Inhalation with soda for dry cough: steam procedures and use of a nebulizer

Indications for soda inhalation

You can get rid of the uncomfortable sensations that accompany all viral and cold pathologies not only with pharmaceutical medications, but also with natural substances. Baking soda is considered one of the most effective. Before you begin the procedure, you need to find out who it will really help.

A solution of soda for heating has many useful properties:

  • suppresses inflammatory processes;
  • disinfects and destroys pathogenic microorganisms;
  • eliminates swelling;
  • activates the restoration of affected tissues;
  • clears the nasopharynx of mucus accumulation;
  • removes purulent plugs and phlegm from the bronchi.

Using a solution of soda will relieve nasal congestion, swelling, and soften and moisturize the irritated nasopharynx. The solution has an alkaline reaction, therefore it reduces the acidity of the mucous membranes. As a result, viruses and harmful microbes are destroyed. The product has mucolytic properties, therefore it is effective for dry cough.

After the first use of baking soda, phlegm removal increases significantly. To completely get rid of mucus, you need to inhale at least 2 times a day. For dry coughs, treatment helps soothe the irritated nasopharynx. For wet coughs, it stimulates the clearing of mucus from the bronchi.

Amount and nature of sputum

Indications and contraindications for the use of the described procedure

The child is coughing

Soda inhalations are not done if:

  1. Increased body temperature;
  2. There are diseases of the heart and blood vessels;
  3. There are problems with the lungs;
  4. Have hypertension;
  5. Purulent processes occur in the nasopharynx, sinuses or respiratory tract.

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Also, a contraindication to the procedure will be personal incompatibility with such sessions or with some component.

As for the indications, this procedure acts locally, relieving the inflammatory process of the mucous membrane and various types of cough problems. Warm and moist steam softens the accumulation of mucus and phlegm.

Expert opinion

We recommend!

Due to the fact that sodium bicarbonate practically cannot negatively affect the body, its solutions for inhalation with a nebulizer are indicated even for young patients, but those who are already 2 years old. Previously it is prohibited to use.

For women in an interesting situation, such therapy is an excellent alternative to medication.

However, such procedures are not carried out in the presence of a number of problems, which include high blood pressure, arrhythmia, atherosclerosis, chronic lung diseases and other diseases, the presence of which should be known to the attending physician.

The effectiveness of the procedure for inflammatory diseases

The procedure using iodine is effective for a runny nose; additionally, fir and mint oils can be added to the solution. The composition eliminates swelling, dries out mucous membranes, and suppresses inflammation. Inhalations with soda are indicated:

  • allergic cough;
  • sinusitis;
  • tonsillitis;
  • otitis;
  • laryngitis with acute or chronic course.

The procedures are effective even for lung cancer. Treatment is carried out in the early stages and only under the supervision of the attending physician, as an addition to the main therapy. The soda solution is taken orally and is also used for warming. The course of treatment depends on the stage of the pathology and the patient’s condition.

Regular rinsing of the mouth with a soda solution prevents the spread of germs and the development of caries.

Rinsing your mouth with baking soda

Rules for inhalation with soda

  1. The finished solution is poured into an enamel container with a diameter of 30–35 cm. This is quite enough to release the optimal amount of steam.
  2. The container is placed on a stable surface.
  3. During steam inhalations, the patient bends over it at a distance of 30 cm.
  4. The shoulders and head are covered with a blanket or towel made from natural fabrics, which allows for even distribution of steam.
  5. The patient should breathe through the mouth, sometimes through the nose. If a runny nose is being treated, then nasal breathing is a priority.
  6. Inhalation lasts no more than 12 minutes, but not less than 5.
  7. You should carefully monitor your own feelings. In case of severe discomfort, it is permissible to reduce the recommended time.
  8. The first procedure is carried out 1-2 hours after breakfast, the last - no later than 18:00, so as not to disturb sleep.
  9. The procedure is repeated 2–4 times a day. The course lasts from 3 to 5 days.
  10. Eating immediately before and after the procedure is prohibited.
  11. After therapy, it is recommended not to strain the vocal cords for some time.


Inhalation using a nebulizer

Algorithm for nebulizer inhalations
If respiratory tract pathologies are a common occurrence, the procedures are carried out using a special device - a nebulizer. The device is compact in size and easy to use. It disperses the medicinal solution evenly throughout the upper and lower respiratory tract.

An important advantage of the nebulizer is the ability to use it at elevated body temperatures. The treatment is safe for all patients, regardless of age.

The device is heated with a pharmaceutical solution, buffered soda, or a solution prepared at home. The finished solution for inhalation is pre-diluted with saline solution (0.9%). The nebulizer product is prepared in the amount of 1 tsp. soda per 1 liter of saline solution.

Buffer soda helps get rid of discomfort in the throat and hoarseness. For bronchitis, the drug is inhaled alternately, then eucalyptus oil. It is recommended to repeat the procedure every 4 hours.

