The use of vitaphone in cosmetology

Operating principle and design features

The device operates by compensating microvibration of soft tissues due to directed vibroacoustic effects.

The device is used to treat more than 40 diseases. Suitable for use for prevention and strengthening the immune system.

Under the influence of the device:

  • blood circulation and lymph flow increase;
  • metabolic processes improve;
  • the conductivity of nerve fibers is restored;
  • the renewal of damaged tissue is accelerated.

Vitafon is used in hospitals, sanatoriums, cosmetology offices, and at home.

Apparatus composition:

  • vibraphones, which have a healing effect on an unhealthy organ;
  • electrical control unit.

Using the block, modes are switched, the pulse frequency and the amplitude of microvibrations are adjusted. Each model has a certain number of vibraphones and the structure of the control unit. Some devices have an infrared emitter. Thus, during physiotherapy, thermal and acoustic effects are combined.

How does Vitafon work?

Sinusitis is an inflammation of the maxillary sinuses, which are located to the right and left of the nose above the upper jaw. When an infection occurs and inflammation develops, mucous secretions accumulate in them, which do not always come out due to poor outflow. All this is accompanied by pain, swelling, fever and breathing problems.

How can Vitafon help with sinusitis? The therapeutic effect of the device is based on special vibroacoustic vibrations, the frequency of which varies according to a given program. It is these vibrations that can:

  • Improve blood flow, especially in small vessels - capillaries.
  • Relieve muscle spasms.
  • Positively influence the internal environment of organ cells and tissues, in particular, improve the metabolic processes occurring in them.
  • Help the cell quickly get rid of harmful waste products, toxins, waste and other substances that have a negative effect on it.

The main advantage of Vitafon is the precisely selected frequency of sound vibrations, which allows you to directly influence inflammation, as well as clearly measure the dosage of such an influence.

This is what distinguishes Vitafon from many other sound treatment methods. Such, for example, as hydromassage baths, treatment of sinusitis with tapping or voice.

Vitafon treatment methods

The therapeutic effect is achieved by exposure to external microvibration, which compensates for the lack of natural tissue microvibration that occurs during stagnation processes.

Under the influence of microvibration, tissues and cells are saturated with useful microelements. This is how the metabolic processes, immune and regenerative processes of the body return to normal.

The amplitude and frequency of vibroacoustic effects depend on the type of disease. Excessively strong impulses can damage tissues and cells. By choosing the right impulse strength, you can achieve good effects.

Effect of use:

  1. Stimulation of capillary blood circulation, lymphatic drainage of damaged tissues.
  2. Activation of venous outflow.
  3. Reducing swelling.
  4. Boosting immunity.
  5. Acceleration of restoration of damaged tissues.
  6. Increasing the rate of removal of toxins from the body.

Vitafon has proven itself well in the complex treatment of sinusitis. Under its influence, the effect of the drugs used is enhanced. Microvibration causes the concentration of medications to reach maximum values.

This allows you to reduce the prescribed dose of antibacterial drugs to avoid side effects from treating sinusitis with antibiotics.

How to use Vitafon

The instructions for the Vitafon device contain information about its use in great detail. Treatment is carried out in a supine position, vibraphones are applied to the skin over a thin napkin and secured with an elastic bandage or cuff. After the procedure, you need to stay warm for an hour. For diseases of different organs, the place of influence of the device changes.

For men

According to the instructions, the vibraphone is optimal for the treatment of impotence. Therapeutic procedures provide a lasting effect and have a beneficial effect on the pelvic organs. Potency returns if sexual impotence was caused by circulatory failure (physiological, not psychological problems). Vibration procedures help men with inflammation of the prostate gland. The influence of a vibraphone helps reduce pain in prostatitis, improve the functioning of the genital organs, relieve congestion, and increase arousal.

For women

The device helps treat and prevent the development of many diseases; it is used for cosmetic purposes. Vibration procedures relieve swelling, heal wounds, and make postoperative scars softer and more elastic. Women more often than men suffer from sleep disorders, so using the device helps relieve problems with falling asleep and insomnia, and prevent the harmful effects of lack of sleep on skin aging.

