Erespal or ambrobene which is better for coughing. Indications for use of the drug. Side effects of treatment with erespal

Erespal solution for inhalation is an effective medicine against cough and other diseases.

erespal for inhalation

Many doctors recommend using Erespal solution for inhalation. Experts note the high effectiveness of the drug, but under one condition: strictly follow the instructions for use and the recommendations of a medical professional.

Erespal - an effective, effective solution for inhalation

One of the most popular and sought-after modern anti-inflammatory drugs in medicine, with pronounced anti-bronchoconstrictive functions, is Erespal. The main active ingredient, fenspiride, allows you to achieve tangible results in the treatment of respiratory tract diseases of varying degrees of complexity.

erespal for inhalation instructions for use

Erespal and Ambrobene at the same time - is it possible to take them together - Website about hernias and their treatment

  • povidone;
  • titanium dioxide;
  • calcium hydrogen phosphate;
  • hypromellose;
  • magnesium stearate;
  • macrogol 6000;
  • silica;
  • glycerol


  • licorice extract;
  • gilcerol;
  • propyl parahydroxybenzonate;
  • sucrose;
  • methyl parahydroxybenzonate;
  • Sunset Yellow S;
  • potassium sorbate;
  • flavoring agent;
  • water.

Release form

The syrup is sold in 150 ml plastic bottles, sealed in a cardboard box.

The liquid is orange in color. Precipitation may form. To eliminate it, you need to shake the bottle.

The drug is taken orally.

pharmachologic effect

According to Wikipedia, the medicine has an antihistamine and antispasmodic effect. The drug also fights inflammatory processes.

Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics

By slowing down the release of serotonin, bradykinin and histamine, the body has an antibronchoconstrictor effect.

Also, the use of the drug allows you to block adrenergic receptors. In the process of their stimulation, an increase in the intensity of the formation of bronchial secretions is observed.

The drug is used for bronchospasms. A large dosage helps reduce the amount of inflammatory factors produced.

The medicine has excellent absorption from the gastrointestinal tract. The active substance reaches its maximum concentration in the body 2.5 hours after administration. The half-life is 12 hours.

90% of the drug is excreted through the kidneys and 10% leaves the body through the intestines.

Indications for use

Erespal is prescribed to people suffering from respiratory diseases, namely:

  • nasopharyngitis;
  • laryngitis;
  • bronchial asthma;
  • tracheobronchitis;
  • bronchitis;
  • otitis;
  • sinusitis;
  • infectious diseases manifested by cough;
  • cough, sore throat, hoarseness with flu and measles.

Consequently, Erespal is prescribed for respiratory diseases accompanied by cough. Both forms of release have the same indications for use. In the case of complex treatment, the choice of the form of the drug remains with the attending physician.

More detailed information regarding what diseases Erespal treats can be found by reading the instructions for the product. The same goes for syrup.


The following categories of people are prohibited from taking the drug:

  • children under 2 years old;
  • sensitive to any of the components of the drug.

The syrup should be used with caution by people suffering from diabetes mellitus or glucose-galactose melbsorption, as well as those who have fructose intolerance and a deficiency of isomaltase and sucrase.

This is justified by the fact that one of the ingredients of the syrup is sucrose.

Side effects

Possible side effects from taking Erespal:

  1. Tachycardia. To reduce it, you need to reduce the dosage.
  2. Nausea, indigestion, epigastric discomfort. In rare cases, diarrhea and vomiting occur.
  3. Drowsiness, dizziness.
  4. Extreme fatigue.
  5. Hives, itchy skin, rash.
  6. Reaction to the dye contained in the medicine.


Can only be prescribed to adults. During treatment, you must strictly adhere to the instructions that come with the drug.

Erespal in tablet form is taken immediately before meals. In the case of treatment of a chronic disease, the dosage is 2 tablets per day (one in the morning and one in the evening).

In case of acute illness, the doctor may increase the dosage to 3 tablets. A medical professional can also suggest an individual dosage regimen.

The duration of the course is determined for each patient individually.


An overdose may be accompanied by excitability or drowsiness, nausea, vomiting, as well as sinus tachycardia.

One of the most effective remedies is gastric lavage. Doctors also regularly monitor ECGs.

If necessary, it is possible to organize artificial support of vital functions.

Interaction with other drugs

The use of Erespal leads to increased sedation. Therefore, it is better not to take it together with sedatives.

Terms of sale

To purchase Erespal, you must have the appropriate prescription with you.


There are no special or special storage conditions. It is necessary to limit access to the medicine to children. The ideal storage temperature is room temperature.

Best before date

Tablets are stored for 2 years, syrup - 3 years.

special instructions

  1. Most patients are interested in whether this cough remedy is an antibiotic.
  2. The drug is not able to replace antibiotic therapy.
  3. Therefore, your doctor may prescribe additional antibiotics.
  4. For diabetes mellitus, Erespal is prescribed in tablet form, since the syrup contains sucrose.