Soda inhalations in a nebulizer for children

Nebulizer for a child

Procedures for children using baking soda require twice a day, with the second one to be performed no later than 7 pm.

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The child must be supervised at all times. The procedure uses the same ingredients as for adults, but in a lower dosage.

  • if the patient is from 5 to 10 years old, then 3 ml is used. solution;
  • children from 10 to 15 years old take a dose of 5 ml.

As for the duration of exposure to steam, it is within 3-5 minutes. The course starts with less time.

When the patient's condition improves, it is recommended to stop treatment, because the larynx and nasal mucosa may become dry.

To achieve a greater effect in curing the disease, experts advise inhalation with the described medicinal solution, and after 4 hours this recipe is a saline solution, and a liter of which uses 10 drops of eucalyptus oil.

Recommended soda inhalation recipes

When used correctly, baking soda helps reduce painful symptoms. To enhance the effect, you can add additional ingredients to the solution. Let's look at a few popular recipes.

Classic recipe . To prepare a solution from soda, you need to dilute 1 tbsp. l. product in 1 liter of warm boiled water. It is important that the temperature of the composition does not exceed 50 °C. At higher rates, all beneficial properties are neutralized, so there will be no effect from the treatment.

Preparing a solution from soda
Preparing a solution from soda

With garlic. You will need 2 heads of vegetables, which must be thoroughly chopped and poured with two glasses of boiling water. Place the mixture over medium heat and bring to a boil. The product must be cooled to 50 °C. 1 tsp is added to it. soda After this, a noticeable chemical reaction will occur. The procedure is carried out according to all the rules, it is advisable to breathe through the nose. After soda inhalation, you should refrain from visiting the street for at least an hour.

Recipe for soda inhalations with garlic

With iodine. 2-3 drops of iodine are added to the classic solution. The procedure takes no more than 8 minutes. The recipe helps in the fight against nasal congestion and sore throat. Iodine enhances the beneficial properties of the composition and provides additional antiseptic and regenerating effects.

Soda, iodine

With sea salt. In 1 liter of water, boiled and cooled to 50 °C, dilute 1 tsp. sea ​​salt and soda. After thorough stirring, you can begin therapy. Warming helps remove mucus and eliminate swelling.

Soda with sea salt

With essential oils. The most effective essential oils are:

  • fir;
  • lemon and bergamot;
  • eucalyptus;
  • pine, spruce, cedar.

You just need to add a couple of drops to the finished mixture. Essential oils relieve pain and swelling, destroy fungal cells and pathogenic bacteria.

Features of dry cough

For dry coughs, inhalations with herbal decoctions are especially useful:

  • eucalyptus;
  • calendula, coltsfoot;
  • sage, chamomile, thyme.

Eucalyptus leaves

The listed plants have anti-inflammatory and softening effects. Onions give good results due to the content of phytoncides. In addition to herbal ingredients, soda mixed with mineral water gives a good therapeutic effect.

What are inhalations and how do they work?

Inhalation is a method of treating diseases of the respiratory system in which the patient inhales warm or hot vapor of medicinal products.

Medicinal preparations are diluted with water and heated to the desired temperature.

When inhaled vapors enter the respiratory tract, they have the following effects:

  • inhalations for dry cough soften and moisturize the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract;
  • different components have an anti-inflammatory, disinfecting, analgesic effect;
  • with a wet cough - expectorant effect.

Soda inhalations can be prepared separately or as part of a complex treatment regimen.

To carry out the procedure, you do not need any special devices; a small saucepan or kettle is enough.

They are allowed for both adults and children of any age.

Contraindications to inhalation with soda

Treatment with soda inhalations is characterized by high effectiveness and complete safety for the human body. Despite this, experts identify several conditions under which the use of the solution is strictly prohibited:

Contraindications for inhalations

  • increased body temperature and pressure;
  • individual sensitivity to the ingredients included in the mixture for the procedure;
  • the presence of pus in the sputum;
  • pathologies of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems;
  • some lung diseases;
  • arterial hypertension.

Many people believe that colds are nothing, so it is not necessary to see a doctor. In fact, self-medication is fraught with negative consequences. When the first symptoms of the disease occur, you must seek professional help.

Based on the individual characteristics of the course of the disease, appropriate treatment is prescribed, and recommendations are given for inhalations with soda. In the absence of special skills, patients often experience during the procedure:

  • suffocation;
  • dizziness;
  • weakness;
  • chest pain.



No matter how effective this remedy is, it will still have its contraindications. Since this is the effect of steam on the mucous membrane, not every body can bear such a load. Inhalation of soda is contraindicated:

  • patients who suffer from purulent tonsillitis or sinusitis;
  • patients with problems with the cardiovascular system;
  • patients prone to high blood pressure, as well as those patients who suffer from hypertension;
  • if the patient has a fever;
  • patients with an allergy to any of the components present in the inhalation;
  • children under 1.5 years old.

