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Probably each of us, having broken our knee in childhood, applied plantain to it. Plantain grows almost everywhere, we trample it underfoot, not realizing how healing this plant is. This miraculous plant not only improves blood clotting, it also relieves various inflammations, helps with stomach diseases, and also treats coughs. Cough plantain for children and adults is one of the safest and most affordable treatments. It helps get rid of even severe chronic cough.

What is the healing power of plantain?

This perennial herbal plant contains the following components:

  • pectins;
  • flavonoids;
  • polysaccharides;
  • tannins;
  • carotene;
  • vitamin C;
  • vitamin K.

Thanks to this composition, plantain effectively heals wounds, has an anti-inflammatory function, and cleanses the blood. Its other pharmacological properties:

  • pain reliever;
  • bacteriostatic;
  • antiallergic;
  • expectorant;
  • hemostatic.

The medicinal plant is used in preparations used to treat bronchitis, colitis, gastritis and gastrointestinal diseases. The leaves of the plant have long been famous for their healing properties. They are used to stop bleeding and clean wounds. The plant is even used to treat infertility in women and men. Cough plantain is actively used not only in the treatment of diseases of the lungs and bronchi, but also in cosmetology:

  • moisturizer;
  • a drug for the treatment of wounds and cracks on the feet;
  • skin cleanser.

In addition, the plant has a calming effect, relieves pain, and lowers cholesterol levels.


Like any medicine, plantain-based products have contraindications.

The leaves of the plant are not used for the following conditions:

  • increased acidity in the stomach, as plantain juice helps to increase it even more;
  • increased blood viscosity and, as a result, a pronounced risk of blood clots;
  • individual intolerance.

Also, children under 3 years of age should not be treated with these compounds.

Only a doctor can tell you about the possibility of taking plantain-based products during pregnancy.

Indications for use

Plantain is primarily used to treat wet, productive cough. Bronchitis and pneumonia can also be successfully treated with it. The substances contained in the composition thin mucus and phlegm and improve their removal from the body.

Plantain recipes are used to combat dry cough. But only if it is not paroxysmal in nature. Many pharmaceutical medications contain plantain extract. But you can prepare cough syrup yourself. Even children can take homemade medicine. Infusions from this plant have a rather pleasant taste and resemble regular tea.

Plantain decoction for cough

Preparations that contain plantain are actively used not only in Europe, but also in Asia. They use not only the leaves, but also the seeds of the plant. Plantain is taken in the form of:

  • juice;
  • syrup;
  • infusions;
  • decoction;
  • aqueous or alcoholic extracts.

With the help of a decoction, all the beneficial substances are extracted from the plantain. It is recommended to prepare no more than 1 liter during the day, as the broth spoils very quickly. To prepare it, the leaves need to be collected, washed well, crushed and dried. It is better to collect the plant in summer. Dried raw materials are stored in linen bags.

How to brew plantain to treat cough? Pour the pre-prepared herb (half a glass) with a liter of boiling water. Leave for half an hour. Drink a tablespoon after meals, no more than 5 times a day. The infusion can be stored in a thermos so as not to reheat each time.

It is best to take freshly squeezed juices that have not been subjected to heat treatment.

The course of treatment lasts 30 days. It is advisable to take one spoonful of juice three times a day before meals. It is best to prepare the juice immediately after harvesting the plant. Then it retains all biological components. The resulting liquid must be processed and stored in sterile containers.

Plantain syrup effectively treats coughs, colds and other viral diseases. To prepare it, you need to collect fresh leaves of the plant and follow the following recommendations:.

1. Wash the leaves and chop finely. Lay them out in the following order: layer of leaves, layer of sugar. Fill the container to the top, close and put in a cool room for 2 months.

2. Mix crushed plantain with honey in equal proportions. Prepare a pan with warm water, place the liquid in it until it cools completely. Then strain. The resulting syrup is taken three times a day, a teaspoon.

Pork carbonate in the sleeve

Carbonade is prepared in different ways.

  • You can make a chop out of it in a frying pan, this is a very simple way of cooking.