It also includes Sunset Yellow.

If a person suffers from intolerance to acetylsalicylic acid, then after taking it there is a possibility of developing bronchospasm.

It is not known for certain whether, after taking Erespal, it is allowed to work with important mechanisms or drive a vehicle, since such studies have not been conducted.

It is worth remembering that drowsiness may occur after taking the drug, especially when combined with alcohol or sedatives. This combination can significantly reduce the reaction.

Erespal's analogs

In pharmacies you can find medicines that are similar in properties and action to Erespal. Similar analogues include the following drugs:

  • Ambrobene;
  • Lazolvan;
  • Fludetic;
  • Fenspiride;
  • Ascoril;
  • Stoptussin.

The cost of analogues varies widely. Some of them are cheaper than Erespal, others are more expensive. Naturally, everyone wants to find a cheap analogue, but before choosing this or that drug, you should consult a doctor.

Sometimes the medicine Bronchicum can be an excellent alternative to Erespal. It is prescribed for the treatment of bronchitis and any type of cough.

Erespal or Sinekod?

Sinekod is an antitussive drug. The active ingredient is butamirate.

It is prescribed in case of diagnosing a non-productive cough.

These two drugs should not be used at the same time. If you have any questions, it is better to consult a doctor.

Erespal or Lazolvan?

  • The prescription of a particular drug is within the competence of the attending physician only.
  • Lazolvan thins and removes mucus, therefore, it is advisable to use it in case of wet cough.
  • Erespal fights chronic inflammatory processes.

Many patients want to know how much the combination of these drugs will be justified.

They can be taken simultaneously without any consequences for the body.

But a doctor must prescribe such treatment, since the described substances must be taken according to a regimen specially developed by a specialist.

Erespal or Ambrobene?

The active component of Ambrobene is ambroxol hydrochloride. In this way he is similar to Lazolvan. Therefore, the answer to the question of compatibility of these two drugs is the same as in the case of Lazolvan.

Erespal or Prospan?

Prospan has a mucolytic effect on the body. The product contains dry extract of ivy leaves. This remedy can only be prescribed by a doctor for a severe runny nose or cough.

Erespal or Askoril?

  1. The composition of Ascoril contains several active components: guaifenesin, bromhexine, salbutamol.
  2. The drug has mucolytic and bronchodilator effects.
  3. The simultaneous use of both drugs is permissible only on the recommendation of a doctor.

It is quite difficult to say exactly which medicine is better.

It all depends on the characteristics of the patient’s body and his diagnosis.

Many patients who complain of cough wonder whether Erespal can be combined with other medications. Are Fludetic and Erespal compatible?

Is it possible to use ACC simultaneously with Erespal? There are no contraindications prohibiting the use of these drugs in one therapeutic regimen. However, they can be combined only after consultation with a specialist.

The choice of a specific drug for the treatment of cough depends on the diagnosis and annotations to it. It is also necessary to take into account the type of cough, as well as the list of active substances included in the medicine.

Use for children

When prescribing Erespal to a child, it is necessary to take into account his weight and age. The dosage must be selected very carefully.

It is necessary to carefully ensure that the child does not drink more than prescribed.

According to the instructions, the daily dosage should be divided into several doses. The medicine is taken shortly before meals.

The drug is contraindicated for children under two years of age.

If a younger child suffers from a cough, then the doctor writes a prescription for any of the analogues approved for use at such a young age.

The dosage of the drug is calculated in the proportion of 4 mg per kg of weight. If you weigh no more than 10 kg, 2-4 tsp is prescribed. per day (10-20 mg). If the child’s weight exceeds 10 kg, then the dosage is 2-4 tbsp. l. (20-60 mg).

The duration of treatment for children is determined by the doctor and the type of disease. According to consumer reviews, the condition improves 2-3 days after starting to take Erespal.

Alcohol compatibility

Drinks containing alcohol enhance the sedative effect of Erespal, so there is no need to combine them. Otherwise, drowsiness and weakness will appear.

Pregnancy and lactation

There are no data regarding the use of Erespal by pregnant women. If pregnancy is detected during the period of taking the medication, it is not necessary to interrupt it.

There is also no information regarding whether the components of the drug pass into breast milk. Therefore, when breastfeeding, it is better to avoid taking Erespal.

There are other medications available to treat cough in nursing mothers. They are prescribed by the attending physician.

Consumer Reviews

There are both positive and negative reviews online. The drug was appreciated by those who took it on the recommendation of specialists.

All of them note a rapid decrease in cough and shortness of breath and an improvement in well-being. Doctors also speak positively about the medicine.

  • Most negative reviews are associated with side effects: tachycardia, insomnia, weakness, nausea.
  • Also speaking negatively about the drug are those who started taking it without first consulting a doctor or did not follow the rules of administration, including the dosage.
  • Erespal belongs to the category of potent drugs, so you should not rely only on the recommendations of forum users.


