Cough licorice
Composition of the remedy Cough licorice has its therapeutic effect due to the presence of a thick root extract
Medicines to treat illness
Antibiotics in tablets for bronchitis in adults
[Antibiotics for bronchitis] in adults are not the primary need for the treatment of this disease. That's why
type of hyperplastic rhinitis
Vasomotor sinusitis: what it is, symptoms, treatment, causes, signs
Factors provoking the appearance of the disease The appearance of hyperplastic rhinitis as an independent disease is observed very rarely.
Doctor prescribes medicine
For what cough can you take ACC?
ACC for cough is a safe mucolytic drug that can be used by adults and children - with
What we are treated with: Rengalin
May 10, 2020 Pulmonology Ulyana Romanova The drug “Rengalin”, instructions for use of which will be studied
Antibiotic Fluimucil for inhalation
Diseases of the lower respiratory tract: acute and chronic bronchitis, prolonged pneumonia, lung abscess, emphysema, bronchiectasis
Composition, mechanism of action, and effectiveness of the drug Dolphin
When a person begins to show the first signs of a runny nose, he very often goes to
sinupret instructions
Sinupret® tablets
The leading cause of children's runny nose is the impact of the virus. If your overall health is cheerful and nasal breathing is not
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