The device is also used to relax tense muscles. If a woman is planning a pregnancy, then several months before conception you can undergo a course of vibroacoustic manipulations to improve blood circulation in the pelvic organs. Also, using the device helps eliminate irregular periods if the failure is caused by physiological pathologies (in case of hormonal imbalance, the device is powerless).

The vibraphone can be used by women, girls and girls whose menstrual cycle is just becoming established. The instructions for use warn that the use of the device shortens the duration of menstruation by 1-2 days, which is associated with the stimulating effect of vibration currents on the adrenal glands and gonads, which affect the tone of the uterus.

In old age

For patients over 65 years of age, using the device is especially useful. At this age, hypertension is often a manifestation; high blood pressure can lead to heart pain, heart overload and myocardial infarction. This can result in stroke, paralysis and even death. The use of Vitafon by hypertensive patients helps normalize blood pressure, prevent the occurrence of a hypertensive crisis, and relieve symptoms of dizziness, weakness, and nausea.

After diagnosing hypertension, the instructions recommend using the vibraphone once a day before bed. If there is a persistent increase in blood pressure or renal hypertension, you should consult a doctor to prescribe complex therapy. The use of special medications together with vitaphonotherapy will help the patient achieve normalization of blood pressure and prevent the development of dangerous diseases.

Medic consulting an elderly man

Vitafon during pregnancy

According to the instructions, pregnancy is a contraindication for using Vitafon. The operation of the device itself is safe and cannot harm the pregnancy of the child, microvibration improves blood flow, but it is not yet known how the use of vibration currents can affect the health of the unborn child. After childbirth, the device can be used without restrictions.

If, during the passage of the child through the birth canal, tears have formed in the perineum, then using the device will help speed up their healing and prevent the occurrence of complications. 2-3 weeks after giving birth, a woman can undergo several courses of Vitaphonotherapy in the sacrum and lumbar region. Such procedures will help normalize the functioning of the abdominal organs.

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Using the device after the birth of a child will help a woman cope with constipation, intestinal spasms, vaginal sprains, speed up the healing of cesarean section scars, and hemorrhoids. The effect of vibroacoustics eliminates inflammation of the bladder, osteochondrosis of the spine, alleviates the condition of a young mother, and normalizes the production of breast milk if dysfunction of the mammary glands is associated with deterioration of the blood supply to the organs.

If you have hypolactia, you should use the device for 5-10 minutes after each daily feeding. This will additionally prevent the occurrence of mastitis. Similarly, the impact of vibroacoustic waves will accelerate the healing of cracks in the breast, eliminate blockage of the milk ducts, and increase blood circulation and lymph flow in the affected area of ​​the female breast.

In childhood

Excessive activity in children often leads to sprains, bruises and dislocations. To speed up recovery of the damaged area, doctors advise using the device regularly. According to the instructions, it relieves swelling and accelerates the resorption of hematomas. For bruises, use the device after two hours, for sprains and dislocations - after 10 hours. For wounds – every other day. Using the device prevents the formation of scars and complications.

If the child has burns no higher than second degree (the skin has retained its integrity), then the vibraphone can be used five minutes after the injury. Exposure to vibration currents improves digestion, helps cope with cisculatory encephalopathy, enuresis, intestinal paresis, fecal incontinence, hip dysplasia, flat feet, and postural disorders. The procedure can replace another manipulation - electrophoresis of the cervical spine. Infants are recommended to use only the first operating mode of the device.

Vitafon for sinusitis

For inflammation of the maxillary sinuses, the procedure is carried out 2-3 times a day - in the evening before bed and in the morning after waking up. For the first few days, you can use the device at night. In case of acute sinusitis, the procedure is carried out by a doctor, who first cleanses the sinuses of pus. The course of treatment for sinusitis with Vitafon is 28 days. If this is not enough, sessions are carried out three times a day for a week. For chronic sinusitis, the course is repeated 2-3 times a year. Treatment is carried out before the onset of exacerbation (during remission). For enlarged adenoids, therapy is carried out under the supervision of a physician.