Which is better, erespal or ambroskol, compatibility with other drugs

Erespal is an anti-inflammatory drug, it is prescribed for respiratory diseases during a general epidemic. The main symptomatic sign is cough syndrome; doctors prescribe this remedy to get rid of cough. It is combined with other medications, which the doctor will select individually.

Basic pharmacological properties

Erespal, as a solution for inhalation, effectively counteracts the progression of the inflammatory process in the respiratory organs and respiratory tract. The result is that the process of reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms is inhibited. If such treatment is not carried out, the inflammatory process will progress, hypersecretion of the bronchial glands will appear, and bronchial spasms will begin to appear more and more often. As a result, the patient will experience coughing attacks, shortness of breath, and pain at the site of inflammation.

Erespal inhalation instructions for use

Cheap analogs of Erespal: list of structural and similar substitutes

The original drug Erespal (JSC Servier Laboratories, France) is available in 2 dosage forms: tablets and syrup. The active ingredient is fenspiride hydrochloride, which has an anti-inflammatory, bronchodilator, antiexudative, and antiallergic effect.

In addition, the drug is included in the list of vital drugs of the Russian Federation. Despite all the advantages, you should not miss the opportunity to replace erespal with an analogue that is cheaper, but contains the same active ingredient, in the same dosage as the original. Let's take a closer look at what these drugs are.

pharmachologic effect

Fenspiride hydrochloride inhibits the metabolism of arachidonic acid, which triggers the inflammatory process in the lung tissue. In addition, it competes with mediators of hypersensitivity and inflammation and exhibits a myotropic antispasmodic effect.

Erespal is an anti-inflammatory drug with a pronounced anti-exudative effect that prevents the formation of bronchospasm.

When prescribed in maximum doses, it inhibits the production of inflammatory factors, including cytokines and free radicals. By changing the rheological properties and reducing the synthesis of sputum, erespal effectively eliminates dry non-productive cough.

The maximum titer of the active substance in the blood is observed 2.5 hours after taking a single dose. Fenspiride is excreted in the urine and only 10% through the intestines.

Indications for use of the drug

According to the instructions for use, indications for erespal therapy are:

  • laryngitis and/or nasopharyngitis;
  • acute and chronic course of tracheobronchitis;
  • as part of the complex treatment of exacerbations of bronchial asthma;
  • bronchitis of any etiology;
  • respiratory manifestations in the form of cough, hoarseness due to ARVI, influenza, measles, whooping cough, parawhooping cough;
  • diseases affecting the upper and lower respiratory tract of infectious etiology and accompanied by any type of cough, for which antibacterial therapy is carried out;
  • otitis media, sinusitis of any nature.

Erespal in the form of syrup is approved for use in pediatric practice for children from 2 years of age. The syrup should be shaken gently before use.

The dose, frequency of administration and duration of treatment are determined by the attending physician. The recommended dose for children is 4 mg/kg per day, which should be divided into 3 doses:

  • weight less than 10 kg - 2-4 tsp;
  • more than 10 kg - 2-4 tbsp.

Adults and adolescents over 18 years of age should take 3-6 tbsp. This category of patients is advised to take Erespal tablets: one tablet twice or thrice a day. The drug should be taken 30 minutes before meals with a sufficient amount of water.

List of structural analogues is cheaper

Structural analogues of erespal have an identical composition, that is, their active component is fenspiride hydrochloride. According to the instructions, these drugs also help cleanse the bronchi, reduce secretion production and ensure its removal.

The cost of syrup 2 mg/ml is 390 rubles, tab. 80 mg No. 30 - 400 rub. Generics - cheaper analogues of erespal, completely copying it both in composition and pharmacological action are:

  • Erispirus, syrup 2 mg/ml - 180 rubles, tab. 80 mg No. 30 - 225;
  • Sireps, syrup 2 mg/ml - 175 rubles;
  • Inspiron, syrup 2 mg/ml - 200 rubles, tab. No. 30 - 155 rubles;
  • Eladon, analogue of domestic production, tab. No. 30 - 249 rubles, No. 60 - 439 rubles;
  • Epistat, syrup 2 mg/ml - 135 rubles, No. 30 - 178 rubles.

The diseases for which erespal is used are characterized by serious manifestations and a high risk of complications, so the drug should be taken only under the constant supervision of the treating pediatrician, therapist or pulmonologist. In this regard, only a specialist should choose a cheap analogue of Erespal.

List of drugs with similar effects

Erespal has a complex effect, so it is extremely difficult to choose a similar drug that will show the same effectiveness.

The most similar pharmacological action to the original drug is Ascoril (tablets No. 20 - 335 rubles).

The doctor may prescribe the drug taking into account the clinical manifestations of the disease.