The piece is beaten with a special hammer, seasoned with spices and fried. To ensure that it is not too greasy, it is recommended to use a grill pan for cooking.

  • Shish kebab is one of the most delicious dishes made from this type of meat.

The main thing is to choose the right marinade and observe the cooking time, otherwise the dish will turn out inedible.

  • Another way to prepare the product is smoking in one piece.

For this you will need a special smokehouse. There are units that can be used at home. Thanks to this, you can enjoy your favorite dish at any time.

However, pork carbonade tastes best in the oven, the recipes for which will be given below.


  • pork chop – 2 kg;
  • pepper mixture – 5 g;
  • hops-suneli – 5 g;
  • curry seasoning – 5 g;
  • garlic powder – 5 g;
  • salt - to taste.
  • Prepare the carbonade for baking by washing it, drying it, and removing all excess.
  • Mix dry seasonings and salt and rub the mixture over the pork.
  • Place the meat in the cooking sleeve. Secure the cellophane on both sides with special clips or simply tie it.
  • Make several holes in the bag with a toothpick. Holes are needed for steam to escape.
  • Place the bag on a baking sheet and place in an oven preheated to 200 degrees.
  • Bake the meat for 70 minutes.

You can check the readiness of the meat with a knife after cutting the cellophane. If, when piercing a piece with a knife, no cloudy liquid pours out of it, then the meat is ready, otherwise baking must be continued for some more time.


  • pork chop – 1 kg;
  • potatoes – 0.5 kg;
  • onions – 150 g;
  • hard cheese – 150 g;
  • mayonnaise – 100 ml;
  • ketchup – 50 ml;
  • salt, pepper mixture - to taste.
  • After washing and drying the pork with a kitchen towel, cut it across the grain into pieces 1-1.5 cm thick. Beat it on both sides with a mallet.
  • In a separate container, combine ketchup and mayonnaise, add salt and pepper. Roll the meat in the resulting sauce.
  • Cover the container with the meat in the sauce with cling film and put it in the refrigerator for 2-4 hours.
  • Wash the potatoes well and boil until half cooked in their skins.
  • Let the potatoes cool, peel them, cut them into round slices.
  • Coarsely grate the cheese.
  • Remove the meat from the marinade and place in a baking dish.
  • Peel the onion, cut it into small pieces, and cover the meat with them. Place potatoes on top.
  • Brush the potatoes with the remaining marinade and cover with cheese.
  • Preheat the oven to 200 degrees, place the baking dish with the soda and potatoes in it, bake them for 35 minutes.

An appetizer prepared according to this recipe is a complete dish that does not require any additions.


  • pork carbonate – 1.5 kg;
  • potatoes – 1 kg;
  • ground black pepper, salt, dried basil - to taste;
  • garlic – 3 cloves;
  • olive oil – 60 ml;
  • tomato paste – 60 ml.
  • Peel the potatoes, cut into medium slices, salt and pepper, sprinkle with basil, pour over two tablespoons of oil, and stir.
  • Combine the remaining oil with tomato paste, add salt and spices to this mass. Coat the carbonade prepared for baking with the resulting sauce.
  • Place the carbonade in the cooking sleeve and place the potatoes next to it.
  • Tie the ends of the sleeve and make holes in it to allow steam to escape.
  • Place the sleeve with meat and potatoes on a baking sheet. Place it in an oven preheated to 200 degrees and leave the meat to bake for an hour.

It is recommended to serve carbonade made according to this recipe hot with a side dish of potatoes with which it was baked. You can supplement the dish with fresh or pickled vegetables.

Ingredients: a little more than a kilogram of meat, 3-4 large spoons of olive oil, coarse salt, a large spoon of pork seasoning, 5-7 cloves of garlic.

