Menovazin: costs a penny, but treats 13 diseases! Why didn't I know this before?!

Composition of menovazine and the effect of all its components

The composition of the menovazine solution includes the following substances:

  • menthol - has a distracting effect, creating a feeling of slight coolness in the application area, and also enhances the effect of anesthetics - benzocaine and procaine;
  • Procaine – has a moderate analgesic effect due to its ability to block sodium channels. This makes it possible to inhibit electrical impulses that are formed in the nerve endings;
  • benzocaine – inhibits the occurrence and conduction of nerve impulses, acts superficially;
  • ethyl alcohol (70%) – excipient.

Release form

The solution is available in dark glass bottles of 25, 40, 50 milliliters. It is transparent and colorless, and has a distinct menthol smell. Sold freely in all pharmacies.


The main components of Menovazin are the following active substances:

  • Menthol in the form of levomenthol. The main task of menthol is to relieve pain, due to irritation of nerve endings and dilation of capillaries, and to increase the strength of the anesthetic components. It is worth noting that when applying the product to the skin, the child feels cool, distracting from pain and discomfort at the site of the bruise. In addition, mint essential oil has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic properties, has stimulating, tonic properties, and a pleasant aroma. The mass fraction of levomenthol in 100 ml of Menovazin solution is 2.5 g;
  • Novocaine (procaine). Acts as a local anesthetic, relieving pain in the affected area. 100 ml of the drug contains 1 g of substance;
  • Anestezin (benzocaine). The proportion of this analgesic component is similar to the first anesthetic.

An additional component and at the same time a base in the solution is 70% ethanol (ethyl alcohol), while Menovazin ointment is a mixture of petroleum jelly and petroleum jelly.

The product is produced in opaque glass bottles, the volume of which varies from 25 to 100 ml. The ointment is sold in hermetically sealed tubes, net - 40 g.

The main action of menovazine

The solution has a combined effect:

  • painkillers,
  • distracting;
  • warming (weakly expressed);
  • antipruritic.

Menovazin relieves symptoms of many diseases accompanied by pain and itching of the skin, and is often used in the treatment of a runny nose.

After applying menovazine to the skin, the substance is concentrated only in the upper layers of the dermis, which does not allow the drug to penetrate the systemic bloodstream.

Mechanism of action

Menovazin is a combination drug. Used externally. Available in two forms: as an alcohol solution and as an ointment. The pharmacological effect of the drug is due to the menthol, procaine and anesthesin salts included in its composition. The drug in liquid form contains 70% alcohol.

It has pronounced anesthetic and analgesic properties. Effective in combating itching when applied to the skin. By improving blood supply to tissues when used topically, it has anti-edema, moderate anti-inflammatory effects:

  • Menthol - affects superficial receptors, causing their irritation. Thanks to this distracting effect, pain is reduced. Helps improve tissue trophism. The mechanism of its action extends not only to the receptor endings of nerve fibers, but also to small and larger components of the vascular bed. When applied to the skin, the cooling sensation is gradually replaced by a pleasant tingling sensation. It has mild antiseptic properties, relieves swelling and inflammation. Menthol is a drug that is successfully used in the treatment of colds to ease breathing, suppress the debilitating cough reflex, and runny nose. Inhalations using this essential oil have a good therapeutic effect in the treatment of sinusitis, nasal congestion, and severe headaches. The use of menthol helps to quickly eliminate vascular spasms. Has a calming effect on the nervous system.
  • Procaine is a local anesthetic. The analgesic effect is due to the ability to influence the interaction of calcium and sodium ions in the channels of cell membranes. It is practically not absorbed when applied topically, has a pronounced superficial effect, without penetrating into the general bloodstream. It has a short-term analgesic effect. Eliminates vascular spasm, improving trophic characteristics in tissues. Its pharmacological analogue is novocaine.
  • Anestezin (benzocaine) - refers to local analgesic drugs. The main mechanism of the analgesic effect is the blocking of pain impulses passing along the nerve fibers. Effectively fights itching. Anestezin is widely used in medical practice to obtain a pronounced analgesic effect in the treatment of toothache and to relieve pain in otitis externa. Used as a local anesthetic when performing endoscopic procedures. It is prescribed in the presence of ulcerative lesions on the surface of the skin and mucous membranes of the throat and nose, with aphthous stomatitis, gingivitis, for the treatment of inflammatory diseases of the ENT organs, accompanied by violations of the integrity of the integument and severe pain.
  • 70% ethyl alcohol, which is part of the liquid product, enhances the effect of other components, has warming, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory properties.