So, if a patient complains of a strong productive cough, the following may be taken:

  • Fluditec syrup (5% syrup is indicated for adult patients - 350 rubles);
  • Lazolvan (tablet 30 mg No. 20 - 160 rubles, capsules 75 mg No. 10 - 185 rubles, syrup 30 mg/ml - 285 rubles);
  • Ambroxol (tablet 30 mg No. 20 - 45 rubles, syrup 30 mg/ml - 75 rubles);
  • Ambrobene (30 mg tablet No. 20 - 145 rubles, 75 mg capsules No. 20 - 260 rubles).

This list of drugs increases the production of sputum and stimulates its excretion. For dry cough, medications are indicated that depress the cough center, thereby reducing the frequency of cough impulses. Sinekod has this effect (syrup 1.5 mg/ml - 215 rubles).

Analogues for children

Analogs of Erespal syrup for children are selected exclusively by the attending physician, taking into account the severity of the disease and manifestations of sensitization in the anamnesis.

Of the structural substitutes, Erispirus is most often prescribed. For bronchopulmonary diseases, which are accompanied by difficult separation of viscous secretions and coughing attacks, Ascoril syrup is prescribed (290 rubles). Dry cough can be relieved with drops for oral administration Sinekod 5 mg/ml - RUB 355.

For wet cough, mucolytics are prescribed:

  • Lazolvan, syrup 15 mg/ml - 360 rubles;
  • Ambroxol, syrup 15 mg/ml - 55 rubles;
  • Ambrobene, syrup 15 mg/ml - 140 rub.

Fluditec syrup is most often recommended as an expectorant, 2%, 100 ml - 355 rubles. This is a children's analogue of erespal which is cheaper and stimulates the discharge of sputum, preventing the development of the inflammatory process.

Erespal or Erispirus - which is better?

Erispirus is an inexpensive structural analogue of erespal. The drugs differ only in the manufacturer: erispirus is produced in Switzerland. Although both drugs are imported, the cost of the analogue is slightly lower than the original Erespal - 180 rubles. versus 390 rub.

Since the active substance is the same, the mechanism of action, indications and contraindications for the drugs are identical.

Erespal or Siresp - which is better?

Siresp is a structural analogue of erespal. Produced in Poland. The concentration of fenspiride in Sirespa is the same as in the original drug - 2 mg/ml.

Siresp is used to treat pathologies of the upper and lower respiratory tract in adults and children over 2 years of age. The syrup exhibits anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, bronchoconstrictor effects; simultaneous administration with antibacterial drugs is allowed.

Thus, Siresp has the same indications and contraindications as Erespal.

At the same time, its cost is much lower - 175 rubles. versus 390 rub. from the original, which does not affect the effectiveness of the drug.

Erespal or Askoril

Erespal substitute Ascoril is the most similar in mechanism of action. Thanks to the content of salbutamol, ascoril eliminates bronchospasm, stimulates the discharge of viscous secretions, and increases vital capacity.

At the same time, the drug can be used in pediatric practice only as prescribed and under the supervision of the attending physician, since 2-adrenergic agonists can provoke paradoxical bronchospasm, which is a life-threatening condition for the patient.

In addition, Ascoril has a more impressive list of contraindications, including pregnancy, lactation, arrhythmia, severe cardiovascular diseases, and hyperthyroidism.

For severe diseases of the lower respiratory tract, Ascoril and Erespal can be prescribed simultaneously.

Erespal or Fluditek

Fluditec is similar in action to Erespal, but is used in the treatment of bronchopulmonary diseases, which are accompanied by increased formation of viscous sputum. Carbocisteine, which is part of the drug, stimulates the activity of the cilia of the bronchial epithelium, making the secretion easier to remove and reduces its production.

Unlike the original drug, it does not have antihistamine and anti-inflammatory effects, so its effectiveness in the treatment of serious pulmonary diseases is much lower.

Sometimes your doctor may recommend taking these medications at the same time.

Erespal or Lazolvan

Lazolvan is a drug from the subgroup of mucolytics, the active ingredient of which is ambroxol. The medicine is used to thin viscous mucus to facilitate its removal.

At the same time, lazolvan is not very effective in the case of obstructive manifestations and spasms of the bronchial muscles.

Doctors often prescribe both lazolvan and erespal at the same time, which allows for quick relief of the patient’s condition.

Erespal or Ambroxol

Russian-made Ambroxol is used to treat productive cough, so it can only be partially considered an analogue of Erespal.

Unlike the original drug, ambroxol does not exhibit a combined effect and is not very effective in treating symptoms of bronchial obstruction; it is not used to treat non-productive cough, laryngitis and tracheitis of an allergic nature.

However, ambroxol has a much smaller list of contraindications and side effects, unlike erespal.

Despite the low cost of the syrup and some advantages, you should not replace erespal with it yourself. After all, the mechanism of action and indications for use of drugs are different.