  1. A piece of “correct” carbonate must have an impressive white fat layer on one side. Cross-shaped cuts are made on it.
  2. For the marinade, garlic is crushed in any convenient way. You can simply mash it in a mortar. Oil is poured here, salt and the selected spice mixture are added. It’s great if it contains marjoram, paprika, thyme, oregano.
  3. After stirring, the aromatic marinade should sit for several minutes. Next, rub the meat well on all sides. The marinated pork is left warm for about half an hour.
  4. Then the piece of meat is fried without oil on all sides until crusty.
  5. The workpiece is placed in a sleeve with holes made with a toothpick.

Plantain tincture

Prepared using alcohol. The vast majority use vodka:

1. Dilute crushed plantain leaves with alcohol in a ratio of 1:4. Close the container and leave for a week in a dark place. The temperature should be room temperature. Strain the finished infusion. If everything is done correctly, the resulting mixture should be transparent.

2. Prepare plantain juice and mix it in equal proportions with vodka or alcohol solution. Keep in a dark place for at least 2 weeks.

Alcohol tinctures should be stored in places away from direct sunlight. You need to take the tincture no more than 2 times a day, 10-30 drops.

Medicinal infusion for asthma

Plantain is a very effective remedy in the fight against asthma. It can be used in combination with other herbs, and as an independent drug. To prepare the infusion, take a tablespoon of the plant and pour boiling water (one glass). Let the tincture steep for 15 minutes and then strain. You need to take a spoon 4 times a day. This recipe is mainly used by people whose asthma is accompanied by a very severe cough.

Plantain seeds are also used to treat asthma. One tablespoon of seeds (collected during flowering) should be cleaned and ground well. Pour a glass of cold water (boiled). Drink the resulting liquid in 5 doses throughout the day.

Composition and medicinal properties of the plant

For many people, plantain is an herb that can heal wounds.
Even children know about the healing and antiseptic effects of the plant. But few people know that plantain is an effective remedy for colds and coughs. Various experiments have confirmed the biological activity of the herb against pathogenic microflora that causes respiratory diseases. The plant eliminates even a running cough. The main thing is to use it correctly and take medications after consulting your doctor.

The effectiveness of plantain for coughing is due to its rich chemical composition, namely:

  • polysaccharides,
  • tannins,
  • vitamins,
  • flavonoids,
  • bitterness,
  • fatty oils,
  • saponins,
  • organic acids.

Also, the therapeutic effect is achieved due to the presence of mucus in the grass and seeds, which envelops the throat, soothes irritation and prevents further development of the disease.

It is known about the anti-inflammatory, expectorant, immunostimulating, regenerating properties of plantain. It also has antispasmodic and antimicrobial effects.

Medicines from medicinal plants provide:

  • increasing the protective properties of the body;
  • decrease in viscosity and subsequent painless removal of sputum;
  • elimination of inflammation;
  • combating pathogenic microflora, slowing down its reproduction;
  • improvement of well-being.

Doctors prescribe an antitussive to patients with the following respiratory system diseases:

  • asthma,
  • whooping cough
  • pleurisy,
  • pneumonia,
  • tuberculosis,
  • bronchitis.

The drugs help with both dry and wet coughs. In the first case, they soften painful symptoms, stimulate the evacuation of mucus and stabilize the condition. In the second, they speed up recovery and reduce the risk of complications.

People with individual intolerance, predisposition to thrombosis, hyperacid gastritis, stomach ulcers and atherosclerosis cannot be treated with the drugs. It is prohibited to give medications to young children under 3 years of age.

Long-term use of the drug is associated with the risk of undesirable reactions: malaise, abdominal pain, dyspeptic disorders, rashes, redness and itching of the skin. In case of such manifestations, it is necessary to refrain from further treatment and seek the help of a doctor.

Taking synthetic medications while pregnant is prohibited, but medications from plantain, with the exception of alcohol formulations, can be taken by the expectant mother. However, first you need to agree on the use of products (juice, infusion, decoction) with a gynecologist and make sure there are no contraindications.

Treatment of cough with plantain becomes possible thanks to its composition. It is enriched with vitamins (A, K), organic acids (caffeic, neochlorogenic, chlorogenic), alkaloids, flavonoids, saponins and tannins. Plant raw materials contain glucose, vitamin C (ascorbic acid), poly- and monosaccharides. The above-ground parts of the plant contain aucubin, a glycoside that can break down into aucubigenin.