Thanks to this composition, all active components have synergism, enhancing each other’s therapeutic effects. The solution and ointment are characterized by an exclusively local effect, practically without penetrating into the bloodstream, and have no systemic effect on the body. This property of the drug is widely used when prescribing Menovazine therapy courses for children, pregnant women and during breastfeeding.

Important: treatment with Menovazin is not independent and etiotropic. The drug is used only as part of complex therapy as a symptomatic remedy that helps alleviate the manifestations of the underlying disease.

Dosages and use of menovazine

The solution is applied to painful areas or itchy areas by rubbing, the procedure is performed up to three times a day. No more than 5 ml of menovazine is used per rubbing. The duration of use of the drug is determined by the doctor; on average, the course of treatment lasts from 7 to 20 days.

If there is a pronounced therapeutic effect, as well as positive tolerability of menovazine, the course of treatment is recommended to be repeated after a 14-day break.

Important! During treatment, the solution is not allowed to penetrate the mucous membranes. If the solution accidentally gets into the eyes or other areas of the mucous membranes, it is necessary to immediately rinse the affected area with water. After rubbing, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and lubricate with nourishing cream.

In case of severe allergies and swelling, take any antihistamine (suprastin, tavegil, claritin, erius) and seek help from a doctor. If the solution gets into the stomach, induce vomiting and take enterosorbents, or even better, call an ambulance team, which will carry out a qualified lavage of the esophagus and stomach.

Read about the secrets of using Erius to treat a runny nose here.

Use of Menovazin for other diseases

Menovazin is often recommended for use when a cold occurs on the lips. If unpleasant symptoms appear in the form of burning, itching, tingling, it is worth lubricating the affected area. For such purposes, it is better to use a cotton pad or swab. When applying, it is advised to avoid contact with the skin of the lips, as you can get a chemical burn.

Menovazin can also be used for discomfort in the ears. Typically, boric alcohol is used for such purposes. But if you don’t have it at home, then Menovazin will be an excellent replacement.

To do this, roll the cotton wool into a flagellum and soak it in the solution. Then carefully insert it into the ear canal. You can resort to another method. Soak a cotton pad with alcohol tincture and apply to the back area behind the ear. You need to stand for about twenty minutes. These manipulations need to be repeated up to two to three times a day.

If the patient suffers from insomnia, then Menovazin will help here too. To do this, you need to moisten a cotton pad with the solution and wipe it over the temples, ears and neck. After fifteen minutes, the patient will be able to fall asleep without the use of various sleeping pills.

Menovazin is often used to treat hemorrhoids. This problem is quite delicate, so many patients try to find a solution on their own. This tool will come to the rescue.

Menovazin will help relieve pain and relieve itching and burning in the anal area. To do this, you need to take a cotton pad and soak it in the solution, then apply a little of any nourishing ointment. Apply to the affected area for fifteen minutes.

If the patient experiences a strong burning sensation, then the procedure should be stopped. If the body reacts normally, these manipulations should be carried out up to three times a day.

It is worth noting that the use of Menovazin is contraindicated in cases of bleeding, fissures in the anus, proctitis and thrombosis.