Erespal or Sinekod for dry cough

The main component of Sinecode is butamirate citrate, which belongs to the group of antitussives with central action.

This means that the drug suppresses the cough center of the brain. Therefore, in the treatment of dry cough, sinecode will be more effective compared to erespal.

Sinecode is prescribed to relieve a painful nonproductive cough and also has a bronchodilator effect. In this regard, the medicine is prescribed in the treatment of bronchial asthma, whooping cough, and tracheitis.

However, the drug is strictly contraindicated in the formation of secretions, since taking Sinecode can provoke stagnation and, as a result, an inflammatory process.

Erespal or Ambrobene

Ambrobene is a drug similar to erespal in its spectrum of action. However, ambroxol (the main active ingredient of the drug ambrobene) belongs to the class of mucolytic agents that have a mild expectorant effect.

In this regard, it is more rational to prescribe it for a productive cough, that is, when sputum begins to form, but its discharge is difficult due to its high viscosity. Ambrobene also exhibits an antioxidant effect, which significantly speeds up the healing process.

The undeniable advantages of ambrobene compared to the original erespal are:

  • low price;
  • Possibility of use in the treatment of pregnant women in the 2nd and 3rd trimester.

However, unlike erespal, ambrobene does not have an antiallergic, anti-inflammatory, or anti-exudative effect.

Erespal or Prospan

Prospan is an antitussive drug whose active ingredient is ivy extract. The herbal component helps accelerate the discharge of sputum, has a moderate antimicrobial, antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory effect, and suppresses coughing attacks.

The main difference between Erespal and Prospan is that the latter drug normalizes breathing and activates the smooth muscles of the bronchi. Prospan also does not contain dyes, sugar, or alcohol, therefore it is more preferable for use in pediatric practice.

In addition, it can be taken by patients with diabetes, and erespal is contraindicated in this group of patients.

Like erespal, prospan helps eliminate bronchospasm, inhibits the inflammatory process and the release of corresponding mediators, prevents the formation of allergic reactions, and minimizes the production of viscous mucus.

Let's summarize

Cheaper drugs to replace erespal should be selected exclusively by the attending physician. This is due to the fact that there are not so many structural substitutes for the original product, and their cost does not differ significantly.

The selection of drugs with a similar mechanism of action is possible only by studying the patient’s medical history, determining the main symptoms of the disease and assessing its severity, which the patient cannot do on his own.


Innovative methodology

Using erespal for inhalation, you can achieve the desired therapeutic effect much faster than taking the drug or syrup orally.

erespal and inhalations with lazolvan

The fact is that the active substance fenspiride, dissolved in distilled water (special saline solution), in the process of inhalation, inhalation of vapors, directly affects the affected areas of the respiratory organs and respiratory tract, bypassing the digestive organs, gastrointestinal tract, does not burden the liver, etc. P. The procedure will be even more effective and efficient if you use erespal and carry out inhalations in combination with lazolvan.

erespal and inhalation with saline solution

The main effect of the drug is aimed at blocking the H1 and @ receptors. As a result, the muscles of the bronchi relax, and the production of inflammatory microorganisms is sharply reduced. As a result, general relief of the patient’s condition occurs quite quickly, coughing attacks are reduced, and discomfort during inhalation and exhalation is minimized.

Is it possible to take Erespal and Ambrobene at the same time?

Erespal is an anti-inflammatory and antibronchoconstrictor (prevents narrowing of the bronchi) drug. Ambrobene is a mucolytic agent that promotes sputum discharge.

Erespal and Ambrobene can be used simultaneously, but not in all cases. Therefore, the issue of interaction and compatibility of these drugs is resolved individually.

To answer this, it is necessary to consider the mechanism of action of Erespal and Ambrobene.


Release forms:

  • pills,
  • syrup,
  • solution for inhalation,
  • injection,
  • capsules.

Ambrobene has a mucolytic effect (promotes the removal of sputum). The active ingredient is Ambroxol. It activates the ciliated epithelium of the bronchi, due to which sputum is expelled out during a wet cough. With a dry cough, it promotes the formation of sputum.

Contraindications: pregnancy, lactation, individual intolerance. No studies have been conducted on the effect on the fetus. However, the use of a drug during pregnancy is possible only if the benefit to life outweighs the risk.

Tablets are not prescribed for children under five years of age, and capsules for children under twelve.

Indications for use:

  • diseases in which sputum production is impaired (bronchitis, bronchiectasis).

Ambrobene is good to drink along with antibiotics. Since ambrobene increases the content of antibacterial agents in the pulmonary tract.

Ambrobene is recommended to be used together with a large amount of liquid (fruit drinks, compotes). This will help remove mucus from the bronchi. In addition, drinking plenty of fluids helps detoxify the body. Ambrobene is prohibited from being used with drugs that block the formation of sputum. Intravenous administration may cause chills and shortness of breath.