The medicinal properties of plantain allow it to be used for diseases of various etiologies. The medicinal plant has an astringent, antibacterial, emollient, and anti-inflammatory effect on the body. Also, products with plant extracts promote faster removal of mucus from the bronchi.

The ability of plantain to have an expectorant effect allows the use of infusions and decoctions from the medicinal plant as adjuncts for respiratory diseases, including tuberculosis.

It is necessary to collect and prepare leaves during the flowering period of the plant - from July to August. Ground parts are cut off with scissors or torn by hand. The leaves need to be sorted out - deformed, brown and withered leaves must be discarded. Whole green leaves are spread on a thin layer of newspaper and dried in a well-ventilated room (preferably in the attic), turning over periodically.

The socket cannot be cut. Fresh plantain leaves have a bitter taste. If the petioles of the leaves break, drying must be stopped. The shelf life of medicinal raw materials is no more than 36 months.

How to properly sort plantain leaves

The method of using medicinal plant-based products directly depends on what disease was diagnosed in the patient. Infusions and decoctions are used externally and internally. External use of the products is possible for burns, scratches and abrasions. A fresh plantain leaf is applied directly to the wound.

Indications for use (inside):

  • viral diseases accompanied by cough;
  • bronchitis;
  • tracheitis;
  • measles rubella;
  • pleurisy;
  • Chronic pulmonary catarrh.

Plantain has a number of contraindications. These include:

  • increased stomach acidity;
  • exacerbation of gastric ulcers;
  • blood clotting disorder;
  • thrombosis.

Using plantain for bronchitis

Other plantain recipes for coughs

Pharmaceutical companies produce many drugs using plantain. But traditional medicine is rich in recipes that can be easily made at home, without additional costs:

1. Dry plantain leaves (1 tablespoon) should be poured with hot water (1 glass) and left for a quarter of an hour. Take a spoonful before meals no more than 4 times a day.

2. To treat bronchitis and non-productive cough, you can make an infusion of plantain, coltsfoot and licorice. Pour boiling water over a tablespoon of herbal mixture and let it brew for 20 minutes. You can add honey. Take a glass a day, divided into two doses.

3. Pour two tablespoons of crushed leaves of the plant with cold water. Leave overnight. The resulting liquid should be drunk over the next day.

4. A herbal drink made from plantain, lemon balm and dill cleanses the lungs and removes all toxins from them. To prepare the drink, add plantain, lemon balm and dill (20 grams each) to a glass of boiling water. You need to brew the herbal tea for a quarter of an hour, and then let it brew for another 15 minutes. To improve the taste, you can add honey to the plantain infusion for cough.

Using the leaves of the plant with cough honey, you can enhance the effect of the recipe and achieve a good therapeutic effect. Plantain is rich in vitamins, especially in spring, so it can be safely used for making salads.

There is also a pharmaceutical preparation based on plantain - Herbion with an extract of a medicinal plant.

Improved recipe for carbonate baked in the oven, in foil

Pork chop is also baked with various vegetables. The most common option is pork baked in the oven with potatoes. The dish is tender, tasty, very filling, so it is suitable for a festive lunch or a regular dinner. So, let's start taking a closer look at the recipe for preparing juicy carbonate in the oven.

Cooking time: 1 hour.

Calorie content: 266 kcal per 100 g.