Menovazin for runny nose during pregnancy

The drug is prescribed only by the attending physician, and in cases where the benefits of using menovazine outweigh the risk of side effects. Due to the fact that the effect of menovazine is superficial, the risks are likely to be minimal.

During pregnancy, your doctor may recommend menovazine for the following conditions:

  • varicose veins;
  • swelling of the legs;
  • back pain;
  • heaviness in the legs;
  • joint pain.

Having carefully studied the official instructions, we come to the conclusion that menovazin is a drug for external use only, and is not applied to the mucous membranes. But what about the huge number of reviews on the Internet about the treatment of pharyngitis, sore throat, runny nose and other diseases with menovazin?

Contraindications and side effects

Since the product does not enter the bloodstream, its use is relatively safe. There are a number of side effects:

  • dermatitis;
  • skin irritation
  • headache;
  • general weakness,
  • dizziness;
  • changes in blood pressure.

The drug should not be applied if you are allergic to any of its components; contact with open wounds, burns or eczema should be avoided. Do not put the substance in your nose or take it orally. If the drug gets on the mucous membranes of the throat, nose or eyes, they should be rinsed thoroughly with cold water. When the patient experiences a strong burning sensation, the procedure should be stopped immediately. Children under 18 years of age are not recommended to take the drug. Although some pediatricians consider Menovazin safe for them.

Can a runny nose be treated with menovazine?

This treatment of rhinitis does not belong to official medicine, but to folk medicine. It is unlikely that in an otolaryngologist’s office you will hear a prescription for treating a runny nose with menovazine.

In some reviews, patients write about the use of menovazine in the form of nasal drops. This should under no circumstances be allowed. The consequences can be unpredictable.

The instructions for the drug clearly warn about the danger of getting the drug (menovazine) on the mucous membranes.

There are many positive reviews on the Internet about the treatment of sinusitis and various forms of runny nose with the help of menovazine. Compresses are applied to the area of ​​the maxillary and frontal sinuses. The solution is rubbed onto the affected areas, and gauze pads are simply applied on top. After such procedures, pain goes away and swelling decreases.

Rubbing the temples, throat and area behind the ears is also effective. Menovazin in these parts of the body helps get rid of diseases of the nasopharynx, otitis media, and headaches.

Menovazin is not the main remedy for the treatment of runny nose and sinusitis, but a distracting one, in other words, it relieves accompanying symptoms: pain, swelling, heaviness. Therefore, only a doctor should select the necessary therapy in each individual case.

As for the treatment of runny nose with menovazine in children, the drug is used here only after receiving instructions from a doctor. If you treat a cold on your own, then it is better to fight a runny nose with more proven means, for example:

  • Polydexa;
  • Miramistin;
  • Thuja oil;
  • Aloe;
  • Kalanchoe and others.

Now let's look at a few reviews about the use of menovazine for a runny nose.

Indications and contraindications

The use of the drug is indicated in the following cases:

  • soreness in the muscle fibers;
  • arthralgia;
  • injuries of the ankle and knee joints;
  • thoracalgia;
  • sciatica;
  • as a drug that eliminates itching in various types of dermatological pathologies.

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Experts recommend its use for patients with sinusitis, despite the fact that the instructions do not contain information regarding this topic. “Menovazin” has especially proven itself in folk medicine. The drug perfectly fights swelling and pain, which are faithful companions of sinusitis. “Menovazin” is advisable to use for sore throat, insomnia and flu.

The medicine helps get rid of headaches. To do this, just wipe your temples or part of your forehead.

Contraindications include:

  • children under 6 years of age;
  • inflammatory skin diseases;
  • reaction from the body to individual components of the drug;
  • skin injuries in the area of ​​the inflamed area;
  • burn.

Girls and women should pay attention to the use of Menovazin during cosmetic procedures. First of all, this applies to chemical peels. It is prohibited to immediately apply the drug to the skin. After the peeling procedure, at least 2 weeks should pass. Then the skin will not be subject to additional damage.