Vitafon for diabetes

The use of the device is indicated in the treatment of type 1 and type 2 diabetes. The device is placed on the chest, which helps stimulate the pancreas, which produces insulin. According to the instructions, the use of the device leads to a decrease in the level of glycemia in patients. To avoid diabetic foot, which risks developing into gangrene, phonation is performed in the kidney area. Diabetics with type 2 disease (non-insulin dependent) who simultaneously take oral hypoglycemic drugs respond better to physical therapy.

Vitafon in cosmetology

The use of the device for cosmetic purposes is popular. To smooth out facial wrinkles, the instructions advise installing vibraphones on problem areas. Each area is exposed to vibration current for five minutes. At home, you can use the device 3-4 times a week before going to bed; you can first apply cosmetic cream or serum to the skin. To relieve swelling around the eyes, apply the device daily for 20-30 minutes. To smooth out scars, procedures are carried out every day for 15 minutes.

For athletes

During training or competitions, injuries, sprains and bruises often occur. For the rapid recovery of athletes, you can use the described device. According to the instructions, it increases the speed of wound healing. For prevention, the use of the device helps strengthen the lumbosacral and cervical spine, improve coordination of movements and performance. Vitaphonotherapy relieves muscle soreness, increases performance, and maximizes results due to the accumulation of glucose and oxygen in the muscles.

How is Vitafon used for various types of sinusitis?

How to use Vitafon correctly? For chronic sinusitis, it can be used while the symptoms of the disease are weakening. To relieve acute symptoms and improve respiratory function, the doctor prescribes complex treatment. Then physical procedures are prescribed for recovery. Where they will be carried out depends on the patient’s well-being and the type of sinusitis.

To make it convenient to use the device at home, there is an additional set of vibraphones and cuffs for fastening.

Vitafon should not be used for purulent sinusitis. Before starting the procedure, it is necessary to clear your nose of mucus.

Application diagram

Based on the test results, the doctor will make an accurate diagnosis and prescribe a phonation regimen.

Before the procedure, you need to study the instructions for the device. It corresponds to the device model.

Phoning scheme:

  1. Clearing the nasal contents.
  2. The procedure is not allowed more than 3 times a day. The maximum effect is observed when phonating immediately after waking up.
  3. The first procedure is carried out after waking up, the second - at lunchtime, the third - before bed.

For complete recovery, a course of therapy of 28-30 days is recommended for adults. If necessary, it is increased by a week. It is necessary to take a break for 6-7 days. For patients with chronic sinusitis, a full course is recommended three times a year.

Treatment method using Vitafon and Vitafon-T devices

Phonation scheme (see areas of influence)

Day Mode, areas and phonation time (in minutes)
Mode 2 Mode 1
Region K Region M Region G Area D1
1-2 8 5 2 1
3-4 10 5 3 2
5-6 12 6 4 2
7-8 14 6 5 3
9-10 16 7 6 3
11-12 18 7 8 3
13-14 20 7 10 3
15-16 22 7 12 3
17-18 24 7 14 3
19-20 26 7 16 3
21-22 28 7 18 3
23-28 30 7 20 3

Contraindications and side effects

The procedure does not cause side effects, improves the effects of anti-inflammatory medications, antibiotics, and promotes better removal of mucus and pus from the nose.

The use of Vitafon is contraindicated for:

  • cancer;
  • infectious diseases during exacerbations;
  • thrombophlebitis;
  • atherosclerosis.

Do not use the device at elevated body temperature, pregnancy, or if a pacemaker is installed. The use of phonation in the presence of the listed conditions will lead to dangerous complications and worsening of the patient’s condition. You must strictly follow the doctor's instructions.

How to properly treat sinusitis with Vitafon?

When treating maxillary sinusitis, vibraphones are applied directly to the maxillary sinuses on both sides. The general course of treatment is nine to fifteen days. The time of one procedure varies depending on the complexity of the disease, but cannot exceed fifteen minutes. For the treatment of chronic pathologies of the maxillary sinuses, at least three courses of treatment will be required, with a minimum break of five days.

