Oil-based drops will help you eliminate nasal congestion, which, unlike others, do not dry out the mucous membrane. The ideal option is to alternate such drugs with absolutely safe and non-addictive salt solutions.

Eat foods with vitamins

. Take vitamin C without exceeding the daily dose - 60-70 mg. By the way, it is more useful to get ascorbic acid not from tablets, but from products: freshly squeezed juices diluted with water (1 glass per day), sauerkraut (400 g), bell pepper (1 large fruit).

Often and little by little

At the beginning of the disease, you don’t feel like eating at all, this is a natural reaction of the body: it fiercely repels the attack of viruses, it “has no time” to be distracted by digesting food. You can fast for a day or two, but it is necessary to provide at least a minimal supply of energy. The two main principles in nutrition at this time are light meals and split meals every 2-3 hours. That is, you can eat an omelet from one egg, washed down with tea and lemon.

Article on the topic

Moscow's chief infectious disease specialist: Peak incidence of influenza and ARVI is expected after the winter holidays

Next time - two tablespoons of cottage cheese or drink a glass of milk (low fat) with honey. Other options are a cup of cocoa or strong chicken broth.

By the way, chicken broth is an excellent fighter against colds: thanks to cysteine, it relieves swelling of the mucous membrane and nasal congestion, thins mucus, transforming a cough from dry to wet and thereby preventing possible complications. But it is necessary to cook the broth from a whole chicken - the maximum “medicinal” substances are provided by the skin and paws of the bird.

Stars about colds

Nikolay Noskov


I don't like pills. I just don't have confidence in them. A person without special education cannot understand what medications contain, but they can not only be beneficial, but also harmful. Therefore, at the first signs of a cold, I resort to traditional methods of treatment: I take badger fat, melt it, drink two spoons - and it relieves the symptoms as if by hand.


— It seems to me that at the initial stage of ARVI you should not stuff yourself with pills. Traditional medicine recipes cope well with some symptoms. For example, if I have a sore throat, I drink hot tea with honey or raspberry jam. And when I have a runny nose, I put beetroot juice in my nose. But if the disease has progressed to a more severe form, you cannot do without qualified medical help.

Elena Proklova

— Fortunately, I rarely get sick. Because I carry out general strengthening and wellness procedures. I have always adored the Russian bathhouse; When I leave the steam room, I definitely swim in the ice hole. Now I’ve started dousing myself with cold water, regardless of whether I go to the bathhouse or not. This is an amazing help for the body! You pour a bucket of ice water on yourself outside and feel great all day.


- Tea with honey, inhalations over boiled potatoes, healing herbal infusions - all this is not for me. I am skeptical about traditional medicine and do not believe that my grandmother’s recipes can quickly get me back on my feet. When I realize that I have caught a cold, I immediately go to the doctor. I need fast and, most importantly, effective treatment. I can't afford to be sick for a long time.

What can you drink if you have a cold?

You can ensure that you drink plenty of fluids through different drinks. Based on your taste and desire, they use compotes, fruit drinks (currant ones are especially good), plain water, teas, and herbal decoctions. But there is one important point: the drink should not be too cold or too hot. It is believed that the drink will work faster if its temperature is closer to body temperature.

If you have a sweet tooth, then you will be pleased with the recipe for a drink with honey: add 1 tbsp. l. honey into tea or milk and stir thoroughly. Remember that tea or milk should not be hot so that honey does not lose its beneficial properties. If you like sour things, then drink cranberry juice.

How not to get sick

1. Don't wear jeans

Don't wear tight clothes - skinny jeans and tight dresses. To prevent frost from reaching your body, there must be a layer of air between it and your clothes.

2. Add cinnamon and ginger

If you are still cold, when you come home, drink tea with a pinch of cinnamon or ginger added. A drink with these spices will not only warm you up, but will also help you avoid colds after hypothermia.

3. Rub your brushes

Before going outside, rub your feet and hands with a brush or hard towel. Massage is a great way to strengthen blood vessels, and therefore improve blood circulation.

4. Don't smoke

Nicotine causes spasms of small blood vessels. This is why neither woolen socks nor warm gloves protect smokers from the cold.

5. Eat potatoes

Eat more potatoes, spinach and celery. These vegetables are rich in potassium, which improves blood circulation and helps the body resist cold.

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