Using menovazin - 18 ways that not everyone knows about | PATHWAYS TO HEALTH

Hello, friends! Today we’ll find out what uses of menovazine are – 18 ways that not everyone knows about. Menovazine is a cheap drug at the pharmacy price, it is not advertised, but it is so powerful that it outshines the expensive advertised drugs.

Menovazin easily copes with unbearable pain, since it is an anesthetic, and so light that it can be used even during pregnancy.

Don’t forget about this miracle medicine, it should always be at hand. If you have a cold neck, a cold sore on your lips, or your joints begin to ache, apply menovazine and the problems will go away.

Menovazin: who produces it and composition:

Menovazine is produced in Russia and Ukraine.

In 100 ml. menovazine contains: Menthol – 2.5 g – local irritant.

After contact with the skin, menthol penetrates deep into the nerve endings, therefore it effectively relieves itching and has a cooling effect. Menthol dilates blood vessels, therefore facilitating the penetration of other active substances to the nerve endings and relieving pain.

Novocaine – 1 g – local anesthetic, helps reduce pain.

Benzocaine – 1 g – local anesthetic. It dampens pain impulses in nerve endings.

The rest is 70% ethyl alcohol.

Menovazine is also produced in the form of an ointment.


The use of menovazin for angina

As soon as you feel the first signs of a sore throat, pour a little menovazine into your palm. Lightly rub the neck and the junction of the neck and head. Do not apply a compress under any circumstances - it can burn.

Just apply and don't cover it with anything. As a rule, a sore throat subsides.

Note : Be sure to wash your hands after taking menovazine.

If you get it in your mouth or eyes with unwashed hands, it will sting very much.


If there is heaviness in the back, it can be relieved by lubricating the back with menovazine.


Before going to bed, take a cotton pad, moisten it with menovazine and wipe the back of your neck from ear to ear. You will sleep much more soundly than before using menovazine. Insomnia will gradually go away! No sleeping pills!

Pain in women's breasts and mammary glands

Lubricate the sore spots with menovazine. It will relieve inflammation of the mammary glands.

Note: Menovazine should not be used for cancer.

Heart pain, headache, toothache

The use of menovazin for heart pain

Apply menovazine to the circumference of your ears twice a day. For headaches, lubricate your temples, forehead and back of your head.

Varicose veins

For varicose veins, menovazin relieves the sensations of leg swelling, heaviness, and pain. Lubricate your feet with menovazine and then move up your legs with stroking circular movements.

Ear inflammation

Soak a cotton pad with menovazine, make wicks and insert into your ears.


use of menovazin for sinusitis and colds

To relieve swelling and pain from sinusitis, lubricate the area of ​​the maxillary sinuses with menovazine and massage lightly. To enhance the anesthesia effect, you can put several layers of dry gauze on your face. Menovazin does not cure a sinus infection, it only alleviates the condition. Moreover, it significantly reduces pain, pus and mucus.


Soak a cotton swab with menovazine and apply it to the anus for just 1 minute. It will sting, be patient. But the bumps will shrink and heal.


If a herpes sore has popped up on your lip, or is just about to pop up, it itches, apply a cotton pad soaked in menovazine to your lip, or apply menovazine ointment. Do this 5 times a day, and the sore will go away in two days.

Little mobility in joints

It is especially useful for older people to lubricate the feet and popliteal grooves with menovazine once a day. This will restore mobility to the joints and reduce pain in the legs.

Anti-cellulite mask

Menovazine should be added to any cosmetic cream, stirred and applied to problem areas of cellulite...


Rub menovazin into your forehead and temples.

Runny nose

Sniff menovazine through each nostril one by one.


For coughs and bronchitis, rub your back and chest with menovazine, then wrap yourself in a woolen scarf and go to bed. Two or three such procedures are enough, and the cough will go away.