It is produced in Germany. The price starts from 109 rubles.

Side effects:

  • weakness,
  • nausea,
  • vomit,
  • hives,
  • diarrhea.


Erespal is available in two forms:

  1. pills,
  2. yellow syrup.

Erespal is the trade name of the drug. The active ingredient in it is fenspiride. It blocks the arachidic acid cycle, which prevents the formation of inflammatory products (cytokines, etc.). It also has a blocking effect on alpha adrenergic receptors. In connection with this, the secretion of mucus in the bronchi decreases. This may explain its anti-inflammatory effect.

The active ingredient Erespal is quite bitter. Therefore, various sweeteners are added to Erespal to facilitate use in children. The drug is produced by a French company, which is why its price is not cheap (starts at 250 rubles). You can buy it in a pharmacy only with a doctor's prescription.

Contraindications to the use of the drug are individual intolerance, pregnancy and lactation. The effect of the drug during pregnancy and breastfeeding has not been studied. Children under 14 years of age are recommended to use syrup instead of tablets. Also, use is contraindicated in children under two years of age and patients with diabetes.

Indications for use are related to the anti-inflammatory effect:

  1. nasopharyngitis,
  2. laryngitis,
  3. tracheitis,
  4. bronchial asthma,
  5. otitis, sinusitis,
  6. infectious diseases that are accompanied by cough.

What is better to take Erespal or Ambrobene?

These drugs act on different mechanisms. Erespal has an anti-inflammatory effect, and Ambrobene has a mucolytic effect.

Therefore, the choice to use these agents depends on the specific disease. If we need to fight inflammation, then it is better to use Erespal. If there is a violation of sputum discharge, then Ambroxol will help. For example, for bronchial asthma, the use of Erespal is possible, but the use of Ambrobene is not indicated.

The advantage of Ambrobene is the wide variety of forms of release of the drug. The side effects and contraindications of these drugs are identical.

Erespal is an etiotropic therapy, as it affects the cause of the disease. Ambrobene, on the contrary, eliminates the symptom, but does not interfere with the etiology and pathogenesis of the disease.

Is it possible to take Erespal and Ambrobene at the same time?

Ambrobene and Erespal can be used together if there is both an inflammatory component and a violation of sputum discharge. The active ingredients of the drugs do not contradict each other and, when interacting, do not create a negative effect on the human body. For example, you can take these drugs at the same time for bronchitis of bacterial etiology.

Important! If a cough occurs, you should definitely consult a specialist and undergo a full medical examination.

Only a doctor is able to make an informed decision about what is best to take: any of these drugs separately or simultaneous treatment with two drugs.

If there is no improvement from the selected therapy, the doctor may adjust the treatment. Self-medication can cause serious harm to health.

The most justified combination of drugs for use is Erespal and antibacterial agents, or Ambrobene and antibacterial agents. However, although it is possible to use these drugs together, you need to think carefully.

In modern society there is a trend towards polypharmacy (the use of a large number of medications at the same time). You should not use pills thoughtlessly; for each use there must be an indication and justification for the need.

Only then will medicines bring benefit and not harm.


Main types of diseases

In accordance with the instructions for use, erespal for inhalation allows you to effectively counteract such types of diseases as:

  • Pharyngitis, laryngitis and rhinopharyngitis;
  • Rhinitis, sinusitis, otitis;
  • Bronchitis;
  • Bronchial asthma;
  • -Flu, measles, whooping cough and other types of colds.

you can use erespal syrup for inhalation

It is important to remember that using erespal, and performing inhalations with saline solution, is necessary only as a complex therapy and as prescribed by a doctor.

Erespal for which cough: use for dry and wet cough

Many people are interested in the question of what cough Erespal helps with.
The use of the drug for severe cough attacks helps restore breathing and alleviate the patient’s condition. The medication has several release forms: they are different for adults and children. The manufacturing company (Les Laboratoires Servier) is located in France. Erespal is an effective bronchodilator, the use of which for medicinal purposes should be carried out according to the instructions. The presence of contraindications prescribed in the annotation makes it impossible to use the drug. Prices may vary depending on the location of sale.

Composition and release form

The concentration of the active substance - fenspiride hydrochloride - may vary depending on the release form. The drug is marketed in tablet and syrup form. Cough tablets are round, milky, biconvex, coated with an enteric film. They contain 80 mg of the active ingredient and a number of additional substances:

  • microcellulose;
  • polyvinylpyrrolidone;
  • anhydrous silicon (dioxide);
  • magnesium salt of stearic acid.

Children's medicine is a slightly caramelized (consistency) suspension of brownish-yellow color. The concentration of the main component in Erespal syrup does not exceed 2 mg per 1 ml of product. Auxiliary components provided by the manufacturer:

  • purified water;
  • glycerol;
  • flavoring;
  • sucrose (sweetener);
  • licorice root (extract);
  • vanilla infusion.