In addition to contraindications, inhalations can be combined with other treatments. In this case, the methods can be both folk and scientific means. For example, you can further strengthen the immune system and at the same time eat garlic or take vitamins. Also, before going to bed, you can steam your feet along with inhalation. But most importantly, before being treated with any methods, you need to consult a doctor. Because sometimes inhalation, instead of a positive effect, causes the opposite process.

Allowed inhalations for children

Soda inhalations are safe and therefore suitable for treating children. In this case it is recommended:

  • do the procedure with a solution heated to 30 °C;
  • treatment duration – 3 minutes;
  • inhalations are repeated no more than 2 times a day;
  • the child should not be left alone during execution;
  • It is necessary to closely monitor the baby’s well-being.

Inhalation for children must be carried out under the supervision of parentsInhalation for children must be carried out under the supervision of parents.
The procedure is carried out in a standard way or using a nebulizer. In the first case, you need to close your eyes. From the age of 12 to 15 months, colds can only be treated with the help of a special device. If the signs of the disease do not disappear or begin to worsen, you should urgently consult a specialist.

Inhalations are contraindicated in the presence of serious pathologies of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems, hypersensitivity to soda and other components included in the mixture.

Warming is most effective for dry cough, nasal congestion, sore throat and sore throat. The procedure kills pathogenic microbes and viruses.

The most effective solutions for soda treatments for coughs

Drops of iodine are often added to the described solution to more quickly relieve inflammation of the nasopharyngeal mucosa.

It is recommended to carry out such sessions using essential oils of plants such as:

  • mint,
  • juniper,
  • fir,
  • eucalyptus.

There are many variations on this theme, but the most effective options for combining with soda are these recipes.

Iodine and soda

You should prepare a teaspoon of soda and two drops of iodine per liter of warm water.

The procedure is indicated twice a day for 8 minutes each.

Soda and garlic

Prepare 6 garlic cloves, chop them and add them to a bowl with a liter of water.

After the water boils, reduce the heat and cook the contents for about 5 minutes.

The broth should be cooled, a teaspoon of soda should be added and inhalation should be carried out as follows:

  • inhale twice through the mouth and exhale through the nose;
  • inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth.

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After three days of use, the patient’s condition undergoes positive changes. Cough, runny nose and sore throat disappear.

Complications after inhalation

In some patients, the procedure leads to severe deterioration of the condition:

  • cough gets worse;
  • heart rate increases;
  • dizziness occurs.

Cough after using an inhaler

You cannot ignore such symptoms and continue treatment. It is better to refuse inhalations with soda and consult with doctors.

It is necessary to urgently call a doctor if there are signs of suffocation, loss of orientation in space, or sharp pain in the chest area.

The use of soda solution for inhalation helps with a variety of ENT diseases. The natural composition is completely safe for health and does not contain toxic substances. Treatment with soda is economical, accessible and effective for all patients, regardless of age.

Video on the topic: Inhalations with soda

What diseases are treated with soda?

A man has a cough

Let's look at the main diseases of the respiratory tract, in which soda inhalations will help you get back to normal faster.

Dry cough

Usually appears during inflammation of the upper respiratory tract. With such a cough, there is no sputum discharge.

Inhalations with soda help soften coughs and accelerate the outflow of mucus, have a calming effect on the irritated mucous membrane of the throat and reduce the number of attacks and their intensity.


During bronchitis, the lower respiratory tract becomes inflamed. Thanks to warm steam, irritated mucous membranes are moisturized and softened.

After the first use, inhalation thins the mucus in the bronchi and promotes its removal. And after 3-5 procedures, bronchial patency is restored.

Lungs' cancer

For cancer, treatment with soda can be effective in the initial stages. When NaHCO3 is diluted, an acid-base environment is formed in which cancer cells die.

Runny nose

For a severe runny nose, inhalation is one of the effective remedies. They quickly eliminate inflammatory processes in the nasal cavities.

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And to enhance the effect, you can add a few drops of iodine, eucalyptus, fir or mint oil.


It has a beneficial effect on the mucous membrane, reduces inflammation and swelling, thins and removes purulent discharge.


At temperatures above 37 degrees, steam inhalation is prohibited.


In case of inflammation of the trachea, inhalations accelerate the discharge of sputum and moisturize the mucous membrane.

Medicines, along with steam, are delivered directly to the affected trachea, thereby the effect occurs much faster.


The advantages of inhalation for pneumonia are that the drugs go directly to the affected areas, bypassing the gastrointestinal tract.

Soda vapor stops inflammatory processes in the lungs and thins mucus.


Alkaline inhalations significantly alleviate laryngitis. They reduce swelling of the mucous membranes and activate cough. The effect is visible immediately after the first procedure.

Expert opinion


As you noticed, for most inflammatory processes of the respiratory tract, steam inhalation will be indispensable, but only in combination with conservative treatment.

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