Lubricate the neck at the back of the head with menovazine, then the spine and below – where the sciatic nerve is. This procedure will reduce the pain of sciatica. However, a set of measures is needed for a complete cure.

Salts in joints

Rub menovazin into painful areas daily. This will relieve pain and completely remove salts.


The use of menovazine for the treatment of acne

Often a youthful rash can ruin the psyche and make you lack self-confidence. And the box opens simply: to remove acne, you need to apply a cotton pad soaked in menovazine to it.

Better yet, rub in, changing the cotton wool for a new one, until all the blackheads are on the cotton wool and the skin is cleansed. It is better to cleanse your face with a scrub first. This method is as good as treating pimples and acne with turmeric.

Be careful with the eye area!

At first the face gets cold, then it burns, then tears fall from the eyes, but then the face becomes - a sight for sore eyes!

Contraindications and side effects:


  • Individual intolerance.
  • Open wounds.
  • Lactation.
  • Skin disorders.
    BUT! There are reviews on the Internet that after a fall with broken skin on the knees and palms, lubricating the wounds with menovazine cleaned them, relieved pain and healed quickly.
  • Prone to allergies - use with caution.
  • No side effects were identified.

Features of using Menovazin for back pain

Before starting use, you should carefully study the instructions for use of Menovazin, which describe in detail the composition, method of use, contraindications and possible side effects.

The ointment is applied to washed and dried skin, rubbed until completely absorbed no more than twice a day. Menovazin solution is rubbed directly onto the skin at the site of inflammation. Therapeutic treatment such as a local anesthetic and anti-inflammatory agent is used for no more than three to four weeks. If necessary, the course can be repeated, but this must be discussed with the attending physician.

When using Menovazin for back pain together with other medications, no negative effects on the body were detected. But it should not be used in parallel with other local anesthetics of similar action.

There is currently no overdose when used. However, Menovazine burns, so it is not recommended to apply it in large quantities.

It is possible to use the warming effect of the product to relieve pain during kidney or ovarian diseases.

With full adult supervision, pain can be relieved in children over three years of age. No negative consequences were identified in this case.

Shelf life is no more than two years from the date of release. Storage is provided in a dark place inaccessible to children.


Menovazin is used exclusively for external consumption as an additional therapy to the main course of treatment. This condition applies to both forms of release of the drug.

Menovazin in the ointment form can be applied to the affected skin and painful areas no more than 2 - 3 times a day. The duration of the course of use is no more than 3 weeks. A prerequisite for using Menovazin in this form is to avoid applying it to the heart area.

As for the instructions for using Menovazin in the form of an alcohol solution, it should be used very carefully, no more than 5 ml at a time. For young children, it is recommended to dilute the solution with water or baby oil in proportions 1:1 (1:2), to avoid skin burns.

Menovazine ointment and solution: prices in Russia

Prices for Menovazin for back pain are very low, which is especially popular with consumers, and vary depending on the form of release and the manufacturer.

For example:

  • Menovazine solution, 40 ml – 12 rubles;
  • Menovazin ointment, 40 g – 14 rubles;
  • but the Menovazin solution with a 50 ml dispenser spray costs 56 rubles.

Manufacturers in Russia:

  • EKOlab, ointment 40 g – 25 rubles;
  • Tula, ointment 40 g – 16 rubles. 50 kopecks;
  • Pharmstandard, solution 40 ml – 13 rubles;
  • Hippocrates, solution 40 ml – 17 rubles;
  • Samaramedprom, solution 40 ml – 15 rubles;
  • Moscow, solution 40 ml – 13 rubles.


Camphor oil

– an antiseptic with anesthetic properties. Available in the form of an oil solution for external use, from 12 to 22 rubles per 30 mg.

Voltaren Emulgel

– gel or ointment for external use from the class of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. A more effective remedy for joint pain, but also more expensive. One tube weighing 20 g will cost about 200 rubles.