Anti-inflammatory cough syrup is sold in dark glass bottles, hermetically sealed with an aluminum stopper (150 ml). Pills - in blisters of 10-30 pcs. All forms of release are sold in cardboard boxes, inside of which there is an annotation.

Erespal in the form of syrup

Action of Erespal for cough

Erespal, like most cough medicines, has anti-inflammatory, mucolytic, antimicrobial and antispasmodic properties. When the active substance enters the body, it quickly reaches the site of inflammation and reduces the productivity of cytokines and free radicals involved in the inflammatory process.

Syrup and tablets help against chronic cough (in smokers). With regular use, the severity of inflammation decreases and swelling subsides. Thanks to its antihistamine properties, the medication eliminates discomfort in the throat (stingling, burning, pain). A decrease in muscle tone ensures expansion of the lumen of the bronchopulmonary tract.

Indications for use

The main indications for use are relief of the severity of the clinical syndrome. In addition to coughing, the medication helps get rid of a number of pathologies.

What cough should I take Erespal for?

Before answering the question for which cough Erespal can be taken, it is necessary to determine the type of clinical syndrome.

There are several main types of cough: dry cough and wet cough, accompanied by sputum production. The drug can be used in both cases.

With a dry cough, Erespal eliminates irritation; with a wet cough, it thins the mucus in the bronchi.

Erespal for dry cough

Erespal for dry cough helps reduce attacks of unproductive cough. The medication gradually transforms a dry cough into a wet one. Another function of the medicine for barking cough in children and adults is protective. It protects the mucous membrane from ruptures and damage. Children's dry cough syrup dilates the bronchi, eliminates bronchospasms, soreness and a feeling of dryness in the throat.

Erespal for wet cough

Erespal with a wet cough eliminates swelling of the bronchi and stops the spread of the inflammatory process to healthy areas of the respiratory system. The smooth muscles relax - against the background of this, the patient experiences shortness of breath and painful phenomena that accompany coughing attacks. Long-term use of the drug for wet cough helps prevent relapse.

Taking medication for dry and wet cough in a child

What does Erespal treat besides cough?

The main indications for use are diseases of the internal respiratory organs. The instructions for use describe the following pathologies:

  • inflammation of the larynx;
  • nasopharyngitis;
  • inflammation of the bronchi;
  • tracheobronchitis;
  • pneumonia (pneumonia);
  • bronchial type asthma;
  • respiratory manifestations of whooping cough, ARVI, rubella measles (sore throat, severe cough, hoarseness);
  • diseases of infectious etiology.

The medicine for children is taken when diagnosing the following diseases:

  • rhinitis (acute);
  • pharyngitis;
  • laryngitis;
  • laryngotracheitis;
  • tracheitis.

The medication is approved for use for sinusitis and otitis of various etiologies.

Use of Erespal for otitis media

Contraindications and side effects

The drug has contraindications, which depend on the form of release. Restrictions for taking the tablet form:

  • hypersensitivity;
  • individual intolerance to individual components of the drug;
  • diabetes;
  • children's age (up to 18 years).

For the medicine:

  • age restrictions (up to 2 years);
  • disturbances in digestion processes (enzyme deficiency).

Any ailments that accompany taking the medication are classified as side effects. They occur against the background of an incorrectly selected dosage regimen. Most often, side effects are observed in internal organs and the central nervous system.

From the digestive organs, ailments are expressed in the form of pain in the epigastric region, stool disturbances (diarrhea) and vomiting. From the cardiovascular system, rapid heartbeat and surges in blood pressure are observed.

Dizziness, headaches and sleep disturbances are considered side effects from the nervous system. Most often, children experience all kinds of allergic reactions in the form of facial flushing, erythema, and urticaria. Skin itching and burning sensation are the most common manifestations of allergies. With prolonged use of the syruped form, the child quickly gets tired.

Dizziness from taking Erespal

Instructions for use Erespal

Before using the medicine, you must carefully study the instructions for use of Erespal, included inside the box. The medicine is prescribed by the doctor based on the results of tests previously taken by the patient. The course of application and dosage regimen is determined individually depending on the age of the patient.

For adults

The daily dosage of the drug for adult patients should not exceed 240 mg, which is equivalent to 3 tablets. The drug must be taken at the same time, 15 minutes after eating.

The tablets are drunk whole, without breaking or chewing. You can take the medicine only with boiled water - carbonated drinks, energy drinks, tea and coffee cannot be used for these purposes.

The period of use is no more than 10 days.

For children

The therapeutic norm of the mixture for children is determined based on the body weight and age of the child. For convenience, the medicine is poured into a bottle (for children under 3–4 years old). Before opening, it is recommended to shake the bottle vigorously for 20–30 seconds - this will dissolve the sediment.