If treatment with the device is carried out in the presence of enlarged adenoids, it is important to constantly monitor the dynamics of the patient’s clinical condition. It is prohibited to carry out vibroacoustic effects on the maxillary sinuses during the acute period of the disease, as well as in the presence of purulent pathological contents in the sinuses. Treatment of sinusitis with Vitafon is carried out only in the stage of remission of the disease!!!

The time of vibroacoustic impact on the maxillary sinuses increases gradually, starting from the first session. The first impact on the maxillary sinuses is carried out within three minutes. Next, it is recommended to gradually increase the duration of phonation in two-minute increments, bringing the therapeutic effect time to fifteen minutes. In the absence of contraindications, as well as with good iodine tolerance, it is recommended to treat the chest area with the solution for the first six to eight days (an area of ​​approximately two palms is covered).

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Reviews from doctors

Doctors note the positive effect of vibration resonance therapy on the well-being of patients. Using phonation, you can prevent the occurrence of side effects when taking many medications. The device is also used to prevent sinusitis and respiratory infections, which result in inflammation of the maxillary sinuses.

Among patient reviews, there is a significant improvement in general condition after physiotherapy. Another advantage is that it can be used at home.

The Vitafon device is much cheaper than devices from foreign manufacturers. It fully justifies its effectiveness during the treatment of sinusitis when used according to the prescribed individual therapy regimen.

The benefits of the device for sinusitis

The impact of microvibrations has a therapeutic and preventive effect on the patient’s body. Thanks to this, it improves microcapillary and lymphatic blood flow in places where the pathological process develops. Vibrations affecting the maxillary sinuses contribute to:

  • eliminating swelling;
  • removing excess fluid;
  • regulation of venous outflow;
  • improvement of regeneration processes;
  • increasing the protective properties of the body;
  • establishing capillary blood flow.

Vitafon device

Therapy is carried out under the strict supervision of a doctor. Treatment is also possible at home. If a person suffers from chronic sinusitis, it is easier to buy a device and do preventive procedures from time to time. The attending physician explains the nuances of the device’s operation.

Vitafon device instructions for use. Instructions for using Vitafon devices

The most current instructions for use and phonation techniques from the manufacturer for all Vitafon devices can be viewed and downloaded on this page.
Time does not stand still, research is being conducted, experience is being accumulated, and all this leads to updating and improving treatment methods using Vitafon devices. We monitor all changes and you can be sure that the instructions for using the Vitaphone and phonation techniques posted on this page are the most current at the moment! In order to view and download instructions for using Vitafon and the phonation technique, you must:

  • To view and download instructions for using Vitafon or the phonation technique, left-click on the link, after which the document in PDF format will open in a new tab of your browser (Internet browser). This could be Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, etc.
  • In the window that opens, at the bottom there are buttons, including one with an image of a floppy disk, by clicking on which you can save the document on your computer. To do this, you need to specify the path (folder) to save. Typically the default folder is Downloads.
  • In the folder you specified or in the “Downloads” folder you can find downloaded instructions for using the Vitafon or a phonation technique.
  • If you have any problems or questions with viewing and saving materials posted on this page, please let us know and we will try to help you!

Interview reviews of leading doctors about their experience of using Vitafon devices

From us you can purchase any model of Vitafon series devices and additions to them, as well as spinal protection products at the best prices and with home delivery!

How to reduce the total time of procedures?

To reduce the duration of procedures, it is possible to use several devices simultaneously or more expensive models of devices that contain a larger number of vibraphones, for example Vitafon-5.

Vitafon-5, as standard, can replace 2 Vitafon or Vitafon-T devices; with the purchase of additional vibraphones B3, B1+B1, B2+B2 and the use of splitters, it can replace a larger number of devices and, thereby, significantly reduce the procedure time.

Connecting an ORPO (general resource support) mattress with built-in 20 vibraphones to the Vitafon-5 device allows you to further increase the ease of use of the device and significantly reduce the time required for procedures.

You can increase the efficiency and convenience of phonation procedures using special add-ons to Vitafon devices.

All these wonderful devices are designed to help you cope with ailments on your own and improve your immunity!