– cream for external use. Helps against itching and skin inflammation. 900 rubles for 50 g.

Menovazin is a medicinal alcohol solution for topical use, which helps eliminate moderate or severe skin itching, while also having good analgesic (painkiller) and antiseptic effects.

The main active medicinal ingredients of Menovazin are menthol, procaine, and also benzocaine, which create an effective and fairly long-lasting analgesic sensation.

Thanks to menthol, immediately after applying Menovazin to the surface of the skin, instant irritation of nerve endings occurs, as well as a significant expansion of superficial blood vessels, which is accompanied by a fairly long-lasting feeling of coolness at the site of application of the drug.

Quite often, Menovazin is used in the complex treatment of various infectious and inflammatory skin diseases (dermatitis, eczema), which are accompanied by a constant feeling of itching.

Main indications for use of Menovazin:

  • neuralgia (various inflammatory diseases of the body that affect nerve endings);
  • myalgia (long-term muscle pain);

  • arthralgia (feeling of pain in the joints);
  • dermatosis accompanied by frequent skin itching;
  • local reduction of pain in the upper or lower extremities, which is associated with any inflammatory process (for example, injury).


Before long-term use of Menovazin, it is recommended to consult a dermatologist or therapist!

The drug is produced in the form of a solution, as well as an ointment for local external use.

Menovazin for joint pain: which is better - solution or ointment

With the development of innovative technologies in the pharmaceutical industry, liquid Menovazin was replaced by a water-based ointment, which can increasingly be found on pharmacy shelves. She preserved and increased all the positive aspects of the solution and made it possible to eliminate its shortcomings. In addition, it is easier to transport, and its shelf life is much longer.

Features and differences:

  • Hermetic packaging reliably protects from the penetration of air and sunlight, which helps prevent oxidation and destruction of its components. Therefore, the shelf life increases;
  • The drug is produced under industrial conditions in full compliance with technology. This means an absolutely precise dosage of active substances, which is possible with modern equipment;
  • a smart polymer base ensures penetration of the amount of painkiller through the skin that is necessary without causing side effects;
  • The ointment remains on the skin for a long time, which ensures its continuous and dosed supply and effect. Therefore, it can be used up to two times a day instead of 3-4 when using a solution. The danger of overdose has disappeared;
  • Each package contains clear instructions for use.

Rubs for colds, cough and runny nose

To treat coughs and colds, many doctors prescribe Menovazin as a rub. Apply the drug to dry and clean skin and rub it in little by little with light massage movements. When a slight tingling sensation and a feeling of warmth appear, you need to dress warmly and lie down under the blanket. To get rid of a cough, 2-3 such procedures will be enough. There are several ways to use this tool:

  1. To relieve coughing attacks in an adult or child, Menovazin ointment should be rubbed into the chest area and between the shoulder blades. The substance must be completely absorbed into the skin. The procedure should be carried out before bedtime.
  2. To get rid of a cough, you can make a compress. Soak gauze or bandage with the drug solution and place it on the patient’s chest and back. For a better warming effect, place oilcloth or cling film on top. The third layer is a towel or warm scarf. This compress can be done 2-3 times during the day.
  3. If you have a sore throat, rub your throat with ointment and wrap yourself warmly.
  4. If you have a runny nose, you can sniff the product, closing your nostrils one by one.

pharmachologic effect

Thanks to the components that Menovazin contains, it has an analgesic effect and blocks nerve endings. The drug can be taken by people suffering from dermatitis and skin rashes. Menovazine is effective in combating cough due to its warming effect. There is an active blood flow to the bronchi and the cells begin to fight the source of infection and inflammation. The drug interacts with the cough center and reduces the sensitivity of its receptors. Menovazin is not an independent medicine for cough or other illness. This is only an adjunct that is used in combination with other medications. It is necessary to adhere to the basic therapy regimen prescribed by the doctor.

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