It is recommended to give 4 mg/1 kg to children under 4 years of age - if the baby weighs less than 10 kg, then he should be given 1 teaspoon of syrup once before or during meals. If the child's weight exceeds 10 kg, he is given 1 tbsp. l. emulsions once. Adolescent children (12 years and older) are given 2 tbsp once. l. You can take no more than 5–6 tablespoons of the product per day. The course of treatment is 7–10 days.


The use of Erespal for medicinal purposes during pregnancy is possible for health reasons in the absence of a threat to the health of the mother and fetus. The appointment is carried out under the supervision of a specialist.

The recommended dosage regimen is to take half doses (no more than 120 mg/day). The course of treatment must be reduced by 2 times.

If ailments occur in the digestive tract or nervous system, the use of the medication must be stopped immediately.

Features of taking Erespal during pregnancy

Interaction with other drugs

A bronchodilator is often combined with antiviral, immunomodulatory, and mucolytic agents. With the simultaneous use of Erespal and antihistamines, the sedative effect of the bronchodilator may be enhanced.

Experts recommend taking vitamins simultaneously with the medication. Against the background of infectious diseases, the body’s defense reactions decrease, so treatment with an anti-inflammatory drug is accompanied by the intake of vitamin-mineral complexes (Supradin Kids, Kaltsinova, Pikovit).

How much does syrup and tablets cost?

The medicine is in the middle price category; prices for the medicine and tablets vary depending on the region and place of sale. The cost of the tablet form is from 300 rubles, the price of syrup is from 230 rubles. Both dosage forms can be ordered on the manufacturer’s official website - in this case the price will be higher than in pharmacies. Shipping costs will be included.


Erespal syrup and tablets have several structural analogues that have therapeutic properties similar to the original. Analogues of the drug for adults:

  1. Bronchicum. The syrup of plant origin contains extracts of thyme, primrose and grindelia. Auxiliary components: sugar syrup, sodium benzoate. Used for attacks of wet and dry cough. The cost of the drug is 320 rubles.
  2. Ascoril. The drug is sold in the form of syrup and tablets. It contains several active ingredients (menthol, guaifenesin, salbutamol sulfate, bromhexine hydrochloride). The medication is used for medicinal purposes for dry, non-productive cough. Cost - from 380 rubles.

The closest analogue of children's medicine is Lazolvan syrup. The active ingredient is ambroxol. The mucolytic has a pleasant fruity aroma and taste; it can be used for bronchitis, pharyngitis, tracheitis and laryngitis in children.

When asked by patients which is better - Erespal or Ascoril (Ambrobene, Lazolvan, etc.), there is no clear answer. Drugs act differently on the body due to its individual characteristics.


Procedure for using the device and the drug

Inhalers, thanks to the active development of medical technology, have become available to almost everyone. Previously, this procedure required visiting a medical facility, clinic or hospital. Modern industry has solved the problem of individual use of the device. The main thing that the user must remember is to include inhalation in the treatment procedure only on the recommendation of a doctor. And even if such a recommendation has been received, it is necessary to study the instructions for use before performing inhalations with Erespal.

erespal for inhalation instructions


Erespal for inhalation according to the instructions is used in the following sequence:

  • Place the device on a level surface and plug it in;
  • Pour saline solution into the bowl;
  • Add syrup (dosage according to doctor's recommendation);
  • Wear a mask;
  • Inhale and exhale steam, taking deep, even breaths;
  • Continue the procedure until the solution is completely consumed.

Treatment is more effective if you use erespal and inhalations with ambrobene. Quite often, doctors recommend erespal and inhalation with lazolvan at the same time, which makes the treatment procedure even more effective.

The main thing is to strictly follow all regulations and instructions!


Many users are interested in whether it is possible to use erespal syrup for inhalation and whether this will be beneficial. The answer is higher!

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Erespal for children

Especially for the treatment of young patients, pharmacists developed a liquid form of the medicine - syrup. They can treat children aged from two to fourteen years. A child, like an adult, is prohibited from drinking Erespal after meals. The syrup is taken only before meals and strictly according to the dosage prescribed by the doctor.

The dosage of the syrup is calculated using the formula 4 milligrams of the drug per kilogram of weight. As a result, before meals, the child should take Erespal in the following dosage:

  • 2-4 teaspoons (10-20 milliliters) of medicine for children weighing less than 10 kilograms;
  • 2-4 tablespoons (30-60 milliliters) of syrup before meals for children aged 2-14 years with a body weight of more than ten kilograms;
  • 3-6 tablespoons (45-90 milliliters) of Erespal before meals for children over 14 years of age.

The daily dosage of syrup should be divided into several doses and consumed by the child before meals throughout the day. Only the attending physician should prescribe Erespal to a child before meals. His responsibility is to individually calculate the dosage and duration of the therapeutic course. Parents are obliged to strictly follow medical recommendations, since only in this case the child will recover faster.

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