You can find out how to choose the device that is best suited for you on the page: “How to choose a device?” .

Healing microvibration - recording of a TV program with E. Malysheva

Individual experience in using devices and treating diseases is of great importance - please tell us about it by leaving a review on the page. This can be useful for everyone who uses Vitafon or is just planning to use it.

Vitafon device instructions for use. Instructions for using Vitafon devices
If you have any questions

leave a request for a call back

and we will definitely call you back!

Vitafon device instructions for use. Instructions for using Vitafon devices

Vitafon price

The vibroacoustic device Vitafon in Moscow and the Moscow region can be bought in stores that sell medical equipment. The device can also be ordered on the manufacturer’s website. Average prices are as follows:

Model Price
Vitafon 5790 rub.
Vitafon-T 6790 rub.
Vitafon-IR 7590 rub.
Vitafon-5 13550 – 14750 rub.
Vitafon-5 with vibroacoustic mattress 22500 rub.
Vitafon-2 14800-16280 rub. (depending on the configuration)

What is Vitafon

Phonics is a method of physiotherapy in which a diseased area of ​​the body is exposed to acoustic vibrations to stimulate microcapillary blood flow and lymph flow. At the same time, tissue microvibration improves, the deficiency of which leads to the development of various pathologies due to the accumulation of damaged cells. In addition, with weak vibration, the supply of elements necessary for their development to the tissues is reduced, which leads to increased necrosis.

Increasing the speed of capillary blood flow, lymph flow, and stimulating microvibration using phonation is achieved by reducing the hydrodynamic resistance of blood vessels. This is possible under the influence of a certain frequency of the acoustic wave, the magnitude of which depends on the diameters of the capillaries. During the session, a wide range of changing frequencies is used, which allows you to stimulate the work of all capillaries, regardless of their size.

The sound waves emitted by the device are capable of penetrating ten centimeters deep into the body, so the procedure can affect the functioning of many organs and systems. Microvibration coming from outside is significantly different from vibration that can damage tissue. Difference in frequency and amplitude range (see table):

from 0.1 to 10,000

What kind of device is this

Vitafon device

Vitafon is a unique development of Vitafon LLC from Russia. Its action is based on compensation of microvibration deficiency in body tissues using vibroacoustic influence. The device is successfully used to treat more than 40 different diseases, as well as for various general health procedures. It improves blood circulation and lymph flow, stimulates metabolism in body tissues, normalizes the conductivity of nerve fibers, etc. The device can be used in medical, sanatorium and cosmetology institutions and at home.

Vitafon: treatment and prevention of various diseases

The physiotherapeutic device Vitafon acts on the vessels of the microcirculatory bed using microvibrations created by ultrasound. Due to this, peripheral blood flow accelerates, which leads to the therapeutic effect of the device.

The device can be used for both therapeutic and preventive purposes. It has been proven that its use stops the progression of chronic diseases and accelerates the healing process from acute ailments.

It can be used in combination with external agents to accelerate penetration and enhance the effect of the latter. The list of indications for use is huge, but the device also has contraindications.

Differences between Vitafon device models

Distinctive features of the model range

are the following characteristics:

  • The classic Vitafon is the simplest model, convenient and safe for home use. It has a restorative effect on capillary blood flow and relieves the lack of tissue microvibration.
  • Vitafon-T is adapted for use in a car, which increases its mobility and popularity.
  • Vitafon-2 acts not only with a vibration field, but also with infrared radiation. Thanks to the complete automation of the process, the intensity of the device’s impact is regulated.
  • Vitafon-IR is considered a very effective device, since it was modernized not so long ago. Thanks to new characteristics of frequency, strength and time of exposure to fields, the best results are achieved.
  • Vitafon-5 is a device of the latest generation, which reflects the positive aspects of the above models while eliminating their shortcomings.

Plus, a distinctive characteristic of the Vitafon-5 device is complete autonomy of use

, which is provided by batteries and equipment carrying. Multiple clinical tests of the vibroacoustic device have been carried out, which confirm its high efficiency, which distinguishes it from older models.

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