  • 1 kg pork carbonate;
  • 2 onions;
  • 5-6 potato tubers;
  • 150 gr. Dutch cheese;
  • 50 gr. ketchup;
  • 0.5 tbsp. mayonnaise;
  • 1.5 tsp. table salt;
  • A little ground pepper, oregano, dried herbs.
  1. Wash the pork and cut it into centimeter-thick medallions. We beat each part with a culinary hammer on both sides.
  2. Separately mix mayonnaise, ketchup, spices and herbs. Mix everything thoroughly, place the pork in the resulting sauce, thoroughly coating each piece with it. Cover the container with the meat with cling film and put it in the refrigerator to marinate for 4 hours.
  3. Meanwhile, thoroughly wash the potato tubers with a brush. Boil them until tender in their skins. It is very important not to overcook the potatoes, because... it will still bake.
  4. Grease a fireproof mold with sides with mayonnaise. Place pieces of marinated pork on the bottom, freeing the meat from excess marinade.
  5. Peel the onions, rinse them, and cut them into small cubes. Sprinkle the meat with chopped onions.
  6. Peel the boiled, cooled potatoes, cut into slices, and place on top of the meat and onions. Sprinkle everything with coarsely grated hard cheese on top. Additionally, the surface of the dish can be greased with the remaining marinade.
  7. Bake the dish in the oven with potatoes at 200 degrees for about 40-50 minutes. Serve hot as a complete meal on its own. Bon appetit everyone!

Ingredients: a kilo of carbonate, 170 g of hard cheese, 6-7 potato tubers, 2 onions, 4 large spoons of ketchup, half a glass of full-fat mayonnaise, salt to taste, dried herbs.

Pork stew with potatoes in the oven is a dish that is not difficult to prepare, but the taste is so delicate that you will simply lick your fingers.

  1. The meat is washed, dried and cut into medallions across the grain. The thickness of the pieces should be about 1 cm.
  2. Next, they are beaten and greased with a marinade of mayonnaise, salt, ketchup and dried herbs. The meat will “rest” in the cold for about 4 hours.
  3. The potatoes are boiled in their skins, peeled, cut into slices and placed in an oiled pan. Meat, onion half rings and grated cheese are distributed on top.

The products are poured with the remaining marinade and baked in a hot oven for just under an hour.


  • pork chop – 1 kg;
  • tomatoes – 0.25 kg;
  • hard cheese – 0.2 kg;
  • young potatoes (optional) – 0.3 kg;
  • garlic – 5 cloves;
  • refined vegetable oil – 20 ml;
  • salt, spices - to taste.
  • Wash the carbonate and blot it with napkins. Rub it with salt and pepper.
  • After washing and drying the tomatoes, cut into circles. This should be done with a special knife with fine teeth or just a very sharp one, so that when cutting the skin of the tomatoes, the juice is not squeezed out of them.
  • Cut the cheese into thin slices.
  • After peeling the garlic, cut into slices.
  • Make deep transverse cuts in a piece of meat at a distance of 1-1.5 cm, insert pieces of tomatoes, cheese and garlic into them.
  • Wash the potatoes thoroughly using a brush. Cut the tubers into halves and cut out mushrooms from them.
  • Grease a baking dish with vegetable oil, place meat in the center and potatoes on the sides.
  • Cover the pan with foil and crimp the edges.
  • Place the form with meat in an oven preheated to 200 degrees for 50 minutes. 10-15 minutes before cooking, remove the foil so that the food in the pan can brown.

Carbonade prepared according to this recipe looks very presentable and can become a decoration for the holiday table. Baked potato mushrooms can be replaced with pickled champignons or boletus, but they will look less colorful.


  • pork chop – 1 kg;
  • garlic – 30 g;
  • semi-hard cheese – 0.2 kg;
  • refined vegetable oil – 20 ml;
  • salt, ground paprika - to taste;
  • mayonnaise – 100-120 ml.
  • Rinse the meat in running water, dry it with a kitchen towel.
  • Cut the carbonade into pieces about 1 cm thick. Beat the meat and place it in a bag. Rub the pieces with salt and paprika.
  • Grease a baking dish with oil and place the pork chops in it.
  • Peel the garlic cloves and crush them with a special press, mix with mayonnaise.
  • Cover the meat with the resulting sauce.
  • Coarsely grate the cheese and sprinkle it over the carbonated pieces.
  • Preheat the oven to 200 degrees and place the form with pork in it.
  • Bake for 30 minutes.

Despite the fact that this recipe is simple, the appetizer it turns out to be very tasty.

Pork chop is considered one of the most delicious types of meat, especially when baked in the oven. This can be done using several recipes, each of which is good in its own way.

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